Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here I am again LOL

I recorded another Bouncin Barb video this morning.
Even though I tried to pace myself, I was sweating bullets.

It is on WellVideo here:

and on DailyMotion here:

ETA: now on youtube too

Bouncin Barb BungeeBall 2 by POMBarb

I am just trying to show how I follow all sorts of cardio while bouncing on the JumpSport 550 Fitness Trampoline and a large stability ball.

ETA: I will be busy trying the new Jessica Smith
Walk the Weight Off 30 Day Program.
Once I decide which is my favorite edit, I may record myself using it
or I may wait to see if I want to record anything on my new 48 inch PRObounce after it arrives.
 doubt it will replace my favorite JumpSports 

ETA: here is a blog link to my first recording with the new laptop webcam:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two Dear Friends , Old and New

Since coming on to the internet almost 17 years ago, I have met some amazing people.
Sadly two of them are suffering emotional pain right now and all I can do is send warm thoughts their way.

The older friend came into my life soon after our sons came out gay.
If ever I met anyone who is filled with love and goodness, it was this dear friend.
We enjoyed several visits in real life and her family are incredibly lucky to have her.

The new friend came into my life more recently, tossing me a rope just as I was sinking into a dark hole.  This then stranger did more for me than she will ever realize.  I hope to return the favor.

I am incredibly lucky our paths have crossed.
Just knowing there are such people in the world makes life so much sweeter.

(Please dear friends, see the light of better days)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Update

I am happy to announce that I believe Wellvideo will remain a great place to meet people from all over the world and discover workout videos.  Its Administrator in spite of a language barrier is striving to make members happy.

I so enjoyed working out with myself to the video I had recorded that I intend to record more.  It was great not having to tweak any of the moves to work on the bungee and stability ball.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Today is the opposite of yesterday.
I did not sleep well and even skipped exercising this morning.

I have found the management of WellVideo too unstable and unpredictable so am not sharing privately there anymore.  Many of my newer friends will never be in the inner clique of private friend sharing so I rather just share and communicate one-on-one than deal with the extra stress.

That being said there are plenty of edited you tube videos to share LOL
It is still a great site even for the bottom tier members.

It is just not my day.
I decided to cave on that cheap 48inch bungee but the site would not accept my credit cards and I do not have paypal.

So I emailed the ProBounce customer service and they asked exactly what my error message said so I went through the ordering process again but this time it worked!
Ironically my husband had just hit a 10 cent superfecta in my online horseracing account which is just $2 short of covering the cost so I do not even feel guilty about spending the money just to satisfy my curiosity.

special note: last day of pre-order price is 9/7 and the pre-orders will then be shipped

Monday, August 17, 2015

Feeling Good and Hopeful

I just finished my morning workout which included two edited Leslie Sansone Walks.  I will not even mention the titles because that really does not matter after editing. Any Leslie Walk will get me MUving if the MUsic clicks.  I tweak her repetitive moves to make them more interesting and sometimes just freestyle.  Anywho the MUsic clicked for me this morning big time and I had energy throughout the workout in spite of the heat.

I wanted  to express how much I appreciate WellVideo and not just because I can store my edits there but because of the wonderful people I have been meeting from around the world.  It does not matter what language you speak or what workouts you own, a good heart and sense of humor can create beautiful music.   WellVideo is evolving and as a result, so am I.  I made some poor choices, not friending everyone I should have but an old dog can learn new tricks unless she is a *female dog in heat*.  Meanwhile, this old dog has plenty of tricks to share.

If you have not yet registered on WellVideo, please use my referral link:

There are many music only edited files there you can play while working out to another routine muted or even while web surfing.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Party is Over

WellVideo is now charging for extra private storage space.
Public videos are still unlimited so still a nice site to visit and meet other vidiots.
The Party was great while it lasted and enabled me to meet many generous friends.
Anywho I will still be sharing privately with Friends in other ways.

*Where there is a Will, there is always a Way*
*Close one door and another will open*

If you have not yet registered on WellVideo, please use my referral link to earn me points:

Message me on WellVideo (Bouncin Barb) if you would like information about another site for sharing.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Laptop Webcam

This morning I tried our new Toshiba Webcam to record some of my workout and really think it did a much better job than my Acer laptop Webcam or mobile phone recorders.  It was easy to set up too.


BB Bungee Ball Jenny MU by POMBarb

The microphone worked alittle too well picking up the flapping of my girls since I bounce bra-less to let lymph flow. LOL

also on WellVideo

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


After finding old videos of me bouncing on youtube and sharing it on Well Video:
same as above but better music since not youtube

I wanted to try to save an old photo of my husband and me taken 40 years ago before it deteriorated.  My first attempts with the webcam were ok but I liked how my mobile caught the photo more:

Unfortunately the photo I took this morning at DMV when renewing my driver's license made me look even older than my current 66 years!  Heck it looked more like my mom did at 80. Nope not sharing that one LOL

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another Bungee??????

a 48 inch bungee with an 11 inch height would be perfect for my basement
and 1/4 the price of a Bellicon with a pre-order special price

so tempting BUT
I already have two JumpSports with Pro mats and really do not need another bungee.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Some Updates

Just wanted to share my current observations one year after stopping statins.

