Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HH AeroAbs on the Bungee

This morning I did some more edited routines on the bungee then the stability ball with and without Fitstix.
Finished with some of an oldie but goodie which worked very well lying on the 550 bungee!

HH AeroAbs by POMBarb
much more comfortable than on a step!
(right click Dailymotion lower right corner after the first ad)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muving Along

This morning I did a bunch of short edited routines including some of SweatyBetty Ballet Bootcamp, jessicasmithtv Prenatal low impact cardio and Weider Ruthless Ringside.  Unfortunately, I used MUsic with the Prenatal routine which I cannot share because of alot of nasty language.  Too bad because the beat was great LOL
I really liked the simplicity of the punches in Ruthless Ringside which worked great on the bungee or ball but would have liked it more if the sides alternated more in the first 11 minutes.  Of course, I can just alternate the moves on my own, especially since the MUsic I added was great.  The Ruthless set has been on sale at Walmart  for quite awhile and may become a favorite of mine after editing.

I am still slowly losing weight since getting my new bungee which enables me to move more with less pain.  However, last night both heels hurt though I do not know why.  Thankfully Arnica gel did the trick and the pain was immediately gone.  This was different than Plantar Fasciitis and I think it was aging heel pads having less cushioning.

I am constantly hearing about people suffering pain needlessly.  Arnica gel is really miraculous.  I would probably be an invalid by now without it.

I also have been eating smaller meals or snacks whenever I feel the slightest bit of hunger.  This has kept me more energized throughout the day as well.  Cannot say it is 100% clean eating but I have cut back on meat and refined carb portions though I still have a small amount of whatever I am craving so do not feel deprived.  All I know is I am losing fat slowly without making any drastic changes.

Monday, February 24, 2014

30 Minute Dance and Workout by dancewithshelly

On my Thursday 2/20/2014 blog post I had embedded the original 30 minute Dance and Workout routine by dancewithshelly.  This morning I did my edited version and lurved it.

The MUves and MUsic of this routine were wonderful on both the bungee and ball.
I also did some more edited Kettleworx files after the above.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Burning Downloads

I usually download and convert files before burning them to dvdr from my hard drive.
This morning as an experiment I tried downloading the 7 days of Richard Simmons Stomach Formula directly from youtube to dvdr using Freemake Video Converter.


Video Uploads:

It seemed to go well till I tested the dvdr and found Day 3 was not complete.  So then I downloaded and converted the Days to MP4 onto my hard drive.  Day2 was not complete!!!  So then I downloaded just Day 2 again before burning all files of the 7 days successfully.  I have no idea what caused these glitches.  Could have been youtube, FIOS, Freemake or just my laptop.  Just want to warn people to take downloading step by step before burning if you do not want to waste a dvdr.

ETA today's check-in:
This morning I did my edited version of the Prevention Fight Cellulite Fast! with Chris Freytag.  Most of the moves worked well on the bungee and ball.  Really enjoyed all of the cardio intervals and MUsic.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Edited Routines

This morning I did my edited version of the 10 minute HIITs routine which became a 15 minute workout after eliminating moves I do not do.   Then I did another edited Kettleworx routine and finished with another edited UFC Fit routine. All had great MUsic added and unwanted moves removed.  HIITS was done on the bungee. The UFC Cardio Crosstraining had kickboxing moves which worked well sitting on a stability ball.  My upper body already had alot of DOMS this morning or I would have held Fitstix for the UFC Cardio Crosstraining.

Today being Saturday I am looking forward to a new jessicasmithtv video.

Friday, February 21, 2014

OK BAK to Blogging

This morning I released alot of pent up stress, both by ranting then by doing some UFC Fit edited files.  I really love some of the unique moves in UFC Fit routines.  Actually did the roll ups by standing in front of the bungee and falling down into it.  Love all of the MUsic I added as well.
Workingout does not get any better than this for me. :)

Looks like Maggie decided to share more of her videos again on :)
Here's one of my favorites

Also I just did a nice spark.
I added MUsic to this standing abs routine by dakidissa:

here's alittle sample of the results (I have uploaded the whole routine privately to DailyMotion so I could access it with my laptop for a bedroom spark)

It is amazing how different a routine can feel with MUsic, especially when I do not understand what the instructor is saying!

