Monday, August 17, 2015

Feeling Good and Hopeful

I just finished my morning workout which included two edited Leslie Sansone Walks.  I will not even mention the titles because that really does not matter after editing. Any Leslie Walk will get me MUving if the MUsic clicks.  I tweak her repetitive moves to make them more interesting and sometimes just freestyle.  Anywho the MUsic clicked for me this morning big time and I had energy throughout the workout in spite of the heat.

I wanted  to express how much I appreciate WellVideo and not just because I can store my edits there but because of the wonderful people I have been meeting from around the world.  It does not matter what language you speak or what workouts you own, a good heart and sense of humor can create beautiful music.   WellVideo is evolving and as a result, so am I.  I made some poor choices, not friending everyone I should have but an old dog can learn new tricks unless she is a *female dog in heat*.  Meanwhile, this old dog has plenty of tricks to share.

If you have not yet registered on WellVideo, please use my referral link:

There are many music only edited files there you can play while working out to another routine muted or even while web surfing.

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