Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pinned and Proud

This morning I read a Face Book post claiming White women who wore safety pins were hypocrites.   My mind has been racing a mile a minute since.  The poster was painting all White women with a broad brush and even claimed these same women wearing safety pins voted for Trump.  He could not be farther from the truth.  What about the Trump surrogates of color if you are trying to label people as hypocrites??  What about the Black Evangelists who put their gay hate first.  If the groups targeted by hate stayed united and voted, this group would have elected the next POTUS.
Using lies to Divide and Conquer elected this sociopath.

As a White woman using the safety pin as a symbol, it give me some sort of solace that there are others online and in real life who give a damn about diversity and equal civil rights for everyone. It has its risks as well drawing the bullying attention of those who choose negative human behavior.

The people who supported Trump with their votes or abstention must be held accountable.  They should be reminded by every pin online and in real life that they allowed Hate to Trump Love.  Those who feel marginalized including the White women who voted for Clinton have a symbol of solidity to unite them and therefore, a voice in the future.

Even if Trump becomes the very best POTUS ever, I will not respect the people who put him there using a bunch of hate rhetoric and lies and will hold them accountable.  I will not give toxic bullies any of my time or energy or space online to promote their BS.  They destroyed the positive image of America here and in the World as the World grows smaller and smaller because of the internet. 

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