Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Biggest Loser

I always thought this show was sending the wrong message.
Biggest Loser has promoted the *puke in a bucket* exercise philosophy from the beginning.
People can lose weight much safer with much lower intensity exercise and more importantly, keep it off.
The mentality that the show creates makes losing weight as unhealthy as staying overweight.

Last night, the three finalists evolved from looking healthy when leaving the ranch to emaciated at the finale. It became more of a Freak Show than a healthy transformation reveal. The winner Rachel definitely has endangered her health.   How could her mother support this life style?  Yes, Rachel is the Biggest Loser, losing her health.

I also believe many of the contestants over-eat before going on the show to have more to lose.

This morning I visited a few *Quick* edited files from jessicasmithtv and also this one:

which was great on the bungee!
I enjoyed them all.
Of course, my MUsic made them all even better.

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