Friday, January 29, 2016

Hexagon Bungee

The hexagon bungee from China arrived this evening!
The directions were terrible with pages out of order, very little detail, and tiny photos impossible to decipher.  However, its assembly was easier than the PROBounce because the looser bungee cords went on comparatively easier than the ultras on the PROBounce.  The hardest part was the handlebar which really needed 4 hands, not just two to assemble.  The handlebar was put on backwards because of a photo showing the knob on the mat side and I may be leaving it that way.  The way I have the two bungees lined up, I can use the handlebar while on the PROBounce so I may like it in reverse LOL

Sadly, it is higher than the PROBounce and possibly the Jumpsport550 but lower than the Jumpsport 350/370.  The mat is looser but has a nice bounce without going airborne and very quiet.

It seems very sturdy and well made so I see absolutely no point in getting the expensive alternative from just to avoid its assembly. * Just skip the handlebar altogether if you prefer LOL also offers a 48 inch round bungee with 6 legs which may be a good choice to save a few bucks too.   Just have to settle for looser bungees than the PROBounce Ultras.

(stay tuned for more impressions after I do a real workout tomorrow morning)
Just got done doing an Alchemy of Motion with Erin on the new hexagon and it is officially my favorite bungee because I had more energy and my calves did not complain so can workout on it longer.  Also the mat has more space and sweet spots.  My bare  feet and ankles loved it. Absolutely no jarring.   I am leaving the handlebar backwards so it is less intrusive and can work with the PROBounce.  It is higher so I like using the handlebar when dismounting.   My head never brushed the low ceiling because I stayed close to the mat but still had good range of motion downwards.  It passed my lymph pumping test with no effort.  Its bungees are smaller and thinner than the ultras on the PROBounce.

It is very stable and sturdy and quiet.  However, I did put vaseline on the frame joints and legs before connecting them.  

It is not foldable as described on the vendor site. The legs are screwed on with actual screws.  The directions give it a 220 pound weight limit and urges not to jump high on it.  Its design is more for ballistic bouncing close to the mat.

This was my first order through ALiexpress which is like a Chinese Amazon and delivery with SF Express and am very satisfied with their customer service

So here are my bungee rankings 
and ironically in the same order as purchased:

40 inch JumpSport 370 PRO = Princess
(still would have preferred a 350 PRO mat)

44 inch JumpSport 550 PRO = Prince

48 inch PROBounce = Queen

50 inch Hexagon = King

Of course if you prefer to spend more for a Bellicon or jumping-studio hexagon that is an option also but again IMHO, it is not which model you buy but how you use it that counts.  Guess I have to do another self-recording to show how wonderful the bounce is on the ibounce Hexagon!

*ETA: the handlebar can make a noise so consider trying the hexagon without putting the handlebar on to decide if you really want it attached.


  1. Can you tell me how you are liking the hexagon one and send me a link to the exact one you bought on aliexpress- seems like a lot of them for sale there.

    1. I believe all of the hexagon bungees are the same there but here is a current link for the one I got which is even a bit lower in price than what I paid. I still use it daily and enjoy it

    2. the actual product is better than the photo because it had 7 bungees per side

  2. Has this held up as well as the JumpSport? I found an Upper Bounce 50" hexagonal rebounder for $119. Hard to pass up, but I don't want to risk buy cheap get cheap. I am about 150 pounds and use my rebounder a lot.

    1. it has shown no wear at all and has been used regularly. The one you want used to be sold at Wayfair on amazon for half the price but is supposedly very firm, even jarring. I will check to see if I can find the amazon link.

    2. I found the link for the WayFair on amazon but the link no longer works. It used to be $80 (now $125) but maybe this one is a different model because its reviews were good except for being hard to assemble.

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    1. ibounce delievered by AliExpress but no longer aailable

  4. What is the BRAND of the 50# Hexagon that you like?

  5. ibounce delivered by AliExpress but no longer available