Sunday, February 19, 2017

Leader of the Free World?

Our barely elected POTDS chose to do an extended press conference and campaign rally for his core group of mostly ignorant supporters instead of cementing ties with our world allies at a NATO conference.  He is making no effort to unite our country and the world.  His ideology shifts from minute to minute.  His staff delivers conflicting messages because nobody can predict exactly what this madman will actually say or do, let alone think from minute to minute.
Anyone who supports this madman has given up their free will and conscience.
They must exchange their thoughts and feelings for his.
They choose to ignore facts and reality for his alternate reality.
They choose dishonesty and hate over truth and empathy.

His current focus is trashing reality and the real news media.
This behavior disappoints the voters who tried to give him the benefit of doubt by ignoring his personality disorder.  He lives in a bizarre reality and demands anyone not his enemy to join him there.  Remember that this is the madman who told the terminally ill to just focus on staying alive long enough to vote for him with no empathy for their plight.

The campaign is over but he continues to lie, spew hate rhetoric, and behave like a cult leader instead of the Leader of the Free World.  Nobody is allowed to disagree with him or they become an enemy.

His favorability  rating never increased and never will.
His erratic behavior enabled by the GOP has energized the cognizant majority into action.
The opposition to the GOP is growing much faster than the Tea Party did after Obama's victories .

World leaders do not trust him so his negotiating ability is compromised.
Even Russia no longer celebrates his victory
The GOP is finding it harder to ignore his behavior and a few are staring to put our country ahead of their party.

Meanwhile, thanks to the ignorance that elected him, we are burdened with the expense of defending him and his family and all of their residencies and trips for the rest of their lives.
We may be burdened with his ridiculous *Wall*.
The GOP will cut all they can to lower budget expenditures.
The Middle Class has no security as far as medical insurance, medicare, social security and education.
Women are seeing their civil rights threatened.
All minorities are seeing their civil rights threatened
The World is seeing Earth's environment threatened.

Meanwhile, the psyche of our country and the world has been damaged indefinitely.
All of our children and future generations will suffer thanks to the ignorance of this cult and the greedy GOP.
History will give him the dishonor of doing more damage to our world than Hitler if our species survives.

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