Monday, November 28, 2016


Some observations:

tRUMP is protesting the recount too much and back to lying on Twitter, claiming he won the popular vote if *millions* of illegal votes were eliminated.  Anyone with half a brain knows this is a lie, a deplorable lie that a POTUS should not be trying to spread among his ignorant supporters.  I even heard one of his TV surrogates doubling down on this ridiculous claim!
Exit polls highly favored Clinton.

Either there was voter fraud
or he is just trying to divert attention from other issues
or his thin skin is not thickening
or a combination of all of the above.

There was voter fraud in Wisconsin:
Some mathematical discrepancies were discovered after counties in Wisconsin had shown more votes than ballots cast for president, resulting in nearly 5,000 votes being removed from President-elect Donald Trump's totals in the state.
The very first person accused of voting twice on Election Day was a Trump supporter.  There was also voter suppression of Hillary supporters.

His ignorant minions wanted to drain the swamp so now the GOP controls Congress and wants to make unpopular changes in spite of Obama's high favorability rating and improved economy.   tRUMP, himself, has no ideologies and flop-flops and contradicts himself after making all sorts of empty promises depending on the particular mob he was addressing at each rally.  Hillary Clinton had been persecuted by the GOP for decades. 
tRUMP has a history of lawsuits and corruption which slid off Teflon Don.
His conflicts of interest should have disqualified him.

tRUMP used hate rhetoric and mob mentality, appealing to the most bigoted segment of our country. tRUMP surrounded himself with deplorables and does not have experienced advisers for cabinet posts, etc. Steve Bannon is proof that.   Now bigots feel empowered and hate crimes as well as verbal assaults have escalated.  This end of civility has damaged our society more than any foreign terrorist.

If the electoral college has any sense of decency, tRUMP should not be officially declared our POTUS.  Either way, America has lost its self-respect and respect around the world.  Deplorables accounted for most of his vote.  The rest who voted for him or did not vote at all were ignorant people who had their eyes, ears, brains and hearts turned off.  Families have been torn apart in an emotional civil war.  
As tRUMP would say: SAD.

Or maybe tRUMP is tweeting lies so that he will not have to be POTUS for 4 years.  
He never expected to win.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Our food turned out better than ever
(maybe I say that every year?)

I am thankful for my online friends.
Here is a nice youtube series recommended by a friend
*Move It or Use It* Chiball

I did this one this morning after bouncing while holding a light weight instead of a Chiball.  I do have Chiballs but my hands prefers the weight with a strap.  I think this is a great alternative to Classical Stretch, Ellen, etc.

I just wanted to say how thankful I am to my online Friends, especially to those from all around the world who kept me moving.  The highlight of my day is my morning workout.  The rest of the day, I enjoy editing workout routines and sharing them. This all makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to every day and I hope I also brighten the day of each of my friends.
I have seen people interfere with the pursuit of happiness of others online for selfish and ignorant reasons much like 1/4 of America right now.  Sadly, I fear that America is damaged beyond repair now that bullying has been normalized.   Thankful for my bubble online.

ETA another:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Never Going to Respect or Love this Narcissist

and Sociopath

Happy Thanksgiving
Hope there is one next year

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Current Favorite Video Downloading suggestions

(scroll to bottom for special VK tip)

Video sites keep changing their coding and here are my current favorite methods for downloading a video from a stubborn website on my Windows 7 and 10 laptops.

I use the Opera browser on both laptops and 2 extensions which work together:
savefrom nethelper

tampermonkey enables a convenient download arrow with format size options.

These two extensions also work together well on Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop but not my Windows 7 laptop.

More recently, the Chameleon Opera Add-on is an alternative for tampermonkey on both browsers:
(this combo worked on my Windows7)

A good substitute for this combo on either Chrome, Opera, or Firefox is the
Flash Video Downloader extension (FVD)

If all else fails, the last resort is Firefox Download Helper extension but I find Firefox very unstable on my laptops.  Sometimes on FireFox, NetHunter produces a nice TS file from some sites

If your file does not play the audio, try playing the file on VLC
(if you hear the video on VLC, you can use VLC to convert the file to MP4 with audio)

Other extensions which may work nicely on some sites
Video Downloader Professional
Video Downloader Pro

For youtube, I still like the blue Freemake Video Downloader and gold Freemake Video Converter products but be careful when downloading and installing either to always choose custom options and uncheck any unwanted extra offers.
(The newest Converter removed ads and enables safer downloading but charges to enable downloading from video sites so I use the older version)

and always download from the official software sites!

Here are some sites that enable downloading by pasting a url:  (which also offers the nethelper extension)

to download from VK without any extension or software:
(1) go to the mobile VK site (type m.(dot) in front of or go to
(2) play the video you want to download
(3) right click and choose "save video as"
(Note I work only with Windows Operating Systems and have not tried to download on MACs, etc)

also see

If you register on, send me a message and friend me!