The Homophobic Agenda

(I just need to rant a bit before I explode)

I keep hearing about a *Gay Agenda* but never really hear about the much more obvious *Homophobic Agenda*.    Civil Rights for Gays is not a Gay Agenda.   However, denying these rights is a *Homophobic Agenda*.    Newsflash for ardent Homophobes:
Gay marriage will not affect Your life or Your life style.
Nobody will be taking anything away from you.
Our judicial system is ensuring your own rights when giving those same rights to all people so stop wasting your tax dollars and donations to restrict the rights of other taxpayers.

Some of the catch phrases of the Homophobic Agenda:
*I do not approve of the gay life style*
*Being Gay is a choice*
*Living the Gay Life Style is a Choice*

I do not approve of any life style different than my own or else I would be practicing that life style.  Does that mean everyone has to have the same life style as mine???

Do you seriously choose to be Heterosexual???
The only one who can call being Gay a choice is someone who is not Gay (or is Gay and in denial).

Following religious beliefs is a life style.
People choose which religious beliefs to follow.
If you want the Choice to live your chosen Life Style then you have to allow others the same rights.

What is happening in some forward moving US states is wonderful.  What is happening in some other US states and countries is reprehensible.

I was horrified when our NJ governor vetoed Gay Marriage because of his religion and/or political party.  He is an elected representative in a Democracy where the rights of minorities should be protected.  I was horrified when an Afro-American teacher in our town's public high school was exposed on FaceBook as a practicing Homophobe.  As a woman who is Afro-American and working in a public school system, she was a disgrace.

When I first came online, our older son had just come out.  I felt very alone and found parents with a similar scenario online.  My religious beliefs had no problem with homosexuality but as a heterosexual, I just could not identify with homosexuality so it made me uncomfortable.
It is now 17 years later and I have lost the patience to help those parents new to these issues, especially when they embrace the catch phrases of the Homophobic agenda.   It is this Homophobic agenda that is creating most of the stress these parents and their kids are facing.  A heterosexual parent of a child identifying as gay does not have to accept homosexuality but that parent will have to accept the reality that a child is Gay.  All children have the right to having the love and support of their parents.  All you can do is love them for who and what they are and treat them as you would any other human being.  Otherwise, you are choosing to be more comfortable instead of comforting your child.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Reset by Unplugging

I have noticed many electrical devices just need to be unplugged for about 30 seconds then replugged to work fine again.  This has happened with FIOS Set Top Boxes, FIOS router, Vizio TV and just this morning with my Acer Laptop.
Sometimes a device needs to be reset by removing all sources of power.
Sometimes a device may also need to have its power button depressed for 30 seconds after removing all power sources which has happened a couple of times to our Vizio TV.

This morning's incidence really scared me.  I put on my laptop and the keyboard was completely frozen. Could not even power down.  So I unplugged the AC adapter and then had to remove the battery to shut the darn thing off.   I waited for about 30 seconds then put the battery back in and plugged the AC adapter back in and pressed the power button.  I let the laptop restart normally without choosing any of the Windows Safe Mode options and it restarted like nothing ever happened.  Just wanted to share this in case something similar happens to anyone else.  Try not to panic.
(I know I panic everytime it happens to our Vizio TV LOL)

This morning I did a couple of UFC Fit routines which I had edited by removing some moves like planks and adding MUsic and really enjoyed them!!!  They had unique cardio and strength moves.  I finished with my edited dancewithshelly routine with replaced audio.

Here's a sample of my edited version:

and here's the original:

I also moved the last song to the beginning of the routine to be the warm up so my sample is from that last song.
(I have since embedded the whole routine of my version on my Monday 2/24/2014 blog post because I lurved it!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Malwarebytes False Positives

Though highly respected, Malwarebytes can have false positives.
I use the free version downloaded from

My son had updated his Malwarebytes and a quick scan found a couple of *Potentially Unwanted Programs* so I reinstalled my Malwarebytes to get it updated on my laptop.   My updated version also found the *program data boost* files similar to son's which may not be malware according to various online sources and may enable sharing.  Son said his may have been on his laptop from the beginning.  We both removed them even though not definitely malware.   Just hope it wasn't a mistake to remove those *program data boost* files since I do share with Dropbox!

My updated version found a few temp files associated with Freemake which were probably previously saved projects which I removed as well as a Freemake download which I did not remove because I know it is not malware and use Freemake daily without a problem.  However, some of the optional free offers from Freemake can be considered unwanted but I usually avoid downloading those.   My first version of Malwarebytes found *Open Candy* files which I had downloaded with earlier Freemake programs which were easy to remove, even though they were probably not malware according to most sources.

