Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muving Along

This morning I did a bunch of short edited routines including some of SweatyBetty Ballet Bootcamp, jessicasmithtv Prenatal low impact cardio and Weider Ruthless Ringside.  Unfortunately, I used MUsic with the Prenatal routine which I cannot share because of alot of nasty language.  Too bad because the beat was great LOL
I really liked the simplicity of the punches in Ruthless Ringside which worked great on the bungee or ball but would have liked it more if the sides alternated more in the first 11 minutes.  Of course, I can just alternate the moves on my own, especially since the MUsic I added was great.  The Ruthless set has been on sale at Walmart  for quite awhile and may become a favorite of mine after editing.

I am still slowly losing weight since getting my new bungee which enables me to move more with less pain.  However, last night both heels hurt though I do not know why.  Thankfully Arnica gel did the trick and the pain was immediately gone.  This was different than Plantar Fasciitis and I think it was aging heel pads having less cushioning.

I am constantly hearing about people suffering pain needlessly.  Arnica gel is really miraculous.  I would probably be an invalid by now without it.

I also have been eating smaller meals or snacks whenever I feel the slightest bit of hunger.  This has kept me more energized throughout the day as well.  Cannot say it is 100% clean eating but I have cut back on meat and refined carb portions though I still have a small amount of whatever I am craving so do not feel deprived.  All I know is I am losing fat slowly without making any drastic changes.

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