Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Reset by Unplugging

I have noticed many electrical devices just need to be unplugged for about 30 seconds then replugged to work fine again.  This has happened with FIOS Set Top Boxes, FIOS router, Vizio TV and just this morning with my Acer Laptop.
Sometimes a device needs to be reset by removing all sources of power.
Sometimes a device may also need to have its power button depressed for 30 seconds after removing all power sources which has happened a couple of times to our Vizio TV.

This morning's incidence really scared me.  I put on my laptop and the keyboard was completely frozen. Could not even power down.  So I unplugged the AC adapter and then had to remove the battery to shut the darn thing off.   I waited for about 30 seconds then put the battery back in and plugged the AC adapter back in and pressed the power button.  I let the laptop restart normally without choosing any of the Windows Safe Mode options and it restarted like nothing ever happened.  Just wanted to share this in case something similar happens to anyone else.  Try not to panic.
(I know I panic everytime it happens to our Vizio TV LOL)

This morning I did a couple of UFC Fit routines which I had edited by removing some moves like planks and adding MUsic and really enjoyed them!!!  They had unique cardio and strength moves.  I finished with my edited dancewithshelly routine with replaced audio.

Here's a sample of my edited version:

and here's the original:

I also moved the last song to the beginning of the routine to be the warm up so my sample is from that last song.
(I have since embedded the whole routine of my version on my Monday 2/24/2014 blog post because I lurved it!)

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