Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why Walk with Leslie when you can Dance with Shelly

After doing the Sweaty Betty Rave week 4 to which I had added different MUsic,  I visited this routine by dancewithshelly:

The steps were simple and could be easily tweaked and the music was great.  Much more fun than most of  the repetitive Leslie Sansone walks IMHO.

Anywho I alternated between the bungee and ball in both of the above and even did some freestyling with a kettlebell, bands anchored to a weight machine near the bungee, and purple Zumba sticks.  Sweated plenty and felt less twinging in my feet and knee than I have in a long time.  Also had more energy than the past couple of days.  I think the anxiety because of snow drained me even though I didn't do any of the shoveling.

ETA: an easy tweak when doing the cha-cha,  alternate both legs back instead of one forward and the other back.  Or alternate both legs forward.  Stand on the center spot farthest away from the action. This way you have more range of motion on a rebounder mat and work both sides more evenly.

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