Empowered Deplorables

It is very unfair that the majority of the people in this country with a functional brain and conscience have to be abused daily by the toxic Deplorables empowered by tRUMP. Even worse that his corruption and derisiveness will go on and on till the GOP congress decide that they still have a conscience. There will be no pivot. He is deplorable and always will be.

So the media gave tRUMP lots of free advertising as the campaign became a reality TV show. Now tRUMP is demonizing the media for lies because of his thin skin. Most of the lies came out of his mouth and the mouths of his surrogates. It is not the media's fault that so many of his minions believed these lies. Anyone with a functional brain and conscience knew what kind of person tRUMP was. He lied to whatever audience he was addressing. Contradicted himself often on policy but one thing was never contradicted: his thin skin. He even used his thin skin to divert the attention from his significant unfavorable news.
Mostly recently his tweets about Hamilton and SNL diverted attention from his fraudulent Trump U and the escalation of hate crimes as a result of the White Supremacists feeling empowered by their newly elected leader.

The GOP and tRUMP will be held accountable as more and more minorities and young people vote in the future
.... if there is a future.

Meanwhile, those with a conscience will have to suffer but do not have to show this monster or his minions any respect, remembering that his thin skin will make the next 4 years miserable for him as well.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rocket Science

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that tRUMP is way over his head as POTUS.  Beside not having the right temperament as he continues to focus on childish tweets, he does not have the capabilities to understand the complex responsibilities that the office entails.  It was clear he did not have the right stuff for the office but still conned his voters.

He does not care about people who were not born with a silver spoon.
All he cares about is how to con them.
There are two groups of people in his life:
those he can con and those he will try to counter-punch if not conned.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand tRUMP,
just common sense.
Eventually, he will be impeached by those with common sense and a conscience.

I have learned to avoid toxic people who do not treat others well.
tRUMP and his trolls are the worse.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The End of the World as We Knew It

The election was rigged by lies and as a result a woman who was a devoted public servant lost the electoral college to a narcissistic bully. Trump believed tell a lie often enough and it will appear to be the truth.   He had the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press to promote these toxic lies and hate rhetoric.  However, the media and his critics risked nasty attacks if they dared to mention the truth.

The GOP and radical right were obsessed with putting Hillary Clinton under a microscope for decades.  She lost all civil rights to any privacy and still nothing truly criminal was proven.  Russian hacking added to the mix taking words out of context.  Even the FBI interfered with her momentum. Is there another politician in this country who could have been so investigated and come out of the intense scrutiny so innocent?
Meanwhile, Trump's whole corrupt history and lies were ignored.
Trump could do or say whatever he wanted and people voted for him anyway because he was a master sociopathic manipulator without a conscience.   His hate rhetoric and bullying Tweets were much more destructive to the security of our country than anything Hillary did.
He was a true domestic terrorist.

Ironically, he does not have any of the personality traits or experience needed for the position and neither do his advisers.  He has no ideology and promised mostly unconstitutional acts.

The real shock was to uncover so much ignorance and hate in this country.
As he continues to lie and bully, some of you may wake up but it is too late.
The damage is done to not just our country but the world.
He is a malignant cancer to our mental and physical health.

To the Deplorables and other ignorant minions who fell for his toxic propaganda, History will not respect you.  Only time will tell how long our world and the human race can survive such horrific mistakes.

do not know whether to laugh or cry:

maybe it will be the best historic period for comedy

Poor Mr Trump did not like the SNL skit and wanted equal time for his side LOL

Most of America including the entertainment industry do not respect Mr. Trump.
He better moult a thicker skin quickly.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Corruption and Conflict of Interests

Unfortunately, Trump is proving to be the same pathological liar he was during the campaign.  Most of his appointments have supported his lies.
America is in for a very bumpy ride and a real test for its system of checks and balances.

He is draining the DC swamp and filling it with toxic waste.

This representative above is a Democrat.
Hopefully the GOP still have a few members of Congress with their integrity intact.

Time for the FBI to start targeting hate groups instead of harmless emails.
If they had done their job, Trump would have been disqualified

Too bad the Trump U case did not happen before the election.
Now he settled to avoid an impeachable offense.

He also tweeted against the protests and the booing of Pence at Hamilton.  He best get used to protests and  booing because he is the least favorable POTUS in our lifetime.  His home city will protest and boo forever and ever.

He will not be able to enact unconstitutional campaign promises.
He will not be able to lie at rallies or on tweets anymore.
America and the World are now watching.
He cannot blame the media for the stuff he says and does.

