Friday, January 15, 2016

You can Stand or You can Bounce

I am enjoying edits of private videos, especially Be360 routines but more for the music I added than the moves that were used.  Though most moves are the kind I use for vigorous healthbouncing.  I do tweak the moves to make them even more interesting and fun.  Add in great music and the workout becomes a party.

I have watched some home-made Bellicon videos which were pretty boring if not tedious and would not be fun no matter what music were added.  There was hardly any bouncing action and I doubt much lymphatic pumping going on.  Again, it is not which model bungee or rebounder you have, it is how it is used that counts. I really see no benefit of standing on a bouncing surface without any exertion.  Anything is better than nothing but I have alot more fun sitting and bouncing on a stability ball or a chair to good music while using my whole body than just standing and pedaling my feet with minimal range of motion on a bungee.  Different Strokes for Different Folks but cannot imagine anyone really having a good time with these videos.  I rather watch grass growing or paint drying.

Even though I have another way of measuring lymph pumping when bouncing (hint: I bounce without a bra),  I held a can of Pringles half filled with rock salt while testing my bouncing moves this morning.   The soft foot pedaling action created absolutely no GForce activity.  However if I made the movement more vigorous by increasing the range of motion of each foot and landing them more powerfully into the mat, it did create some lid smacking without going completely airborne off the mat.  I also duplicated the same action sitting on a stability ball and pedaling my feet.  A healthbounce to be lymph pumping needs to have some GForce action.   Otherwise it is just a nice gentle way to warm up.  Also I would want even a simple healthbounce to be affecting every cell in my body and not just lubricating my feet and ankles so every cell needs to accelerate up and decelerate down.  It is called lymph *PUMPING*, not stirring.

Vigorous healthbouncing to pumping music just makes me happy.
It does not matter if it is on one of my bungee rebounders or on a large stability ball,  I am smiling and having fun.  

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