Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Handbrake is a neat free program for ripping dvd titles.

download directly from Handbrake:

After installation on a PC: 
Open handbrake and put the dvd you want to rip in your drive. 
Handbrake will recognize the dvd as a source option. 
Click on the dvd as your source and handbrake will open the dvd's titles.
You choose which title you want to rip from the title drop down menu. 
You can guess which one you want by the time/duration since the largest titles are usually the chapters you want.
Next choose your destination folder for the ripped title.
(just make sure output settings is Mp4 not Mkv)
click Start and Handbrake will do its thing.
When it is done, you can choose another Title to rip from the Title drop down menu

For example, a 47 minute workout would take about 35 minutes to rip.
I think Freemake Video Converter is faster but this way you do not have to worry about unwanted advertising and offers.

Blue Mile, FS Praise, and Nia Thighbones

This morning I started revisiting files to which I had added MUsic quite awhile ago.  First, I did Leslie's Blue Mile with music from a cardio cd I had found at a thrift store, mostly on the bungee.  Then I did Karen's Fitstix Praise with 3 Dog Night tunes.  I alternated the floor, bungee and stability ball but held the Fitstix through-out.  It was alot of FUN!

Finished with some of Nia's Awareness of the Thighbones which was much better than I had remembered:
Nia Class Video - Awareness of Thighbones | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

URX 2nd Gay, Perfect Legs, and Manuel

This morning I did some of Gay Gasper's other URX workout which had 4 cardio combos then the Mega workout from Perfect Legs then some moving with Manual to my own music.  Yesterday I did 3 short walking sparks with son but it is raining today :(

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jessica and Manuel

Really enjoyed Jessica's Cardio Abs this morning from the Sportskool VOD but with my own music as well as one of the German routines with Manuel (wellshapedtv), also with my own music. I decided to add an easy routine at the end of my workout session to extend the duration of my morning workout. Manuel is perfect for this.  I used mostly the bungee and stability ball for cardio and the purple Zumba sticks for weights.
Also I have added short walks outside weather permitting throughout the day with our fitness obsessed son.

Ordering that device from Amazon is working very well because my alignment seems much better this morning even though I haven't received it yet because of the holiday weekend LOL

Just as the car seems fine when you finally decide to take it to the mechanic or the tooth stops hurting just as you arrive at the dentist.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

URX with Keli

This morning I did some of a URX with Keli Roberts which started out better than most but again had unnecessary stunts done, many of which would have killed good knees unless done perfectly each time.  Some of the moves worked much better and safer on a stability ball or the good old floor.
Next I did some of Jessica's Indoor Interval Walk/Jog to which I had added MUsic.
Then some Chair Dancing (old VHS) while sitting on a stability Ball.
Then I did some stretching katas from Les Milles Combat and finished with knee rehab 2.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jessica, Gaiam and Jill

Took a break from URX to try Jessica's new Indoor Interval Walk Jog:

Really liked the moves but didn't like that the audio just was playing from the left speakers so will have to download and burn it again in mono.  My knee is much better but even with applying Stopain before working out, the jump squats triggered some discomfort again. I used the bungee for most of it then switched to the stability ball when my knee complained.
Next I did a band workout from Gaiam TV called Tricord.  Gaiam TV is free on demand during a Verizon free marathon special which may be offered by other providers as well.  I think Direct TV has a similar free VOD special this weekend.
Finished with Jill Miller's  Rehab1 chair routine. Yesterday I had done Prehab and Rehab2.  I like these because they recognize a connection between the hip and knee.  I also ordered a device from Amazon that is supposed to help pelvic alignment:

I believe this will help me because lying on a small ball in the right spot often does.  I have had this alignment problem my whole adult life.  When the hip twinge kicks in, just lifting up and out of the hip using my core usually relieves it as well.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Verizon Free Weekend

Today starts a Verizon free preview weekend of most of their premium channels including Gaiam TV.  Go to channel 900 then the free marathon folder.  Good time to catch up on TV series and movies.

This morning I did Gregg Cooke's URX workout without the band and almost immediately rejected it because it started with planks????  However, at the 5 minute mark, he started doing cardio on the rebounder. I liked his moves enough to repeat the combinations he did.  Then I did the rest of Nia's Awareness of the Upper Arm Bone, some BBL High and Tight, and finished with Jill Miller's Knee Prehab and Rehab because I twisted my right knee yesterday, running around like a crazy person shutting windows during a down pour.