Let's be clear, the cast just asked Pence to listen to a few words and did not disrespect him.
Even after Pence said he was not offended and enjoyed the show, Trump continues to waste his time and energy on this.  Perhaps to divert attention from his Trump U fraud settlement :

May not be much but reflects tRUMP's nature to lie about everything no matter how large or small.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Retail Therapy at Its Best

Retail Therapy gives me a temporary lift by expecting something new to try in the mail in spite of having plenty to visit already.  Since I had lots of Amazon credit thanks to FIOS rewards, I ordered a few dvds the day after the election.

The only thing that beats retail therapy is discovering the items were even better than expected!
I love Zumba Country!!!!
Maybe more than the pricier BeachBody Country Heat.
and I was pleasantly surprised how good the new Nia U Class felt, previously thinking I was done with  Nia.

OK they all cannot be winners because the Dance That Walk dvd had annoying music and Whooing but will see how replacing its audio affects me.  I could not get through the second routine with its audio.

ETA:  I am a very happy camper in my bubble.
The edited Dance that Walk has been GREAT!
Our new cheap RCA HDTV with a USB port plays files from a flash drive.
I do have to convert the files to mpeg to play the audio.

PLUS:  I just discovered that both the Zumba Country and Nia U class DVDs have a music only option!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Bubble

There is a free video offered three times a day on
yesterday was a Kaisa Keranen Kardio Kick Off routine and today a Keep Sliding


Now that Trump has to live in the real world instead of his own reality in Trumpland, he is miserable.
As he breaks campaign promises, his core group will shrink.
The old Adage  *You Cannot Please Everyone* rings true
and he has no real ideology except winning and bullying counter-punching to be true to himself.
He may have to start settling law suits and learn how to apologize.

Protests have replaced his beloved rallies.
No more returning to one of his castles every night.
Twitter has to be restrained.
He can no longer rewrite the Constitution and may have to read it.
Every word and deed will be under a microscope and everyone else gets to play Monday morning quarterback with his hands tied (or Twitter fingers tied).  Everyone else can enjoy their Freedom of Speech except him (threats of law suits will not longer be effective).  If he did not like Freedom of the Press before, he will be feel crucified now.  No matter how much he succeeds in any effort, nobody will give him any credit just like he did not give any credit to Obama for anything positive or blame the GOP for obstruction.
He has to be very careful not to do anything considered corrupt or illegal, especially in regards to National security.
.... oops way to late for that after a lifetime of corruption, law suits and affiliations with other countries.  Any day Congress wants him impeached, it will be easy to find something impeachable.

no more locker room talk
and worse of all, no more Tic Tacs!

His whole world has been turned upside-down and inside-out.
His whole inner circle are filled with immoral peeps like himself with rotten advice.
This mentally and emotionally disabled manchild may be the least happy person in the world because of *Winning*.
He can Run but cannot no longer Hide his Hyde.

That Winning temperament placed him in his own Hell.
Why anyone would want to be POTUS is beyond me.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pinned and Proud

This morning I read a Face Book post claiming White women who wore safety pins were hypocrites.   My mind has been racing a mile a minute since.  The poster was painting all White women with a broad brush and even claimed these same women wearing safety pins voted for Trump.  He could not be farther from the truth.  What about the Trump surrogates of color if you are trying to label people as hypocrites??  What about the Black Evangelists who put their gay hate first.  If the groups targeted by hate stayed united and voted, this group would have elected the next POTUS.
Using lies to Divide and Conquer elected this sociopath.

As a White woman using the safety pin as a symbol, it give me some sort of solace that there are others online and in real life who give a damn about diversity and equal civil rights for everyone. It has its risks as well drawing the bullying attention of those who choose negative human behavior.

The people who supported Trump with their votes or abstention must be held accountable.  They should be reminded by every pin online and in real life that they allowed Hate to Trump Love.  Those who feel marginalized including the White women who voted for Clinton have a symbol of solidity to unite them and therefore, a voice in the future.

Even if Trump becomes the very best POTUS ever, I will not respect the people who put him there using a bunch of hate rhetoric and lies and will hold them accountable.  I will not give toxic bullies any of my time or energy or space online to promote their BS.  They destroyed the positive image of America here and in the World as the World grows smaller and smaller because of the internet. 

Who Is Next?

Trump's main motivations have been and always will be winning and revenge.  He has no real ideology and now he is the quarterback so no more fun Monday morning quarterbacking.  Now he will be on the serious receiving end of criticisms and investigations for every decision and lie he makes. Whether fueling protests or witch hunts, he will feel the burn with very little support from reliable sources.

