Saturday, August 22, 2015

Two Dear Friends , Old and New

Since coming on to the internet almost 17 years ago, I have met some amazing people.
Sadly two of them are suffering emotional pain right now and all I can do is send warm thoughts their way.

The older friend came into my life soon after our sons came out gay.
If ever I met anyone who is filled with love and goodness, it was this dear friend.
We enjoyed several visits in real life and her family are incredibly lucky to have her.

The new friend came into my life more recently, tossing me a rope just as I was sinking into a dark hole.  This then stranger did more for me than she will ever realize.  I hope to return the favor.

I am incredibly lucky our paths have crossed.
Just knowing there are such people in the world makes life so much sweeter.

(Please dear friends, see the light of better days)

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