Saturday, August 2, 2014

DVD Shrink and IMGBurn to Clone a DVD

If you want to clone a dvd, you can use DVD Shrink to rip and convert the files into movie files/folders and ImgBurn to burn the folder created by Shrink on to a dvdr to play as a movie in a dvd player.  However, these programs were designed to be used on Windows operating systems.   Shrink may need the compatibility mode of older versions like Windows XP or 98 if using newer versions of Windows.  Works fine on my Windows7.

You can download both DVD Shrink and Imgburn for free
Download their set-up applications then install the programs for each

Alternatively, you can get a newer free version of DVD Shrink for Windows or Mac here:

I have older versions of Shrink and  ImgBurn so my instructions may not be identical to those for more recent versions but may still be useful.  My older versions have been uploaded to Google Drive in case my laptop has a sudden death:
Here's instructions on how to clone a dvd using DVD Shrink
(1)Put the original DVD into your dvd drive
(2)Open Shrink
(3) click on *Open Disc* upper left corner
 your dvd drive with the dvd should pop up
 click OK
 Shrink will then analyze the dvd
after the disc is analyzed
(4) Next click on *Backup* on top
(see more details at the bottom of this post if you need more details)
(5) select target folder where you want to save the files then ok
and wait till Shrink is done
(tip: create a simple to find folder wherever you want on your pc like on your desktop)
(6) After Shrink is done, it will provide a link to your target folder
This Shrink target folder will be your source folder for ImgBurn

Instructions for ImgBurn
(1)open ImgBurn
(2)click on *write files/folders to disc*
(3)Browse for your source folder (Shrink target folder)
Enter the address of your source folder
(Click on the link to the target folder provided by Shrink or go to your target folder and copy its address
then paste this address into the ImgBurn Source box)
press enter and address should then appear in big box below as your source
(4)put a blank dvdr in your dvd drive
(5) click on the folder to disc icon
and just wait for the burn
(sorry but not wasting a blank dvdr to doublecheck if anything else needs to be done LOL)

Here's a link about how to run DVDShrink on a MAC:
or do an online search for *How to run DVDShrink on a MAC*

Here's more details for Shrink:
You can create a folder for your target movie files anywhere you want on your hard drive by right clicking where you want it (like on your desktop) then scroll to New then Folder. Name the folder whatever you want.  Rename by right clicking.  Just remember where it is so you can find it easily.

After Shrink completes its analysis
Click on Backup
something like the image below will pop up

Choose Hard Disk Folder
Browse for the folder you want to use as your target folder on your pc's hard drive (C:)
(you can create a folder if you have not already done so)
Make sure the box is checked for Create Video_TS and Audio_TS subfolders

Click OK and wait
till Shrink is done creating the folder with Video_TS subfolders
This folder will become your source folder for ImgBurn
Continue with the instructions above of how to burn a dvdr with ImgBurn

After you have successfully burned a dvdr with IMGBurn, you can delete the Shrink target folder if you wish.

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