Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Downloading Videos

has some more downloading tips

I am updating what I currently use to download most videos on different Browsers because some coding has changed.

Firefox add-ons:
Video Download Helper
NetVideo Hunter

Opera Extensions:
Flash Video Downloader
Grab Any Media

Flash Video Downloader

for youtube, I still use Freemake Video Downloader or Converter which needs to be carefully installed always choosing custom options to exclude any unwanted items

The combination of savefrom nethelper and tamper monkey may not be available anymore but still works decently on Chrome and Opera.  The Opera Add-on Chameleon can still enable the savefrom nethelper on both browsers:

here is how to add Flash Video Downloader to Chrome:
  • upper right corner of Chrome drop down menu
  • click on *more tools*
  • click on *extensions*
  • scroll down to *get more extensions*
  • in the search box, type Flash Video Downloader
  • after it is installed, when you want to record a video, play the video and click on the blue download arrow in the upper right corner and choose the file size you want to download

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