When I woke up, I doubted I could workout this morning but tried the *Stop Pain Cold* roll-on which was a drugstore freebie and it worked!!  Arnica gel couldn't numb the pain but this menthol product did.  Hoping the pain doesn't return.  The stuff is supposed to speed healing besides numbing the pain.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

URX Rant continues LOL

I did some of a Gregg Sims URX routine this morning which was a total joke.  He hardly used the rebounder after the warmup, doing some stuff without even a single body part on the rebounder like Plies, Biceps curls and shoulder presses.  The moves he did do using the rebounder made it clear that anyone with any sort of a personal training certification does not automatically know how to use a rebounder.  I liked his previous dvd routines where he tweaked resistance moves to make them feel different.  He lost all of his creativity trying to use a rebounder.
The music was somewhat better than yesterday's Gay Gasper but Gay at least bounced!

Finished with more of Nia's Awareness of the Upper Arm Bone which had better moves on the bungee than Gregg's??  Go figure.

Varzesh on Persianhaha

Both Varzesh routines previously on the persianhaha channel have been newly uploaded!
Many of us were disappointed when the second routine had disappeared.
Hopefully, this means even more coming.

Original upload:
Varzesh - YouTube

two newly uploaded:
Varzesh on DC50CW E1 - YouTube
Varzesh on DC50CW E2 - YouTube

Here's the second routine:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gay and Nia

This morning I did some of Gay Gasper's UR Xtreme workout.  The music was Xtremely bland.  Some of the combos were a bit interesting so I may add MUsic to them. Actually, I liked it more while sitting on the stability ball.  Do not understand why they do so many moves off the rebounder in this series.  My legs are short and if I lunge on and off without smacking the frame, I would definitely injure my knees.

Up to now, I had only tried the Gregg Cooke dvd using bands which I had received in a trade quite awhile ago and never revisited though I liked some of it.  Upon previews of this series, I thought the instructors really knew nothing about rebounding so skipped trying them.  Since I found them online for free, I may try them but very carefully.  Maybe preview the first set sitting on the ball and doing the repeat sets on the bungee if it looks safe.
Here's my previous URX Rant LOL
Keep MUving *Just Right*: URX Rant

Next I did some of the new Nia Awareness of the Upper Arm Bone.
Found the first 27 minutes rather boring as far as music and moves but it did pick up at the 27 minute mark so will try the rest another day.

Both of these workouts reminded me that MUsic is what makes me MUve.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Nia Class

Nia has posted a new Nia Class:
Awareness of the Upper Arm Bone

Nia Class Video - Awareness of Upper Arm Bone | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness

(for a complete list of the Nia Online Classes, check my link to the right)

Jump Rope, Bounce Aerobics, Jess, Qigong

This morning I started with a nice jump rope routine to which I had added MUsic but did it without a rope on the bungee.  This is the original  Jump Rope routine on the Booty Camp TV youtube channel:

Then I did some of Bounce Aerobics TurboKick class and liked its music and some moves but lost interest when the punching choreo got trickier and felt too repetitive.
Then I did some of Bounce Aerobics PiYo and liked some of it.
Their videos can be found on youtube:
BounceAerobics - YouTube

Next I did some of Jessica's Strong Stretch to which I had added MUsic

Finished with some Qigong to which I had added MUsic.
The original videos can be found on Sheng Zhen Society - YouTube

Monday, May 20, 2013

Downloading Websites, mostly for MACs

Instead of downloading and installing download software, there is the option of just pasting the url of the video which you want to download onto a video downloading website which in turn will download the video for you.
Two good examples are and

I believe these websites will work on MACs as well.
You may be asked to give permission to use java because these websites use java scripts.
However, be watchful that you DO NOT click on any advertisements offering other downloads.

Video Grabber may be faster than Savevid and Grabber also offers a conversion option.
Both have a download ad on top of their pages to avoid.
Just paste the url of a video on either to download a video and do not click the DOWNLOAD of an ad.

Most free software downloads will include offers of unwanted software so you have to be vigilant when downloading and installing the desired software.  Many of these download software programs will not work on MACS. Even though I love Freemake products, I am constantly having to reinstall newer versions to access video downloads from various video websites.
Downloading websites like Savevid and Videograbber will update themselves.

