Monday, September 2, 2013

Downloading a Video

There are several options of how to download and save a video.
Most work well downloading from youtube but downloading from other sites can be trickier.
Sometimes many methods stop working well because of a bug but eventually most bugs get fixed.

Your best choice will depend on which operating system and browser you use.

Whichever method I use, I choose to download in MP4 whenever given a format choice because it is compatible with most video players and software.

I will discuss a few of my favorite free download options below.

This may be the easiest way to download a video.
You can use a downloading site like
but be careful not to click on any advertisements.
Just copy the url of the video you want to download and paste it in the dialog box
click *Download* in the yellow box to the right
or more recently the blue box with an arrow or just the
to the right of the dialog box
and click on your preferred format.
If a pop up appears trying to trick you into downloading something else, ignore it and get an adblock on your browser.

added 2/10/2015:
Just found another easy way to download from WellVideo with the
Chrome Video Downloader Professional Extension!
It downloads from WellVideo and other sites faster and easier than any other method.  When renaming the file, make sure to put a period (dot) before the MP4 so it is easier to open with VLC or WMP.  The name of the file should end with (dot).mp4
It does not work on youtube but otherwise it is amazing.
I am finding this to be my favorite way of downloading since I use Chrome more often than Firefox and have plenty of other options like Freemake products for youtube.

added 0/22/2015:
For Firefox, try the NetVideoHunter add-on!
Also Download Helper can now make a mp4 file from a stream!

If you have a Windows Operating system, my two favorite downloading softwares are Freemake Video Converter and Freemake Video Downloader.  Both can be downloaded from
but carefully to avoid getting additional unwanted software.  Be sure to choose custom options and uncheck boxes for extra software like a toolbar, home page, etc. when downloading and installing.
I only accept the desktop icon.

Freemake Video Converter (gold) does everything from downloading to ripping a dvd,  editing videos, converting videos, and even burning burning videos to a dvdr. However, it didn't work with as many video sites for downloading as Freemake Video Downloader (blue).
ETA: the newest version of Freemake Video Converter now works with DailyMotion!

Freemake Video Downloader (blue) is a fast and simple way to download from most video sites. However, be cautious because sometimes you have to clear your cache in between downloading two different files because it may duplicate the first file.

Both Freemake products can extract just the audio into MP3 files too if you just want the tunes but I prefer to use Freemake Video Converter (gold) to get the tunes into a compatible MP3 format for another program I use to adjust the volume of the tunes called MP3Gain.
There are many other blog links about Freemake products in my Favorite Links to the right.
For more info, see

If you think you downloaded anything by mistake when downloading a program,
download the free version of Malwarebytes from
and do a scan and remove potential malware objects safely

Whether streaming or downloading try these tips to speed up the process:
Clean your browser cache regularly
Refresh/reload your browser tab
Open just one browser tab at a time
Dedicate all of your resources to the task.
get Adblock for Chrome
 (AdBlock Plus for Firefox)
get the malwarebytes free version

Here's a website with some extra suggestions for MAC users:
6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac

If a file is only available in flv and you cannot play flv on your device and do not want to convert the video file format, consider downloading the VLC player for your device

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