Saturday, February 25, 2017

audio options for workouts

(these tips work on my Windows laptops)
I use power speakers from long gone PCs on my laptops.

2 different tricks that sometimes work when the voice is too loud or has too much *whooing* or unnecessary screaming and the music is too soft.

(1) Turning down the balance of the right speaker
(or may be the left on other setups)

(2) using the speaker enhancement option for voice cancellation

(worse comes to worse, I replace the audio altogether LOL)

with the video playing,
right click on the speaker icon lower right corner to go to volume mixer
then click on the speaker icon:

for (1)  click on levels then balance and lower the right speaker

for (2)  click on enhancements and check voice cancellation

(you can leave either adjustment opened so you can easily change or reverse the choices when done working out)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The American Psyche

Definition of Psyche:
soul or spirit

rump's bullying, hate rhetoric. propaganda, and lies have ruined the American Psyche as well as ruining our credibility with our allies.

He has created problems where there were none or escalated smaller problems.
He has ignored other growing problems like the rise in hate crimes.
His *changes* have not benefited anyone and most have been harmed emotionally if not physically.

We need infrastructure before a wall.
We need civil rights instead of partisan politics.
We need respect for one another and political correctness to keep civility and empathy.

Why repeal the Affordable Care Act if it benefits 20 million?
Why rip apart families?
Why cause unnecessary chaos and expenses?

Speaking of expenses:
Supporting his many residences and travel costs while cutting services like PBS and environment protection is just stupidity.

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Download Tip

To download a file from just put a m.(dot) in front of the to go to their mobile site then play the video and right click for the option to save.

The download is slow and may need resuming but all other methods with browser extensions have the same issues.

Pants on Fire

a video is worth a billion words:

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Leader of the Free World?

Our barely elected POTDS chose to do an extended press conference and campaign rally for his core group of mostly ignorant supporters instead of cementing ties with our world allies at a NATO conference.  He is making no effort to unite our country and the world.  His ideology shifts from minute to minute.  His staff delivers conflicting messages because nobody can predict exactly what this madman will actually say or do, let alone think from minute to minute.
Anyone who supports this madman has given up their free will and conscience.
They must exchange their thoughts and feelings for his.
They choose to ignore facts and reality for his alternate reality.
They choose dishonesty and hate over truth and empathy.

His current focus is trashing reality and the real news media.
This behavior disappoints the voters who tried to give him the benefit of doubt by ignoring his personality disorder.  He lives in a bizarre reality and demands anyone not his enemy to join him there.  Remember that this is the madman who told the terminally ill to just focus on staying alive long enough to vote for him with no empathy for their plight.

The campaign is over but he continues to lie, spew hate rhetoric, and behave like a cult leader instead of the Leader of the Free World.  Nobody is allowed to disagree with him or they become an enemy.

His favorability  rating never increased and never will.
His erratic behavior enabled by the GOP has energized the cognizant majority into action.
The opposition to the GOP is growing much faster than the Tea Party did after Obama's victories .

World leaders do not trust him so his negotiating ability is compromised.
Even Russia no longer celebrates his victory
The GOP is finding it harder to ignore his behavior and a few are staring to put our country ahead of their party.

Meanwhile, thanks to the ignorance that elected him, we are burdened with the expense of defending him and his family and all of their residencies and trips for the rest of their lives.
We may be burdened with his ridiculous *Wall*.
The GOP will cut all they can to lower budget expenditures.
The Middle Class has no security as far as medical insurance, medicare, social security and education.
Women are seeing their civil rights threatened.
All minorities are seeing their civil rights threatened
The World is seeing Earth's environment threatened.

Meanwhile, the psyche of our country and the world has been damaged indefinitely.
All of our children and future generations will suffer thanks to the ignorance of this cult and the greedy GOP.
History will give him the dishonor of doing more damage to our world than Hitler if our species survives.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


To eliminate voter fraud and voter suppression,
why not have the IRS expanded to become in charge of Federal elections.
Each US citizen should have a ballot on their tax returns.
Tax payers are paying for the federal salaries and policies and should have the power to choose.
There can be a simplified form for those who do not have to file taxes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Downloading Videos
has some more downloading tips

I am updating what I currently use to download most videos on different Browsers because some coding has changed.

Firefox add-ons:
fvd which has a separate module to download and install to include audio
Video Download Helper

Opera Extensions:
Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

for youtube, I still use Freemake Video Downloader or Converter which needs to be carefully installed always choosing custom options to exclude any unwanted items
(note: newest Converter does not download so I use an older version)

The combination of savefrom nethelper and tamper monkey may not be available anymore but still works decently on Chrome and Opera.  The Opera Add-on Chameleon can still enable the savefrom nethelper on both browsers:

here is how to add Flash Video Downloader to Chrome:
  • upper right corner of Chrome drop down menu
  • click on *more tools*
  • click on *extensions*
  • scroll down to *get more extensions*
  • in the search box, type Flash Video Downloader
  • after it is installed, when you want to record a video, play the video and click on the blue download arrow in the upper right corner and choose the file size you want to download

People Can Change

In my college years during Viet Nam, I leaned towards being very establishment .
I trusted the establishment, resented protests and actually liked Nixon!
I worked for the FBI in DC and had alot of respect for their methods.
(Comey ruined that for me).

Along the way, the Clintons changed my ideology. I resented how the GOP would not listen to Hillary's health insurance plans. Then the GOP attitude towards gay rights made me switch my voter registration from GOP to Dem.

