Monday, August 18, 2014

Ball Bouncing

I was trying to figure out ways to move when my Plantar Fasciitis was at its worse.  I found sitting on a stability ball greatly enabled cardio without aggravating my PF.  I also started to do more ball bouncing whenever any joint twinged from my hips to my toes.  My heartrate monitor showed I was getting the same intensity sitting on a ball as bouncing on a bungee.  Many workouts were easy to tweak to work while ball bouncing, especially walking and kickboxing routines.  I could add intensity by holding my fitstix or a band if the urge struck.

Having a stability ball near my laptop enabled me to do a spark whenever the urge struck by playing one of my edited workout routines or an online video on my laptop.  All I needed was MUsic and some movement suggestions and I was good to go.  Granted my desk chair could have been used for MUving while sitting or pushed out of the way for standing in front of my laptop but using a stability ball was just more fun and I believe more beneficial.

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