Sunday, February 2, 2014

SyperStroynaia2 and Sleek Technique

Started with the edited ball routine found on
SyperStroynaia2 - YouTube
which I had embedded the other day after adding free music from amazon.

Then did a Sleek Technique Sassy Showgirl routine to which I had added MUsic.
Here's the original:

Ironically, I used music from this Tonique video:

If you play both of the above from just the right point, you can see and hear the combination.

Finished with a couple of dance routines also from
SyperStroynaia2 - YouTube
I enjoy doing the dance routines filmed outside.
There were some good moves for the bungee too.

I decided to try to make each dvdr I burn from now on balanced with some new stuff and some old stuff so I can pop in one dvdr a week and do the same dvdr the whole week.  I realize I do not visit some routines because too lazy to switch dvds LOL

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