Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Nia Class online video

Just spent a couple of days in AC celebrating my birthday. For the first time in decades, I won on my birthday! Unfortunately the day before we left home I ate something tainted so suffered from food poisoning most of the trip.

Anywho, Nia posted another class online at
This one has a Bone Awareness focus and is led by Kevin.

ETA: For the 2 previous online Nia classes, just click on an appropriate label.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving online workouts

This morning I did a whole bunch of workouts I had downloaded mostly from youtube, starting with athletic cardio on the bungee, then functional fitness with Zenkahuna, then chair stuff from Sit and Be Fit clips and finishing beautifully with a wonderful Gyrokinesis routine from Israel led by a pregnant instructor with an ocean background and nice music:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Loving Zenkahuna!

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Billy Jr. then did the medball chapter from All About Legs then did more Zenkahuna's online stuff using Jillian's club, my Walmart bubble wands with a sliding filler, stretch rope, and Kathy Smith's 5 lb kettlebell and loved all of it. Most of it is joint friendly but if I felt the slightest twinge I did the move without a toy just imagining holding whatever Zenkahuna was holding. Using the club like a sledge hammer worked well with the bungee.

I decided with Zenkahuna, I didn't need the expensive Forza sword workout so one more expensive workout off my shopping list.

Got the workout and laundry done early expecting a maintenance cleaning for our new heating system this morning. We had it installed just about a year ago when the previous boiler sprung a leak. It has saved us alot of $$ in oil so may eventually pay itself off.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New toy combos!

This morning I tried a bunch of new moves with old toys and loved everything!

Warmup was routine following some Billy Blanks, Jr dance on the bungee but then I did some Zenkahuna kettlebell and Indian club routines also downloaded from youtube. Only used a 5 lb kettlebell which worked up a sweat and used homemade XCO trainers for the Indian Clubs. Want to try Indian Clubs again with my sliding filler Walmart bubble swords and Fitstix. Loved how these moves opened up my whole upper body, even better than a massage. It was good I stayed in our high ceiling living room near the bungee for Zenkahuna. Have a bunch of his stuff to try with the Jillian Michaels club I got awhile ago too.
Then I did Mindy Mylrea's All About Legs bonus which uses Gliding Disks. Never did this before because I got the Gliding Disks long after the dvd. Loved this routine! Even the music was special and best of all my right knee liked it. Also want to revisit the medball routine on this dvd.
Finished the workout with a great Barefoot Dancer routine (currently #21). Too bad it pixilated in the last few minutes but the first 3/4 was fabulous.

Here is a peek at #21:

Just a reminder the download through filemail ends for these on 4/1

ETA on Sunday July 15, 2012:
Upon request, I will be uploading another new filemail of the Barefoot Dancer episodes and its link will be posted at

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Body Gospel

At first I tried to warm up on the bungee to some dancing with Billy Blanks, Jr that was online but my right knee started twinging so I switched to the Body Gospel band workout Power & Praise which my knee liked better. Then I did Lee Holden's Qigong for Stress standing chapter and finished with Strong Knees Stretch.

ETA: Did some of Core Force as a spark. Since the dvd isn't chaptered, I dubbed it onto vhs so I could start, stop and resume for sparks.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free Barefoot Dancer and Danskinetics videos

Links to the filemail downloads for The Barefoot Dancer expire 4/1.
Links to the Danskinetics downloads expire 4/11.

For more information including these links and other links to short preview clips:

Nice workout combo again

This morning, I did the rest of the Intermediate Danskinetics cardio on the bungee as a warmup then did some more of Ellen's Grace and Gusto and then did the rest of Body Gospel's Body Revival, some Core Revelation and Stretching in the Spirit. Loving that Body Gospel Music louder option!

Muving Just Right

I really think the key to working out regularly is doing stuff you enjoy.
I like parts of most workouts but if I ever tried to do a single workout from beginning to end without tweaking it to avoid moves I do not want to do, the whole workout gets a dread factor. Also I only like to do about 15 minutes of any single style at a time.