Our den windows have stopped leaking and hopefully with these warmer temps, the ice damn will not reform!
Last night around 8PM I felt really bad.  Very dizzy and light-headed so went to sleep.  Feel better today but still feel weird.  It was probably a combination of sleep deprivation, stress and a special time-release Melatonin which I will not be taking again!

Anywho since it bothers me less when I am moving, I did a workout starting with Leslie's Blue Mile then some Kettleworx Lower Body then the Dream Body Bikini Bootcamp with Amy (Disc5) which uses a band for unique AWT.  The MUsic I added to all of the above kept me MUving.

ETA: the time release Melatonin finally timed out about 40 hours after taking it and I feel much better!
Also it seems our ice dam problem has ended with the warmer temps!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Window Max

Last night I had quite the workout running around, up and downstairs, looking for ways to capture the water coming in through our den windows from an ice damn.   I rescheduled our annual doctor's appointment for today because of the prediction of more snow and finding the driving around here already ridiculous because of potholes and mounds of snow/ice.   Didn't sleep well and early this morning did a laundry of the sopping wet towels before the next big melt down round began.   Hopefully the warmer temps will melt the ice damn.

Not sure if I will get to a fun workout today but I did capture some workouts during the lulls including HeavyHands Aero-abs, HeavyHands Yoga Hands, and Gin Miller's Intro to Incline Walking which really doesn't use the Ramp much.   My Daily Motion channel will have them uploaded.

If you want to skip the ads, wait till after the first ad plays then click on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner:

HH AeroAbs by POMBarb
note the voice-over is probably Gin Miller!

HH Yoga Hands by POMBarb

intro incline walking by POMBarb

Monday, February 17, 2014

Slow and Steady Does Win the Race

Recently I finally got below my setpoint or the weight that my body always seemed to plateau at when I was younger.  Unfortunately as I aged this setpoint seemed to creep upwards.

There are many interlocking keys needed to unlock my fat storage for me and I need all of the keys for my metabolism to respond properly.  Since I got my new bungee and have been doing low to moderate intensity consistently, I have been dropping 2 pounds a month.  One key for me is to workout at a level that doesn't make me too hungry so I can eat smaller meals and feel very satisfied.
Of course, another key is to enjoy moving.
The key needed to keep me moving is pumping music.
Another key is to avoid anything that may trigger pain and/or dread.
Good sleep and keeping stress to a minimum are other keys.

It is just nice to see the scale going down without struggling by adapting changes I can keep for the rest of my life.

During the night our den windows leaked like crazy.  The den has a new roof, new insulation, new ice shield and a new gutter since the last time this happened two winters ago.  So I read about ice damns online and think it may be that our heat was coming up too much because of the frigid temps and causing the bottom snow to melt.  I simply lowered the thermostat and think it is helping to slow down the drips.  We will just wear more layers of clothing till the ice damn thing seems done.

This morning I warmed up with 2 nice dance routines:

Then I did the edited version of the jessicasmithtv Flat Belly Fusion.

and here is my edited file but please visit the youtube version as well or consider making a contribution to jessicasmithtv:

JS FlatBelly Fusion MU by POMBarb
(remember to wait till after the first ad and click on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner to avoid more ads)

Finished with some of my edited file of Ryan's Kettleworx Lower Body routine.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hate this Winter Weather

Well my workout this morning should have been walking in AC but Mother Nature had a whole different plan.  Not only were the roads compromised but our den windows started linking again even after having the roof redone with an ice damn and a new gutter.  So I canceled our hotel reservation and just to prove it was probably the right decision, another window started leaking!

So I figured I may as well try to work off the stress.  I started with a dancewithshelly routine but the music didn't click for me and my usually better knee and foot started twinging.  I applied Arnica gel and shoes and continued to do it, figuring it was just my mood because of the windows, canceling AC, and new twinges.  Wanting to put in my minimum of 40 minutes, I then tried another dancewithshelly:

What a difference great songs make!  The routine started with Brave then went to the Lion Sleeps Tonight and ended with Roar and soundtracks cannot get any better than that.  The moves are very simple and work on the bungee and ball.

