Saturday, February 8, 2014

Freebie Ballet Bootcamp

Sweaty Betty has a free Ballet Bootcamp routine which looks very good:

You can download the video from youtube:


You can use the Firefox Download Helper to download their music track which is below the video and add it to the routine or add your own music.  The video does a countdown to let you know when to start the music.

Here's the filemail for Ballet Bootcamp good for 7 days:
(Unfortunately, I didn't start their music at the right spot so am redoing their music video file)

ETA my checkin:
This morning I warmed up with a couple of Chakaboom videos
Really liked this one with good bungee moves and decent audio quality:

Then I did my trimmed and edited JS Arms routine which I tweaked into an AWT routine on the bungee with Fitstix (original on jessicasmithtv).  Next I did some of the edited band routine from JustB Attitude Tu which was darn tough, frequently making me breathless.  Finished with some of Jill Miller's Shoulder Practice, some of it sitting on a stability ball instead of standing.  Also used a band instead of a bar.

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