Yesterday I did do a spark, using my walking poles outside till I felt warmed up then I did parts of the bonus Body Gospel Deluxe set. The line dances were ok but I am not a line dance person. The lower body with the bands standing was ok but I am not a mat person. The abs seemed ok but didn't do much because all were done on the floor like the second half of the lower body chapter. Music, however, was great so may use the dvd for freestyling.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Body Gospel

My new focus will be revisiting Body Gospel for only the second or third time since buying it well over a year ago. As a birthday present for myself, I was going to consider buying JB Berns Cardio Karate to try it but know I would only do it once, skipping all planks, etc. and really do not want the whole set so will settle for revisiting Body Gospel instead. At least Kendra Howard is working on a sequel to Planet Motion World Dance so I will buy myself an anniversary present in May instead LOL.

This morning I warmed up on and off the bungee to the middle cardio 10 minutes of Intermediate Dance Kinetics then did the first half of Body Gospel's Body Revival and finished with Ellen's Grace and Gusto warmup as a cooldown. Sweated plenty and feel energized. Really enjoyed all three styles and music. Hope to hit our yard with my walking poles later this afternoon and get some sunshine.

ETA: I just received the bonus dvd from the Body Gospel Deluxe set which plays fine in my dvd player but is the only dvd that my laptop will not recognize in the dvd drive. It seems thicker in the center and doesn't click onto the ring the same way. There are many complaints on the Beachbody message boards about their dvds not playing on laptops. If this is a sample of Beachbody's newer dvds, I will not be buying any from them!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Back from 3 nights in AC and over 35,000 paces walked. Too bad the weather forecast for yesterday was so wrong or would have easily been over 40,000 paces.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free download reminders

Remember there is still time to download 21 different Barefoot Dancer TV episodes and the Beginner and Intermediate Danskinetics from filemail sites where I had uploaded them. For more info, search my blog or click on any of the labels that interest you.

The link for the Barefoot Dancer episodes which also offers a zip file option:

Here are short preview clips of the Barefoot Dancer:

Danskinetics download link is

Here are short preview clips of Danskinetics:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

QiGong on PBS

This morning I warmed up with the 10 minute warmup and first 15 minutes of the cardio from Intermediate Danskinetics, on and off the bungee. Then I did some of Brazilian Butt Lift's Bum Bum and finished with the Flow for Beginner's with Lee Holden which is showing on many local PBS stations recently.

Here's some of the schedule thanks to another VFer:
Monday, March 19 4:00 A.M. Qi Gong Flow for Beginners™ WLIW21
Monday, March 26 7:00 P.M. Qi Gong Flow for Beginners™ WLIW21
Wednesday, March 29 3:00 A.M. Qi Gong Flow for Beginners™ WLIW21

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another nice workout combo

This morning I went right to Barefoot Dancer in our basement because I was doing a laundry and like to stay close to make sure everything is ok and the bungee is in our living room. Once I had a terrible flood in our previous home when the washing machine's hose broke.
Next I did the third *I Do* resistance routine from Kacy Duke's dvd *I Am, I Can, I Do* which has 3 different chapters. I love the third chapter which starts with a neat dowel lift to the side in a plies then rotates the arms and wipes to the other side. Also love the lateral lunge into a kneelift into a curtsy lunge while holding a ball. Then I did Dance 1 and Dance 3 from ZBox while holding Fitstix and finished with Jill Miller's Knee Rehab 1 while sitting on a chair.
I am expecting huge DOMS tomorrow even though I only did one set of *I Do*.

ETA: This afternoon's spark was a 2 mile walk with son, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Really Nice Workout Combo today

First I did the second half of the Beginners Danskinetics cardio, on and off the bungee to warm up. Then I did segment4 and the cooldown from Sole Synthesis Take2. Next the last 11 minutes of Tuttle's Spicey Latin including the cooldown and finished with a Classical Stretch. I sweated throughout and felt well worked, energized and happy in my own skin. Cannot ask for more.