What's really ironic is that the windows stopped leaking during the workout. Before the new roof and gutter, the leak lasted for days. Plus the sun is out.  I feel so good with my endorphin high, I just do not give a damn LOL
(Probably will care when cabin fever again sets in later today)

ETA: Oops, spoke too soon because the windows are again leaking since the sun came out.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Walk with Leslie when you can Dance with Shelly

After doing the Sweaty Betty Rave week 4 to which I had added different MUsic,  I visited this routine by dancewithshelly:

The steps were simple and could be easily tweaked and the music was great.  Much more fun than most of  the repetitive Leslie Sansone walks IMHO.

Anywho I alternated between the bungee and ball in both of the above and even did some freestyling with a kettlebell, bands anchored to a weight machine near the bungee, and purple Zumba sticks.  Sweated plenty and felt less twinging in my feet and knee than I have in a long time.  Also had more energy than the past couple of days.  I think the anxiety because of snow drained me even though I didn't do any of the shoveling.

ETA: an easy tweak when doing the cha-cha,  alternate both legs back instead of one forward and the other back.  Or alternate both legs forward.  Stand on the center spot farthest away from the action. This way you have more range of motion on a rebounder mat and work both sides more evenly.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweating with Shelly and Betty

This morning I did this dancewithshelly routine.  It had a good variety of simple to follow moves, easy to tweak on bungee, ball and with Fitstix but the audio didn't motivate me sooooo
I will be replacing its audio :)

Then I did just the Total Body Toning from the Sweaty Betty RAVE week four with my own MUsic which was really great:

Rave4 Just Total Body Toning MU by POMBarb

(remember to wait till after the first advertisement then click lower right corner DailyMotion to avoid others)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Sweaty Betty Rave

This morning I did the Sweaty Betty Rave week 1 Abs routine with their suggested music but skipped the Abs toning segment.  The music is fine but didn't click for me as well as my own that I had added to week2.  This routine is available 3 more days along with some others on a filemail:

Then I did an old video file with Nia music added to a warm up being led by Tracie Long from her Longevity Leaning Out.  Here's a brief sample to show how adding music can transform an older routine into something special:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Online Stuff

This morning I started with a video uploaded by dancewithshelly mostly on the bungee then sit-bouncing on a stability ball.  My favorite was the last cooldown song starting around 33:44
The routine is 37 minutes, not 30 minutes as titled

Most of the moves were slower and simpler to follow and tweak than other Zumba routines.

Then I did just the toning section from the Sweaty Betty Rave week one Abs with their suggested music which offered excellent standing abs!

Finished with a nice little sample Aeroboga routine which starts at about the 3:30 mark:

had to share this video found on FaceBook!
Never too old to MUve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Raving about Rave

This morning I did the Sweaty Betty Rave week 3 which featured Arms in the toning section.  The rest of the workout is the same but felt different with different MUsic.  I am not embedding it and keeping it private because the language in the first song may be offensive to some.  These Rave routines are a great way for me to get 20 to 30 minutes of bouncing on the bungee then another 10 minutes on the stability ball when they repeat the routine.

I also did more of the Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp which has some nice moves!!

(Remember I have various options for the sharing of private videos)

Jessica Smith now has her own forum!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweaty Betty WOW

The other day (Saturday 2/8), I posted links to the free Ballet Bootcamp video on youtube and the Sweaty Betty sites.  The Sweaty Betty site offers a MP3 file to play starting at a specific point of the workout which I had downloaded with Firefox Download Helper.  It is really simple to add their MUsic to the downloaded youtube video with Windows Live Music Maker which I did as well as another version with my own MUsic.

Well I also downloaded their Rave routines from youtube and added their music to one and my MUsic to the others.  This morning I did the one with leg toning to which I had added MUsic and lurved every second of it!  The moves are very bungee and stability ball friendly.
The routine I downloaded from youtube was
Frame Rave Week Two-Legs at

Their RAVE MUsic is at

but I preferred using my own MUsic.
The other day someone mentioned that healthbouncing or not leaving the mat of a rebounder going completely airborne sounded very boring.  Well I have been bouncing this way for years because of a low ceiling and absolutely love working out so *Different Strokes for Different Folks*.

Here's the filemail link for the redone Ballet Bootcamp with their music (previous file started the music later than it should have), Rave week1 with their music and Rave week2 with my MUsic:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tips for Downloading Freemake Products, Malwarebytes and Disk Errors

I just downloaded the newest (gold) Freemake Video Converter version and (blue) Freemake Video Downloader from
There were several times I chose *custom* options and unchecked all of the other offers, except on the last offer, I did accept a desktop icon.

