Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swing Yourself Fit with Gin Miller

This morning I revisited my edited files of Gin Miller's Swing yourself Fit which I happened upon while looking for the dvdr with my edited files of The Ultimate WO with Michelle Dozois.  Ironically, I didn't find the latter till after my workout by searching for the dates when I did the edited files on my blog to know which month I may have burnt the dvdr.  So tomorrow I may revisit The Ulitmate Workout :)
(I couldn't find it for good reason because the envelop was not well labeled)

I enjoyed Gin's Kettlebell routine using a purple Zumba stick instead of a kettlebell and loved the MUsic I had added.  Totally had forgotten about that routine!!!  In fact, as I was looking for the Ultimate WO, I found several others I totally forgot about, some of which I loved and some of which I never actually did!!  I need to revisit older edited routines more often just to enjoy the music I was using during the time when I was editing and burning each file.

I found most of the tunes in the original jessicasmithtv Dance Party mixx and added them back after muting the original.  I had to repeat the footage to fit the full length songs and then repeated some of the songs LOL

Anywho here is a temporary filemail offering both the MP4 and WMV formatted files

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