ETA: I just did a strange spark I liked!
Did the clips online for both Gilad's Lord of the Abs Maximum Abs and Forza Samurai Sword Workout, using the sword I made out of a large Walmart bubble wand half filled with rock salt and pennies for a sliding filler. Think I will try to spark with similar workouts and toys.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thai Treasures Slot machine

Because the weather was so beautiful, we did a spontaneous trip to AC and stayed at Showboat since The Borgata didn't have a comped room available. Didn't lose much and all food was *free* and walked the boards. Had a nice quiet room in their Bourbon Tower. All previously problematic joints seem much improved and well aligned after wearing Walkfit Platinum inserts all day.

Sadly, I think Showboat is getting rid of my favorite Thai Treasures slot machine because it was wrapped in plastic this morning. They used to have 5 of them and now are down to just this one. Harrahs only has one left but The Borgata still has 3 of them. That machine was the only one I won on yesterday at Showboat, making it very bittersweet seeing it wrapped up this morning :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Workout this morning

I warmed up with the Beginner Danskinetics and wound up doing more than 30 minutes of it which is rare for me. Usually, I become a clockwatcher about 10 to 15 minutes into a workout. The workout starts with TaiChi type moves. The instructor's personality, unique music and simple moves which follow just hold my attention. Lots of feel good whole body moves that use the core. Lots of bouncier moves which work on the bungee.
There are plenty of Danskinetics downloads available at

Next I did some of Sole Synthesis Take 2 which I am really enjoying. Very effective lower body for both strength and cardio. I get DOMS from doing just one segment and even then, just half the reps. Just want to give a shout out to thank the VFer who gifted me the workout and let her know the dvd found a grateful home.

I finished with some more of Susan Tuttle's Spicey Latin Sensations which is like Zumba-lite. Best part is that it offers a Music only option.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Danskinetics on Filemail

Here it is! Fresh off the presses

All files would fit nicely on a single dvdr using Freemake Video Converter.
Enjoy :)

This link has since expired.
Sorry if you missed the party.


I am planning to upload the Beginner and Intermediate Danskinetics vhs workouts to filemail. Each workout will broken down into separate files for warmup, cardio, and cooldown.

I am uploading a short clip from each here to give y'all a feel for what these workouts are like. These came off a dvdr copy of the original vhs which a VFer had burned for me before my vhs totally died. Quality is far from perfect and there are some occasional lines during play on the aging vhs. However, they are unique and alot of fun with decent music and worth trying.
The instructor is Nateshvar and they were recorded at and sold by the Kripalu Center in Lenox MA in 1986. One was gifted to me by a VFer who knew my interest in unique workouts and the other I had purchased off Ebay after being alerted to its auction through a VFer. If I am mistaken and these vhs are still available to buy, please let me know!

Here are the clips:
Beginner Cardio

Intermediate Cardio

Barefoot Dancer Label

If you want to see clips of the Barefoot Dancer that had been uploaded to this blog, click on the Barefoot Dancer label for older posts that were labeled. Just scroll down to see if her style appeals to you before downloading any episodes from

I am working on uploading clips to this blog and full chapters to filemail for another out-of-print series called Danskinetics. Will try to remember to label these posts accordingly.

more Barefoot Dancer

This morning my warmup was cutting up a pineapple LOL
99 cents at Aldi this week.
I had done a MUVE spark on the bungee yesterday afternoon and may do the same this afternoon.

Then I did Barefoot Dancer #20 and found the cardio chapter was absolutely delightful.
Then I did the standing routine from Lee Holden's QiGong for the Upper back and neck cuz my right lat is still twinging.

If you haven't tried the Barefoot Dancer episodes I had uploaded to, you may be missing out because the filemail links expire at the end of the month and will not be uploaded again unless I receive many requests to do so.
I have been considering uploading some other workouts to filemail because they are out-of-print and absolutely impossible to find to buy so keep your eyes opened if a follower of my blog. I am able to share these videos thanks to a free one year premium account gifted by because of mentioning the service on my blog. I am hoping by showing alot of downloads that will extend my free premium offer because it is great advertising for them. Occasional users can still use their site for free to share files up to 2 gigs for 3 days.