Now I am horrified by the GOP. It took this one sociopath to destroy decades of faith in our executive branch and to expose how many deplorables and bullies exist in our country. Maybe having a gay son made me more involved than I would have been but I remember being really turned off by my mother;s worship of Rush Limbaugh long before son came out. Now I am obsessed with the downward turn of the psyche of our country which went from great to totally disappointing and worrisome.

President-Of-The-Divided-States (POTDS) does not have the temperament to unite us, only divide us
He is driven by revenge, bullying and winning with no remorse.
The So-Called-Ruler-Of-The-United-States (SCROTUS) shows more loyalty to Putin than the Amercians who did not vote for him.

Cannot depend on the GOP to man-up and stop this craziness.
They sold their soul, assuming they ever had one.

Monday, February 13, 2017

YIKES Stephen Miller!

Trying to figure out who is the craziest in the SCROTUS cult between Pence, Priebus, Conway, Spicer, Flynn, Bannon, and now Miller. All of the surrogates in this cult of lies, anger and hate embrace an alternate reality.

After they get done damaging our country, it will become quite a challenge to make America great again. Hopefully the GOP will wake up and join the majority of cognizant people resisting this fascism before too much damage is done to our psyche and environment.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


This article really hits home:

(I must copy and paste some of it)

He delights in constantly provoking and surprising you, so that his monstrous ego can be perennially fed. And because he is also mentally unstable, forever lashing out in manic spasms of pain and anger, you live each day with some measure of trepidation. What will he come out with next? Somehow, he is never in control of himself and yet he is always in control of you."

Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

The GOP, Rump campaign, and Alt-Right conspiracy theorists flooded America with propaganda and fake news.  

The GOP had been witch hunting Clinton since her husband campaigned for POTUS but ignored all of Rump's conflicts of interests, lies, and bullying.  Many Sanders supporters did not vote for Clinton because of the DNC hack which exposed strategy discussion against Sanders.  ALL campaigns do oppositional research!  Even Sanders ignored the email private server, knowing it was a GOP red herring.
Rump's Birtherism was an attempt to undermine Obama.
He paid people to attend his announcement of his intention to run.
He used hate rhetoric to divide the country and continues to view anyone who did not vote for him as an enemy.

The GOP made a huge fuss over Clinton's private email server BUT Flynn was in communications with Russia during the campaign affecting its outcome and after the election was undermining actions being taken against Russia.   Rump, Spicer, Pence, Bannon, and Priebus used whatever propaganda the Russian-Flynn connection produced and continue to lie, calling it all fake news.  They are still trying to undermine the media and keep spreading fake news to distract Americans from the real news. 
They claim protesters are being paid and all negative polls are fake. 

The GOP leadership tried to ignore and even bury these treasonous actions as well as rump's many personality disorders.  Meanwhile, the dossier exposing this stuff is getting more credible. IMHO this is much more criminal than Water-gate. Flynn loved chanting *Lock Her Up* at rallies. When will the real Americans *Lock Him Up*? Him being Flynn and everyone involved in the cover-ups. 

The FBI Director remained more concerned about Hillary's emails and now a rump puppet is AG.

The GOP is working towards more voter suppression while exaggerating voter fraud. .
(the new AG is all in)
Rump advised his supporters to vote more than once, intimidate minority voters at the polls, and even told terminally ill voters to hang on till after they voted with no sign of empathy for their condition.
Most of his closest staff were registered in more than one state.

A Conspiracy Theory which may become exposed as true:
Donald Trump Jr said money was rolling in from Russia in 2013.
His Daddy married a woman from Slovenia who was raised under U.S.S.R. domination and was previously working in the US without the proper visa and lied on her website.  
She ignores all proof of his infidelities and tolerates his bullying and mood swings. 
Putin may be meeting Rump in Slovenia.
Connect the dots yourself.

This insanity has to stop!
Where are the investigations??????? 
Support the media trying to expose the truth.
They are our last line of defense.

*Eastern European countries freed from Soviet domination but not part of the U.S.S.R. are Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and Yugoslavia  Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia.

Saturday, February 11, 2017



(it can also be where his brain resides)

Wish I could take credit for this brilliant acronym but I can take credit for knowing both the friend  who shared it and the friend (and her husband) who created it.

Anywho it is quite clear that SCROTUS is less stable and capable of being even the POTDS.
The whole regime lies and anyone who does not buy residency in their alternate reality is considered an enemy.   I believe that his support will erode as more and more decent people listen to their common sense and conscience.
The others will reap what they sow.

You can join the SCROTUS cult or
be on the right side of history.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Workout Catch Up

I recently tried all of the workouts on the 3 newest dvds with Jessica Smith and plan to revisit most with my own music choices.  She also has some nice new routines on her youtube jessicasmithtv channel.  I used to donate to her channel but now just buy her dvds.

Then I started doing some of the new Sister Fitness routines and they are still my favorite style.  Some are music only (Cardio Basic).  If the cuing is too loud on the others, I just lower the right speaker volume.  I am continuing the subscription to support their site as I have done with previous favorites like Jessica Smith and Ellen Barrett, even though I have not revisited older archived workouts much.  However, 2 workouts I have never seen were recently archived which was a nice bonus surprise.

Grokker has added 9 Ellen Barrett walking routines to their premium videos which I am enjoying with voice reduction so I can hear the music.
Grokker offers a 2 week free trial.   I have not seen anything else on the site that appeals to me so will probably cancel the subscription but  these walks are really nice.  I have dozens of other new workouts to try so do not need the subscription.

ETA: after canceling during the Grokker free trial and receiving a confirmation of the cancellation,  I have been billed two more months and have not had a response to my complaint for two whole business days.
ETA: GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

Thursday, February 2, 2017