Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweaty Betty WOW

The other day (Saturday 2/8), I posted links to the free Ballet Bootcamp video on youtube and the Sweaty Betty sites.  The Sweaty Betty site offers a MP3 file to play starting at a specific point of the workout which I had downloaded with Firefox Download Helper.  It is really simple to add their MUsic to the downloaded youtube video with Windows Live Music Maker which I did as well as another version with my own MUsic.

Well I also downloaded their Rave routines from youtube and added their music to one and my MUsic to the others.  This morning I did the one with leg toning to which I had added MUsic and lurved every second of it!  The moves are very bungee and stability ball friendly.
The routine I downloaded from youtube was
Frame Rave Week Two-Legs at

Their RAVE MUsic is at

but I preferred using my own MUsic.
The other day someone mentioned that healthbouncing or not leaving the mat of a rebounder going completely airborne sounded very boring.  Well I have been bouncing this way for years because of a low ceiling and absolutely love working out so *Different Strokes for Different Folks*.

Here's the filemail link for the redone Ballet Bootcamp with their music (previous file started the music later than it should have), Rave week1 with their music and Rave week2 with my MUsic:

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