Also I received a nice message thanking me for sharing information about Freemake Video Converter from another VFer who finally was able to burn her downloads onto a dvdr with it. It is quite amazing to see what the Freemake Video Converter can do, much easier and faster than software programs that have to be eventually purchased after a trial period. Unlike, I do not receive anything from Freemake for mentioning them but hope Freemake will continue to develop its wonderful free software as demand for their software grows and they find ways of getting increased funding as the demand increases. Freemake Video Converter wasn't even available till December 2011 so alot of people never heard of it and many hesitate to even try it if they already found other ways to get videos downloaded, trimmed, converted and burned. Others are just afraid cuz usually, when something sounds too good to be true, there is usually a catch. To download free software, there are often many obstacles in finding the right download link, some limitations for the free product, and sometimes, only free trial periods for the expanded product. Freemake is in a class of its own. True you may download other things you could have avoided like their toolbar but you will get the wonderful software to use forever.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still Back and Joint Issues

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE then did some Sole Synthesis Take 2 which worked the lower body nicely without aggravating my knees. Next I did the whole Lee Hold QiGong Lower Back dvd which was a mistake. Yesterday, the upper body routines did wonders for my lat area pain and just aggravated my right hip and lower back alittle. I confirmed what I have always found, the only way for me to work my back is standing because most floor/mat moves for the lower back aggravate my lower back and hips. In other words, stretches for the back when lying and sitting on the floor aggravate my lower back. Every body is different so every back is different.

I did use the balloon roller to loosen up the lower back a bit then did some of Tuttle's Spicy Latin just to get blood flowing again. At least my energy seemed to have returned along with some joint issues after both were gone during my cold.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Colton, Bill, and Sabrina on Survivor part2

I think partially why Colton disliked Bill so intensely is because Bill is everything Colton wants to be but never will be: happy, kind, likeable if not loveable, fun in a nice way, good looking and muscular, charismatic, confident, easily accepted by most, drama free, and so forth. Probably the biggest threat in their tribe as far as personality. Maybe Colton even had an attraction to Bill and wanted him out like little Hantz last season wanted the woman he was attracted to voted out.

Colton has drawn so much hate and Bill so much love that Bill will be a front runner for Fan Favorite. Unfortunately, my favorite Sabrina is being over-shadowed by them. Not only is she the African-American (ironic, huh?) who found the guys' idol and gave it to Colton, making him the Alpha male of his tribe, she is the natural leader of the gals' tribe. She leads with real maturity, walking the delicate tightrope, quietly but firmly. Hope she stays that way.

Muving carefully again

My back was much more tolerable this morning but still sending twinge signals so I worked out carefully. First I warmed up on the bungee to MUVE songs Come on Guys(?), Paulina and Tempted. Tempted had a chair option but I stood on the bungee.

Then I did most of the cardio from Anna Benson's Just Right Cardio which was just right today. Then I did both the sitting and standing routines on Lee Holden's Qigong for the upper back and neck. By the end, most twinging was gone. Keeping the upper back moving in a relaxed way is definitely helping. It is the breathing into the muscle relaxation technique that enabled me to give birth to both sons without medication.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Freemake Video Converter tips

Somebody was confused where a converted to MP4 file was after converting a download so I tried to explain where the file could have gone below. I added in each step taken to convert an online video to MP4 using Freemake Video Converter.

Above is an image I captured which shows what I see when converting a file found online to a MP4 file using Freemake Video Converter. To paste the url, highlight the url of the video and copy it (right click the mouse on the url and click on copy) then click on *paste url*. Just make sure you wait to copy the url for the video you want when it is actually playing, not its preceding advertisement's url. Freemake Video Converter will then list the video. After listing all of the video files you want, click on *to MP4* on the bottom of the screen if you want to download and convert these videos to MP4.