You can even do the installation offline by downloading the offline version at

Just take your time unchecking unwanted offers
No worries if you goof!
Download the free malwarebytes anti-malware program from
to remove unwanted objects.
(only get the free version because the upgrade trial period will expire)

After installing the Malwarebytes free anti-malware program,
do a *Scan Now* quick Threat scan (takes about 10 to 30 minutes)
When done, choose to remove all suspicious objects
If suspicious objects are found you should do a custom full scan which can take a couple of hours

You may even want to use malwarebytes BEFORE as well as AFTER installing Freemake Video Converter
It did a nice job of removing malware and didn't mess up any of my programs.
Malwarebytes came highly recommended to me by a pc professional
(I personally distrust Norton and Mcaffee)

Run Malwarebytes as the Administrator (right mouse click) if you want updates included
Always accept updates

If a Malwarebytes scan freezes your Windows PC,   you can use the Windows built in check disk tool to find and fix errors on your hard drive which usually solves the problem.
Check Disk will give you the option of scheduling the task the next time you turn on your Windows PC.
It took about 15 minutes to complete on my laptop.

Using Windows Explorer
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

alternative to using Windows Explorer
click Start lower left corner then computer in the right column
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

For more information about Windows built-in Tools

ETA: if there is a stubborn suspicious object detected by Malwarebytes, try running Malwarebytes with all Custom options chosen after starting in Windows Safe Mode to remove it
To run Windows in Safe Mode:
Turn on pc or restart pc and keep tapping the F8 key
When screen shows Windows Advanced options, scroll with arrow key to Safe Mode and click enter
(do this only when you will not be needing your device for several hours)

Not the Best Choices

This morning I started with three 5minute African Dance routines which were ok but not nearly as good as others I have done like Kukuwa and Aerobics with Soul.

Then I did some more youtube videos burned to dvdr.  I, especially, liked this one with my own MUsic and used a Purple Zumba stick for the upper body instead of holding a stability ball.

Then I did some of Jennee's Ballet Blast but didn't like the cardio as much as I thought I would. :(
I should have done the free routine I posted yesterday instead!

Here's another freebie from
or on youtube

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Freebie Ballet Bootcamp

Sweaty Betty has a free Ballet Bootcamp routine which looks very good:

You can download the video from youtube:


You can use the Firefox Download Helper to download their music track which is below the video and add it to the routine or add your own music.  The video does a countdown to let you know when to start the music.

Here's the filemail for Ballet Bootcamp good for 7 days:
(Unfortunately, I didn't start their music at the right spot so am redoing their music video file)

ETA my checkin:
This morning I warmed up with a couple of Chakaboom videos
Really liked this one with good bungee moves and decent audio quality:

Then I did my trimmed and edited JS Arms routine which I tweaked into an AWT routine on the bungee with Fitstix (original on jessicasmithtv).  Next I did some of the edited band routine from JustB Attitude Tu which was darn tough, frequently making me breathless.  Finished with some of Jill Miller's Shoulder Practice, some of it sitting on a stability ball instead of standing.  Also used a band instead of a bar.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Biggest Loser

I always thought this show was sending the wrong message.
Biggest Loser has promoted the *puke in a bucket* exercise philosophy from the beginning.
People can lose weight much safer with much lower intensity exercise and more importantly, keep it off.
The mentality that the show creates makes losing weight as unhealthy as staying overweight.

Last night, the three finalists evolved from looking healthy when leaving the ranch to emaciated at the finale. It became more of a Freak Show than a healthy transformation reveal. The winner Rachel definitely has endangered her health.   How could her mother support this life style?  Yes, Rachel is the Biggest Loser, losing her health.

I also believe many of the contestants over-eat before going on the show to have more to lose.

This morning I visited a few *Quick* edited files from jessicasmithtv and also this one:

which was great on the bungee!
I enjoyed them all.
Of course, my MUsic made them all even better.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Downloading from Youtube

Just recently, most of my download techniques stopped working for some youtube videos.
The only way I can download these stubborn files has been with Realplayer using the Firefox browser because the Realplayer downloader stopped working with my Chrome browser awhile ago.
However, I have to download in three stages.  First I click to download the video with Realplayer after any ads play then have to refresh the video (Realplayer gives a message that the download is incomplete) and click to download with Realplayer again then wait for Realplayer to combine the downloads (dash files).

Hopefully, Firefox Download Helper and Freemake products will fix the glitches soon as they have in the past after Youtube changed its coding process.

