Sunday, February 23, 2014

Burning Downloads

I usually download and convert files before burning them to dvdr from my hard drive.
This morning as an experiment I tried downloading the 7 days of Richard Simmons Stomach Formula directly from youtube to dvdr using Freemake Video Converter.


Video Uploads:

It seemed to go well till I tested the dvdr and found Day 3 was not complete.  So then I downloaded and converted the Days to MP4 onto my hard drive.  Day2 was not complete!!!  So then I downloaded just Day 2 again before burning all files of the 7 days successfully.  I have no idea what caused these glitches.  Could have been youtube, FIOS, Freemake or just my laptop.  Just want to warn people to take downloading step by step before burning if you do not want to waste a dvdr.

ETA today's check-in:
This morning I did my edited version of the Prevention Fight Cellulite Fast! with Chris Freytag.  Most of the moves worked well on the bungee and ball.  Really enjoyed all of the cardio intervals and MUsic.

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