My *save to* folder defaults to the last folder I used for such a task unless I choose a different folder either with the *blue drop down icon button* or the *blue ... icon button* to find another location. I usually create a new folder for each type of download under *My Videos*.

Here is another image which hopefully shows the *save to* part of the screen and its options better:

Once the location is chosen for the converted file(s), click on *Convert*.

If you rather burn the video file(s) directly to a dvdr, you can click on *to DVD* instead of *to MP4*. For my own needs, I usually download the videos converted to WMV and eventually burn them to dvdr when I have almost 150 minutes of footage.
Videos on your hard drive or on dvds can also be converted or burned.
You can also play or even trim the video on Freemake before converting or burning.
Freemake Video Converter is a free software program and can be downloaded at
For more Freemake Video Converter tips on this blog, click on the Freemake Video Converter label. This software was released in December 2011 so it is a very new development and really has been the easiest and most reliable I have tried. Best of all, it is FREE!

Occasionally, I still use RealPlayer to download videos because it is very convenient, especially when I do not want to waste time converting the files and RealPlayer seems to download some files that Freemake cannot yet access. I can then convert or burn the RealPlayer downloads at my convenience with Freemake Video Converter. RealPlayer may also be an option for Mac users since Freemake software is available just for Windows.


Before leaving for AC on Thursday morning, I noticed my right lat area was twingey from the workout done the day before. I put Arnica gel on it which immediately removed the twinginess and thought the problem was resolved until this morning when it really became agitated when packing to leave for home. I have had this sort of injury before and just hope it heals quickly and doesn't prevent me from resuming my workouts tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Colton on Survivor

Well we have a new reality show contestant to hate:
Colton on Survivor.

Words cannot express how horrible he is.
Sadly, he is gay and will be making being gay that much harder for many.

Another nice workout

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to 3 more MUVE songs then did the strength chapter on the Ultimate Workout dvd then the rest of the free Nia class (Ligaments) on their website and alittle QiGong from PBS. Lee Holden's The Flow Continues is being shown on several PBS stations the next few weeks for a pledge campaign.

The Nia website is

The MUVE songs were: Shake It Up, Hello/Bonjour and Walk of Life.
I believe their search engine on their website will find the clips.
Search engine is on

ETA: As a spark today, I did half of Anna Benson's Just Right Cardio which was just right for me as a spark.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Very Nice Workout

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to a few of my favorite MUVE songs ( then did segment 1 from Sole Synthesis Take 2 then Barefoot Dancer 19 and finished with some Nia from the new class that was posted on their website.

It felt great to MUVE again.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Loving Barefoot Dancer

Finally feeling more like my younger/older self after being hit with a nasty virus for 3 weeks. This morning I did some standing abs/cardio on the bungee then I did the Barefoot Dancer episode 17 with the Magician theme. Lots of moves were similar to yesterday's #16. However, the music during its warmup was especially nice. After I have visited them all, I will try to revisit them with alternating the themes more.

Harrahs and its Whales

So Harrahs AC as part of CET, started charging for admission to their previously free Diamond Lounge to lower tiered Diamond players last June with just 2 weeks notice. Supposedly, it was to provide better food which is actually worse now than when it was free at Harrahs' and Ballys' Diamond Lounges. True, Caesars' and Showboat's DL food have improved but their DLs are still empty so few have tried them. Maybe they were trying to motivate lower tiered Diamond players to gamble twice as much to become higher tiered but this change greatly backfired. The reaction of the lower tiered Diamond players was to play and eat less at CET casino resorts and the Diamond Lounges became ghost towns. CET ignored the outrage of their lower tiered Diamonds and some of the higher tiered Diamonds and 7 Stars also realized the brand took away privileges already earned and that the brand couldn't be trusted. Some discovered other places to play like the PA casinos closer to home or The Borgata which is still upgrading all Diamonds to Black Label. Some are waiting for Revel which I strongly doubt will provide gamblers with the generous comps and fast comp dollar accrual that The Borgata has been offering.