I downloaded newer versions of both Freemake Video Downloader and Freemake Video Converter.  Both had the same offers so I kept choosing *custom* and unchecking the boxes for extra software (toolbar, search, and another program).  From the last set of choices, I did accept the desktop icon.
A quick scan with Malwarebytes found nothing *extra* had been added.

Both work well.  In fact I burned a dvdr with the new Freemake Video Converter because the previous version was no longer compatible with Windows7 when trying to burn a dvdr.  Unfortunately, Freemake Video Downloader still did not download some youtube videos.  Will try with Converter but doubt it has been updated for the new youtube codes either.
Good news! I believe an Adobe Flash Update fixed the download problem for both Freemake products.
An added bonus is the newer version of Freemake Video Converter works with DailyMotion now :)

However, the Firefox Download Helper still needs some sort of update for those youtube downloads.
(I doubt Google will help Firefox since Google owns Chrome)

If you want to install Freemake products while offline:

JS and JS

This morning I didn't feel like workingout so I put in a Jessica Smith dvdr with some of my edited jessicasmithtv routines which did the trick.  I do not even remember ever doing Bootcamp Boogie and really enjoyed it on the bungee.  Then I did her Band Fusion which I will embed again because it is so darn good!

JS Fusion Band free MU by POMBarb
After the first advertisement, click on DailyMotion in the right lower corner to avoid more ads.

I used music on the Bootcamp Boogie which I can only shared privately so will reload it to my dropbox for my dropbox friends.

Please consider donating money to Jessica Smith for all of her free online videos, especially if you enjoy using my edited versions and do not give her the advertising credit on youtube
you can make a contribution to her jessicasmithtv channel here:

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Syperball and Some profnelsonarcencio

I started with an Asian routine to which I had added MUsic.  MUsic was great but the simple repetitive moves needed alot of tweaking.  In other words, I mostly freestyled LOL  Some of the freestyling including wearing a belt attached to bands anchored around a heavy weight machine so I could jog leaning forward with resistance on the bungee.  I also used my sliding pads for different cardio.
Then I did the rest of the Syperball routine.
Finished with more stability ball bouncing to videos uploaded here:
profnelsonarcencio - YouTube
There are some very good moves using mostly the upper body and decent music.
I edited the videos a bit and added music used in online Nia videos.
Just replace a desk chair with a stability ball and bounce away.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

SyperStroynaia2 and Sleek Technique

Started with the edited ball routine found on
SyperStroynaia2 - YouTube
which I had embedded the other day after adding free music from amazon.

Then did a Sleek Technique Sassy Showgirl routine to which I had added MUsic.
Here's the original:

Ironically, I used music from this Tonique video:

If you play both of the above from just the right point, you can see and hear the combination.

Finished with a couple of dance routines also from
SyperStroynaia2 - YouTube
I enjoy doing the dance routines filmed outside.
There were some good moves for the bungee too.

I decided to try to make each dvdr I burn from now on balanced with some new stuff and some old stuff so I can pop in one dvdr a week and do the same dvdr the whole week.  I realize I do not visit some routines because too lazy to switch dvds LOL

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gotta Lurve the Bungee

This morning I warmed up with Senior Zumba then did some of the Aqua Dances on the bungee.  Both had videos previously embedded on my blog. Then I did some of the edited Leslie Sansone 3 Mega Miles with fabulous Music starting on the bungee and switching to the stability ball. Finished with some of Tracey Anderson Transform Tonin but did biceps and triceps on my own instead of the excessive reps for shoulders.

While in AC, my feet acted up but thankfully were fine this morning.  Guess they were objecting to walking in shoes even though I was wearing inserts which were great in the past but haven't worn them much more recently because of the frigid outdoor temps.  Just glad my feet love my new bungee.  I have now lost 7 pounds since receiving my new bungee so being able to move with less pain and more fun has definitely made the purchase worthwhile.  Very nice not to have to tighten that one defective bungee leg which was replaced.  Just need to tighten some the legs a bit maybe once a week now instead of that leg daily.
I also confirmed that I was walking more than 10,000 paces a day in AC.  Probably the frequent stops and starts triggered the foot pain because once I was moving awhile, it eased.

I just had to share this brief clip of Leslie Sansone's 3 Mega Miles with the song *What Does the Fox Say* by Ylvis cuz it is so darn entertaining LOL

OK I am easily amused.
 I admit it.