Thursday, July 2, 2015


This morning youtube will not load and play any videos on either browser on either laptop.  Even Chrome seems sluggish, gmail iffy and Blogger took forever to load.
Ironically, Wellvideo works fine except for their embedded youtube videos LOL

This morning I did a couple of Jessica Smith edited files from her 5 mile Walk-On DVD and really enjoyed it, mostly moving to the beat my music with the moves she was demonstrating.  Really enjoyed it and got surprising breathless a few times.   Then I did the first song from one of Lucy's Soul Sweat Celebration (of gay marriage) videos which was quite nice.  The second song looks great for the bungee so will try that one tomorrow.

(hopefully this blog post will load LOL)

OK it seems Google is getting back to normal.
I have been discussing the future of WellVideo with one of its administrators and am hopeful.
Members can use author only storage or friend storage for more private storage.
Just have to find out what the exact storage space will be for private storage.

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