The only chronic adverse effects have been peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus.
These conditions are annoying but I can tolerate them.   I know they are autoimmune reactions in my body and triggered by stress. Almost every condition I have observed can be a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, including my dry eyes and dry mouth which occur less often now.  My doctors were unconcerned about these conditions and I saw no point in asking for a bunch of tests and being a guinea pig for more prescriptions.  I know these conditions were related to my prolonged use of Lipitor and all the doctors seem to care about is my cholesterol, not my daily feeling of well being.

The morning headaches and brain fog lifted almost immediately after stopping Lipitor.  The brain needs cholesterol.  I still have an occasional fatigue and light-headedness but the bouts are less intense and have shorter durations.  Vertigo is now rare.

My feet still have chronic tingling and twinges but at least the sensations are rarely above the ankles.  Before stopping statins, the sensation was often into my thighs.  My left foot has had edema but not as bad as when it first started a couple of months ago.  I have way less cramping than I used to have in my feet, calves, and thighs,  My hands still get numb but not into the upper arms like before.  My joints (elbows, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) still have twinges but thanks to Arnica gel are tolerable.
My eyes will eventually need cataract surgery but that may be a blessing in disguise since most have better vision afterwards than they did before developing the cataracts.

The medical condition that concerned me most was a tendency towards high blood sugar and hypertension, fearing metabolic disease.  Statins have been linked with developing diabetes in older women. My blood sugar was under 100 and my HDL was good in my last blood test.  Cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides were horrible as expected.  A woman should NOT be put on statins, especially if she has a Mitral Valver Prolapse!   My doctor should have been more concerned about my thyroid since I have a goiter but did not even have it tested!
However, hypertension was still a threat. After hearing my BP was much better during a free evaluation at the supermarket, I recently acquired a blood pressure monitor which has shown my BP to be much lower than what it had been.  Fighting against medical advice and knowing how adversely statins affected me was creating stress and driving my blood pressure upwards.  My resting heartrate this morning was 52.   I no longer worry about the health of my heart after stopping statins because CoQ10 and cholesterol play a larger part in a healthy body than taking a prescribed poison which will inhibit their production just to make a pharmaceutical company richer.  No need for quarterly blood tests and extra stress.  I will only go for preventative care annually.

Thankfully, I have consistently exercised throughout this ordeal or may have wound up in a wheel chair.  Just yesterday, I hurt my foot going down the stairs to the basement to workout.   I applied arnica gel and did most of the workout sitting on a stability ball.  Pain went away and hopefully will not return.   I have been sleeping well in spite of the constant ear buzzing and feeling better emotionally in spite of the lingering numbness and twinges.  Seeking movement that feels good remains my main focus.   Use it or Lose it.

I still enjoy editing workout videos, removing moves I want to avoid and adding music to motivate movement.  By avoiding all dread, I enjoy working out every morning.  Online, I have found a wonderful home on WellVideo.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Google Plus and Youtube

So Google Plus was a huge fail.

I, myself, have no trust in Google since their bots deleted my first youtube account with no appeal process which I really believe I would have won if sentient beings were in control.   Google has alienated many of their potential customers with their ridiculous youtube automatic account terminations.  As a result, I will never buy a Chromebook or Chromecast and am staying away from Android smart phones.
My account was associated with my primary email and has made youtube very difficult to enjoy anymore.  The account brought youtube thousands of views and poof, it was gone because of a song that later was cleared from copyright restrictions.  This was more than 6 months after my first copyright strike so should not have been a third strike within 6 months.  I had over one thousand videos on my channel.  Percentage-wise I was much less of a copyright violator than most channels.  My first strike was from Zumba Fitness for totally out-of-print routines that were part of Kellogg's Special K offers.  One was even a VHS! Most Zumba fans will never see these routines.   As a result, I stopped being a Zumba fan.  Ironically, youtube is full of Zumba routines that are still being sold.

I may eventually switch browsers too.  Chrome is my main browser but now that Windows10 is here, I may give the new Microsoft browser a try.

Yuck Yuck Yuck
did not like Microsoft for web browsing, etc.
It kept trying to change what I was typing on search, favorites, and even during WellVideo private messages!

However, after downloading, converting and burning files on the Windows 10 computer, I think it was easier for multitasking!  I like the task shortcut on the tool bar which shows what recent tasks I was doing.
No more worries about my current Windows7 laptop expiring.