Whenever anyone has a complaint about Harrahs on their Facebook page, it is met with personal attacks by the Harrahs *Whales* or those players that drop huge amounts of money in the casino. These Whales have their egos stroked by their hosts, not because the hosts like them but because of the amount of money the Whales drop in the casino. The Whales and Harrahs management have been totally disrespecting the lower tiered players and as a result Harrahs revenues and customers have dwindled while The Borgata's continues to thrive. OK so the Whales may bully lower tiered players into silence on the Harrahs Facebook page but the empty Diamond Lounge speaks volumes about the silent majority of players who went elsewhere.

Personally, if I had the kind of money these Whales drop, I would contribute most of it to charities instead of getting my ego stroked by casino hosts.

ETA: CET last sent out free coupons for their Diamond Lounges in February. It has already been noted that DL admissions have decreased even more in March since nobody received coupons for the month.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

still loving Barefoot Dancer, filemail and Freemake Video Converter

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Core Rhythms then did Barefoot Dancer's Dance 16 with a Magician theme which was absolutely wonderful. I Cooled down with just the warmup from Sole Synthesis Take 2 which was pretty demanding for just a warmup!

If I had to choose just one workout style from my whole collection to do everyday, it would be the Barefoot Dancer's because they have everything: cardio, flexibility, and strength, all done with a variety of feel good moves to awesome music. Sarina supposedly taped 65 episodes over 15 days, 21 of which I am offering as a free download through Most have been trimmed down to about 20 minutes each. Nine other episodes are still available retail through Amazon on her Yoga Dance Earth, Fire and Water dvds. If there were a workout Hall of Fame champion, she definitely deserves the top honors.

Also there are zip files available for a single download at
Sorry but this link has expired.

Although it takes me almost 5 hours to upload these, they do download much faster. Please do not start a zip download unless you have the hour or so needed to complete the download while connected to the internet. I have seen a few people downloading several zip files probably because they do not realize you only need to click on the zip file once then wait till the download is done. The downloaded files will be found wherever your device or browser stores downloaded files. They can be opened/played there, or cut&pasted to wherever you prefer and stored in whatever new folder you create. For burning to dvdr, I highly recommend the Freemake Video Converter available at for its ease and speed. If you download the Freemake Video Converter, you can customize the download to avoid their toolbar. Seven episodes (140 minutes) will fit nicely onto a single dvdr.

If your device doesn't have a player for wmv files, Freemake Video Converter can be used to play and/or convert them. You can also download the very flexible VLC media player. For more info, click on the label for Freemake Video Converter.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toxic Personality Disorders

Almost everyone has had encounters with toxic people in real life and online. The internet really seems to draw the worse out these personalities because of its anonymity. It is almost like road rage. A seemingly nice person becomes a totally different person when sitting behind the wheel of a car. Some behave differently after drinking too much alcohol. Some are just nasty 24/7. After being too involved with people with personality disorders, I have learned to identify them faster and keep interaction at a minimum. I am pretty much a people pleaser but some people do not appreciate that type of personality and just see me as an easy doormat upon which to stomp their feet. I just remove myself, knowing it is their problem and try not to make it mine. If it is a stranger online, it is much easier to ignore, even completely avoid the person. If it is a stranger in real life, the best defense is still flight, not fight because these people may be armed and dangerous.

If it is a close relative, a balanced person has no choice but tolerate the condition as best as possible to keep confrontation at a minimum. It is easier if I remind myself that the person suffers from a mental illness and there is alot of pain inside this person driving them to be nasty.

Another phenomena is when toxic personalities unite or when a strong toxic personality manipulates others to join them creating a mob mentality. When I see somebody else become a victim of mob mentality, I find it much harder to ignore because I care too much about the victim. Too bad we see this mob mentality way too often online and in real life. Even on reality tv shows! Then I have to pick and choose my battles wisely, reminding myself that most people do have empathy and care about others.

