Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rather Party On

I had a disappointment last evening when a friend proved not to be a friend and enabled someone to report one of my unlisted youtube videos so I lost the ability to share unlisted videos on youtube.  As a result, I deleted all of the unlisted videos that would now be made public without their unlisted option.  I probably will not upload any more videos to youtube to avoid future problems.
Been There Done That and youtube is not as friendly as other hosting sites.

I had been through this type of scenario before and each time, it is less stressful.  Long ago I learned not to let events caused by negative people to affect me too negatively.  The longer a pity party lasts, the harder it is to end it.  The lower emotions are allowed to go, the longer and harder it is to reverse their direction.  I have used exercise to lift my spirits and keep them lifted.

I choose to have fun parties rather than take part in a pity party that will do nothing positive for me.  We cannot change the behavior of others.  The only thing we can change or try to change is our own attitude.  Stress is a killer and a negative attitude feeds stress.

(To the person who tried to hurt me, I slept like a baby last night.  Karma will do its thing. Whatever stress drives you to be so nasty will hit you like a boomerang)

There are some wonderful videos on this Revelation Wellness channel:


Also be sure to try Jessica's new freebie filmed in the same location as her new Walk Strong set:

and of course, I could not resist adding music:

ENJOY Partying in the New Year!

Had to share this video of a Bellicon which squeaks more than my PROBounce

also wanted to mention that an owner of a Bellicon recently had her dad order a PROBounce which she said had a similar bounce and was quiet.

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