Saturday, February 25, 2017

audio options for workouts

(these tips work on my Windows laptops)
I use power speakers from long gone PCs on my laptops.

2 different tricks that sometimes work when the voice is too loud or has too much *whooing* or unnecessary screaming and the music is too soft.

(1) Turning down the balance of the right speaker
(or may be the left on other setups)

(2) using the speaker enhancement option for voice cancellation

(worse comes to worse, I replace the audio altogether LOL)

with the video playing,
right click on the speaker icon lower right corner to go to volume mixer
then click on the speaker icon:

for (1)  click on levels then balance and lower the right speaker

for (2)  click on enhancements and check voice cancellation

(you can leave either adjustment opened so you can easily change or reverse the choices when done working out)

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