Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Malwarebytes False Positives

Though highly respected, Malwarebytes can have false positives.
I use the free version downloaded from

My son had updated his Malwarebytes and a quick scan found a couple of *Potentially Unwanted Programs* so I reinstalled my Malwarebytes to get it updated on my laptop.   My updated version also found the *program data boost* files similar to son's which may not be malware according to various online sources and may enable sharing.  Son said his may have been on his laptop from the beginning.  We both removed them even though not definitely malware.   Just hope it wasn't a mistake to remove those *program data boost* files since I do share with Dropbox!

My updated version found a few temp files associated with Freemake which were probably previously saved projects which I removed as well as a Freemake download which I did not remove because I know it is not malware and use Freemake daily without a problem.  However, some of the optional free offers from Freemake can be considered unwanted but I usually avoid downloading those.   My first version of Malwarebytes found *Open Candy* files which I had downloaded with earlier Freemake programs which were easy to remove, even though they were probably not malware according to most sources.

Our den windows have stopped leaking and hopefully with these warmer temps, the ice damn will not reform!
Last night around 8PM I felt really bad.  Very dizzy and light-headed so went to sleep.  Feel better today but still feel weird.  It was probably a combination of sleep deprivation, stress and a special time-release Melatonin which I will not be taking again!

Anywho since it bothers me less when I am moving, I did a workout starting with Leslie's Blue Mile then some Kettleworx Lower Body then the Dream Body Bikini Bootcamp with Amy (Disc5) which uses a band for unique AWT.  The MUsic I added to all of the above kept me MUving.

ETA: the time release Melatonin finally timed out about 40 hours after taking it and I feel much better!
Also it seems our ice dam problem has ended with the warmer temps!

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