Monday, January 11, 2016

and the Parties Continue

I so enjoyed the two edited routines I did yesterday morning that I recorded some of them this morning to show how all sorts of workouts can be tweaked and used for bouncing.  Unfortunately, it is hard to see the upper body isometric contractions with the loose Tshirt.


BB Ball BBSFullBody MU by POMBarb

I sweated like crazy and was sweating for a long time afterwards LOL
Doubt I will try to get these on youtube but they are on DailyMotion and WellVideo.  Youtube has just become too unpredictable with its convoluted music copyright policies.  Plus I have a toxic person who has become a stalker trying to get my youtube account deleted and also had a video on DailyMotion removed but at least DailyMotion communicates through sentient beings instead of robots.  (This person is creating so much bad karma that I doubt she can ever be happy in her own skin)

I feel really good so will try to do recordings like these once every week or two in 2016 to drive the intensity higher.

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