Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Firefox Video Flickering

After being annoyed by video flickering when using the Firefox browser for youtube, I did a more recent search and found a simple fix!!!   The default option for Hardware Acceleration needs to be unchecked.

On my version, using the drop down menu upper right corner:
click on Options
click on Advanced at the bottom of left column
click on General
scroll down to Browsing
uncheck *Use hardware acceleration when available*

Restart the browser
one less annoying factor in my life now gone LOL
(wish others were as easy to eliminate)

This morning I did edited files of Leslie Sansone which were created a year ago and never tried!  They had great music and I found myself tweaking the moves into all sorts of new variations. Even did some while sitting on a swivel chair with wheels that may open up a whole new world of options for me LOL

Be sure to check out my most recent ball routine posted yesterday!

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