Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bellicon or JumpSport? PROBounce? IBounce?

(Updated 4-18-2016)
Since this post, I have purchased two more bungees from China.
The ibounce hexagon bungee is now my favorite:
The ibounce was ordered from aliexpress
Ironically it was also the cheapest of my 4 bungee rebounders!

I also love my 48 inch PROBounce because it has a bounce similar to the 44 inch 550 but is even lower besides wider.

There were a couple of legs which loosened often on both models but have been reinforced with duct tape and no longer loosen or make noise.  I also reinforced their frames with duct tape.

Buying an expensive Bellicon does not guaranteed no weird noises:
(This one sounds much worse than my PROBounce!)
It is true the guy was going for a more ballistic healthbounce with cushions underneath the Bellicon

I have read complaints that the Bellicons with screw on legs can make more noise than their folding leg option (or is it the other way round?  LOL)

There is no doubt that a bungee rebounder is way less jarring than a spring rebounder as well as quieter.  The obvious choice for most people has been a Bellicon bungee but the Bellicon is quite confusing as far as frame size and cord tension for the size of its user and use intention.  In fact, I had one in my cart ready to order but changed my mind because of my foot and ankle problems which need a firmer and more stable bouncing surface.

Here Arnita is using a 39 inch frame with possibly Ultra strong bungees which were probably the wrong combination for her size:

Remy used a 44 inch frame and Strong bungee tension which probably were not the right combination for his size either in this youtube video.  He looked like he was struggling to keep his balance and the mat looked close to hitting the ground a few times.

I do not think either Arnita or Remy made the right choices but Different Strokes for Different Folks and Bellicon does have a chart to help determine which bungee strength may be best for the individual user.  Some people order an extra set in another tension to try.  Some like the slower bounce with looser tension like Remy and some the faster like Arnita.  However, what feels better can be deceiving down the road if a new condition like Plantar Fasciitis developes.  Also the GForce needed for the most efficient lymph pumping may be better with something in the middle of the very loose and very firm tensions.

Then there is the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline with its various mats, frame sizes and cords.  Here's a video showing the bounce of each model:

Most models have 30 cords except their PRO models have 36 which increases the mat tension.  All except the 500 series are 39 inch frames.   The 500 series have 44 inch frames. Most of their higher end models have adjustable cords.  The petal mat costs more than the skirt mat but I actually prefer the skirt mat because the petals make a noise.
The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline has a much better warranty on its bungees as well as a lifetime warranty for its frame and costs a bit less than the Bellicon models.

(I have removed price comparisons because they vary)

Here I am on my 44 inch JS 550F PRO in my basement with a low ceiling

I am very glad I listened to my feet and went for the 44 inch JS550F PRO instead of a 49 inch Bellicon.  Besides saving money, I can probably do more on my 550 in my basement with a low ceiling than any Bellicon size and cord tension combination because the Bellicon frame is higher.  In a weird way, my Plantar Fasciitis was a blessing.

ETA July 2015:  I am still bouncing daily and happily barefooted on my JumpSport 550 with no Plantar Fasciitis flares and am convinced it was MY best choice.
I no longer discuss the pros and cons of which bungee to get on public forums because the Bellicon fans are usually very condescending, assuming the more they paid, the better their choice.  Keep an open mind and really investigate which bungee would be best for your own personal circumstances, financially and physically.

ETA: since this post I found 2 cheaper and larger bungees I like even more!
You can find my demonstrations of the 44 inch JS550, 48inch PROBounce, and 50 inch hexagon ibounce in several places online.
Check my dailymotion and youtube playlists in my favorite links to the right or

(Note: DailyMotion allows better music)


  1. Hi Barb,

    I LOVED finding your blog--very helpful to me in choosing a rebounder. I'm ordering the AliExpress hexagon trampoline thanks to your posts. Can you tell me a few things please: How many bungee cords on this trampoline? Would you order extra bungee cords in same order? Or I could just get it first and see what I think. Another idea would be to buy the Bellicon ultra bungees sold for their hexagon trampoline to try (ultra only). Any thoughts? I'm 5'4" and about 130 lbs. I'm really not sure what I want since I'm coming from a really old small spring bounder that I haven't used forever. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The hexagon came with a few extra cords and the bounce has been fine. It remains my favorite bungee and is holding up with no wear. There are 42 cord connectors and I think 46 cords came. cannot really suggest what to do or not do with Bellicon cords so best to wait till you check the bounce yourself. I did a funky connection splitting the cord around each leg at each corner but not sure if that was even necessary. I suggest lubricating the frame ends before connecting to make them easier to connect and quiet. also try it without the bar attached because it does make some noise if the noise may bother you. I like the bar but wish I had left it off.

  3. Barb, thank you so much for the tips and the quick response! :)