ETA: Just discovered Facebook offers the option to block the viewing of posts made by specific people! Ignoring this kind of person just got way easier on Facebook :)

more of the same

This morning I added alittle more intensity and alittle more duration to my workout and sweated alot more than I have in a while but still pooping earlier than I used to. warmed up on the bungee to Core Rhythms, did the second half of The Ultimate Workout cardio, tried alittle of Tuttle's second Spicey Latin workout and finished with Classical Stretch.

I really want to get back to having an afternoon spark but have been feeling too wiped out to try. Hopefully, today will be a better energy day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Barefoot Dancer Download link

Since all of the zip files of The Barefoot Dancer episodes have been downloaded, I uploaded another filemail at
this link has expired
There are 21 episodes which can be burned onto 3 dvdrs if desired.

CET Card Reader

Yet another reason to avoid Harrahs and Ballys in AC which recently replaced their player's card readers. The new cardreaders are horrible and they haven't made ordering drinks easier either according to several reports online.
Takes forever to load the account after the player's card insertion, way too often doesn't ever load the account at all especially at Ballys, and if the cashout ticket doesn't print and come out, the reader cannot always access the account to call an attendent! This happened to me 5 TIMES on Wednesday at Harrahs which was very frustrating. 5 TIMES!!!!!! Usually on my previous hundreds of trips, it happened maybe once every third trip or so.

Thank goodness The Borgata with no slot attendant system has these cashout ticket failures rarely. At least at Harrahs, I could insert my card in the machine next to me to call an attendant.

The Ultimate Workout

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to more Core Rhythms then did the first half of the cardio chapter on Michele Dozois' The Ultimate Workout which was a nice routine, similar to the PeakFits. She is quite good at tweaking and combining old moves to make them feel new. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I did walk over 10,000 paces a day in AC but still have an annoying random cough and need to rebuild my endurance.

Want to give a shout out to the generosity of some VFers.
This morning I received a new workout for just sending some stamps for its postage. The generosity on VF is contagious and I have often sent others a workout as a freebie.

VFers love to share. Already most of the Barefoot Dancer zip downloads I have offered are almost gone as well as most of Dance 1 which is the same as Dance 18. Those late to the party will not have the convenience of the zip file.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nia Class Online
offers another Nia Class online that can be downloaded.
This one has ligaments and tendons as its focus

I hope this trend of posting Nia classes online continues!
Previously there was one with a Muscle Focus:

AC updates

Just before we left for AC for a couple of days, we got a postcard from the Gold Nugget for offers starting 3/1 so stopped there on the way home and were pleasantly surprised by their breakfast buffet which was darn good. I had a BOGO coupon but we easily won more than enough on our $5 free play to pay for the second buffet. Even if not free, ~$13 for a great breakfast buffet is very reasonable.

Once their renovations are done, the Gold Nugget may become the only other AC casino to draw our business other than The Borgata. DH got upgraded to their *Chairman?* tier so we will be able to try their club after earning $20 comp. Earning 5,000 tier points in 6 months is pretty obtainable for us if we want to continue using their club. The casino is too dark and has lots of construction going on but I saw several machines I wanted to play. Really hated yesterday at Harrahs cuz Harrahs has changed alot of their penny slots to a 40 cents minimum and up. I like to play 25 to 30 cents a spin. Also their machines are very tight compared to The Borgata. No wonder Harrahs seemed like a ghost town while The Borgata was packed. Only advantage of staying at Harrah's on nights we cannot get comped at The Borgata would be their proximity to the Gold Nugget. Do not like the parking garage at The Gold Nugget and much prefer to walk there. So will take the Harrahs room for the $13 room fee then not bother to play their slots anymore.

Ironically, the new Revel is not even going to have a buffet!
When it comes to attracting the regular AC recreational gambler with comps:
This is Something The Borgata has mastered,
Something CET has forgotten,
Something Revel may never learn.