He is already backing off most of his unrealistic campaign promises and lies used to win.  Some of his brainwashed supporters will feel betrayed.  Most of the good potential advisers to add to his staff want nothing to do with him, fearing political suicide, so he is stuck with his nasty inner circle, most of whom had been witch hunting Clinton for decades and have little political experience.
(imagine the future charges for conflict of interest because of his businesses and litigations)

The question is whether his future victims for revenge will be the past administration or the current obstructive congress.  He once spoke very highly about Clinton and seems to have positive feelings towards her again so I would place my bets on Ryan being his chosen victim.  Already Ryan and Trump are not on the same page.  Pence has already replaced Chris Christie on the transitional team and it was implied may be handling most of the political decisions.  Pence lied plenty for Trump but did not agree on all of Trump's policies.

(if I were Trump, I would keep an eye open on Pence 24/7 who is salivating at the thought of replacing him ... just imagine the books and movies this whole surreal election will produce!  Alec Baldwin can name his price)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Best Things in Life are Free

A friend on VK discovered this channel on youtube and I finally tried one of their videos this morning:

I love the easy to follow and bungee friendly choreo.
It was better than most of the videos that charge for streaming.
The moves are creative and repeated just enough to enjoy them without feeling too tedious or boring.  The loud music drowns out any annoying sound effects.

I will be anxious to try this through my dvd player so I can zoom in.
The Danielle Habibi channel is here:


ETA other freebies:
jessicasmithtv on youtube just started a Holiday series
Fuzion Fitness has some awesome chair and aerobic routines
DailyBurn 365 is still offering a weekly freebie

CodyApp has a nice daily freebie just by sharing your email addy

Be Careful of What You Wish For

People wanted economic change in spite of reports that showed the economy was improving.

The people who supported the bully known as Trump were a combination of Alternate Right bigots and people who were manipulated by them to believe their lies.

Trump is filling his White House with bullies and not denouncing the escalation of hate crimes.

His bad behavior was rewarded during the primaries.
This bullying bad behavior is the new America.

The FBI helped by putting the damn emails ahead of investigating threats created by hate rhetoric and Russian hacking.
Ironically, Congress wants to continue investigating Clinton!!!!????
Clinton was much more transparent and truthful than Trump but people only listened to what they wanted to hear.

Thanks for ruining the American spirit which made America great.
Thanks for making a Domestic terrorist the next POTUS.
I really do not want to pay federal taxes to this Deplorable regime.

I have no respect for the people who voted Trump and will block all Trump trolls on social media. They are not worth my time and energy.
They made their bed and can now sleep in it.
The American spirit started to die the moment his bad behavior was rewarded.

Every day I heard the lies about Clinton being spread while knowing the truth about Trump. I could not believe how many people were supporting him but clung to the faith that there was more goodness in the American people than hate.
Never underestimate the manipulation of people by a sociopath:
1/4 voted for Clinton
1/4 voted for Trump
and the rest just let it happen
I have lost respect for 3/4 of America and doubt the pursuit of happiness will ever be enabled again during my life time.

Shame on all of you who did not care about other people and their civil rights.
I was taught the definition of a Democracy was the rule of the majority with the protection of the minority.  Now it is the rule of the minority with no protection for the majority.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Mr. Hyde

There is good and evil in all of us.
Our conscience tries to keep us on the path of good behavior

The media gave Trump's cult a voice.
His movement was the manipulation of people who ignored their moral compass or conscience and created a mob mentality against a woman who had devoted her life to helping others.

25% of registered voters joined this cult.
25% of registered voters resisted.
50% of voters were too self-absorbed to see the difference.

Now bullying behavior will become the norm in our society because this monster normalized it.
Hate crimes are escalating.
Our society has become so damaged that I doubt it will recover in my lifetime.
It no longer matters what happens politically in the future.
Negative behavior has been rewarded and normalized.

Will those of us who have a strong conscience fall in line and support the monster who ruined our society?  Nope. Never.
I will never respect those who have no conscience.
They made the choice to unleash and empower the evil Mr. Hyde lurking in all of us.  I will cling to others who saw it all unfolding as clearly as I did and ignore the Trump minions and live in my own bubble.

Trump's cult may have won the election but the damage was already done to our society as soon as he entered the primaries and bad behavior was rewarded.

He got his Brexit and I got the solidarity symbol from the Brexit disaster.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Current Suggestions

Both TotalFitnessDVDs and Amazon have the Weight Watchers Ultimate Dance DVD kit with Ilyse Baker for just under $20:

If you order from TotalFitnessDVDs and are not adding anything else to the order, do not use their 10OFF code because it will prevent their free shipping for an order over $19.

If you order from Amazon be sure to use the lower priced listing because they sell the same kit for $24.99 in a different listing.  Wish I had known that and ordered it through Amazon where I had lots of credit and needed more items for free shipping.

This set was released in 2014 and has been discounted at Family Dollar and Walmart but only recently appeared on my radar in a TotalFitnessDVDs newsletter.

Overall, I liked this set even though it had some TIFTTing.
Liked it even more after replacing the audio LOL

Also there is a new 10 minute walking dvd from Jessica Smith: