Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Den Workouts

I am a pack rat and never tossed the power speakers of previous desktop pcs.  Now I am a fan of laptops except for their audio and old power pc speakers really enable streaming or playing video files for working out with nice loud clear audio.

This morning I used a laptop hooked up to our den HDTV through an HDmi cable for working out.  Problem is I had to move our heavy coffee table out of the way to use my JumpSport370 PRO which resides in the den.    It was nice being able to stream everything to the large TV screen but my eyes kept returning to the small laptop screen which actually plays HD better.   Then I hooked up an extra set of power speakers to the laptop and now can workout in the den with my nice loud audio without moving the coffee table or hooking up the TV.   The den laptop has plenty of hard drive space for files and is hardwired to our router for streaming.  Also has a dvd drive if I want to use my dvds.   I may start working out more often in the den and believe Windows10 multitasking screens will enable me to record while playing a video file loudly.

(to be continued another day)

I am unfortunately a victim of statin use and have the symptoms 24/7.
My doctors ignore my condition and there is nothing that can be done for it so am just accepting and living with it, hoping it does not progress.

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