Tuesday, February 14, 2017

People Can Change

In my college years during Viet Nam, I leaned towards being very establishment .
I trusted the establishment, resented protests and actually liked Nixon!
I worked for the FBI in DC and had alot of respect for their methods.
(Comey ruined that for me).

Along the way, the Clintons changed my ideology. I resented how the GOP would not listen to Hillary's health insurance plans. Then the GOP attitude towards gay rights made me switch my voter registration from GOP to Dem.

Now I am horrified by the GOP. It took this one sociopath to destroy decades of faith in our executive branch and to expose how many deplorables and bullies exist in our country. Maybe having a gay son made me more involved than I would have been but I remember being really turned off by my mother;s worship of Rush Limbaugh long before son came out. Now I am obsessed with the downward turn of the psyche of our country which went from great to totally disappointing and worrisome.

President-Of-The-Divided-States (POTDS) does not have the temperament to unite us, only divide us
He is driven by revenge, bullying and winning with no remorse.
The So-Called-Ruler-Of-The-United-States (SCROTUS) shows more loyalty to Putin than the Amercians who did not vote for him.

Cannot depend on the GOP to man-up and stop this craziness.
They sold their soul, assuming they ever had one.

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