There is another website called keepvid but there have been many complaints about them having even more confusing ads.

If you use the Firefox browser, Download Helper is another alternative.

ETA: Video Grabber takes much longer to download a video than Freemake Video Downloader so for Windows OS, Freemake products are worth the effort to download and install.

Jen, Jess, Qigong

This morning I did Jen Edwards Sweat More segments 4 and 5 to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee for cardio and using a heavier Zumba stick for resistance.  Then I did the rest of the original Jessica Dance (Disco) Walk which was ok but will revisit with my own MUsic.  I started on the bungee then switched to the floor then switched to the stability ball.

Finished with more youtube Qigong while sitting on the ball.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jessica, Debbie

This morning I did most of  Jessica's newest youtube videos:
Metabolic Conditioning workout
Stability Ball (Core on the Ball)

I liked them enough to revisit but will prefer to revisit them with some trimming and new MUsic.
Then I did most of Debbie Siebers Cardio Core Express found on Daily Motion.
Just Google *Cardo Core Express Daily Motion* to find it online.
It is a great standing abs routine!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jen, TA, Javpel, and Qigong

This morning I did more of Jen Edwards Sweat More to which I had added music, mostly on the bungee and heavier Zumba stick then did some of Tracey Anderson Arms bonus segments.  If Tracey moved slower, I think her routines would be even more effective plus easier to follow.  I like that they work the upper body and core differently.
Then I did some Javpel with a stability ball
Canal de JAVPEL - YouTube
and finished with various Qigong from the same youtube channel as yesterday's.

All of the above had been burned to the same dvdr so I think I am going to try to revisit all of my burned dvdrs, one at a time, mixing and matching the routines on the dvdr till all have been tried before switching to another.  Will mix in original dvd and vhs routines here and there when the dvdr lacks a routine with the focus I want.  I have dozens of routine I burned but never tried!

Also I am trying to do sparks throughout the day more, especially short walks.My son and I did three short walks yesterday after each meal or snack because of beautiful weather.  If weather is not agreeable will try to use my laptop or HDTV youtube app for an indoor spark.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Freemake Products

I use Freemake Video Converter for just about everything:
downloading videos
ripping videos from dvd
removing audio

However, every now and then, Freemake Video Converter may have trouble downloading from some sites like Daily Motion so then I try Freemake Video Downloader.  I also have used Realplayer, Youtube Downloader and Firefox's Download Helper.

Both Freemake products are free at
BUT be careful to uncheck boxes for other software like toolbars, search engines, homepage defaults, etc.

To download from the Nia blog,  I have found using MSIE as my browser enables the newer videos.

ETA: Another option my be to use for downloading.  They also offer a browser called Torch which may make downloading and viewing of all videos simpler, including Torrents.

Not sure but I believe Freemake Video Downloader may work with MACs even though Freemake Video Converter does not?

If trying to download from Daily Motion, try right clicking the mouse to open another window for the video.

Jen, Jess and Qi

This morning I did the warmup and first Interval from Jen Edwards Sweat More to which I had added MUsic after removing the original audio.  It was very bungee friendly and I used a heavier Zumba stick for the single dumb bell.
Here's a sample of the dvd:

Lurved it with the new MUsic!

Next I revisited some of Jessica's original Dance (Disco) Walk but couldn't enjoy the music because of the sound quality so will look forward to revisiting the routine with new MUsic another day.

Finished with a nice Return to Spring Qigong routine:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nasty People Online and in Cars

I have seen plenty of nasty people online and believe the anonymity of the internet is similar that of being inside a car in enabling aggressive if not bullying behavior.
I, myself, try not to post personal comments on forums, even though a few posters have a need to attack me.
A gal on VF recently started a thread about nasty drivers who yell out nasty remarks to her even when she is walking with her husband. Why?  Why do these people not respect other people?  They are just sucking in good air while trying to suffocate others around them.  I really hope Karma is a bitch.

Anywho, I started to appreciate my own neighborhood much more so will be taking several short walks a day.  That's turning lemons into lemonade.

Jessica, WendyIda, Bellyfit, and Qigong

I started this morning's workout on the bungee using part 2 and 3 of Jessica's Indoor Jogging to which I had added MUsic

Then I did the 8 minute workout on the Wendy Ida Fountain of Youth which had way too many plank moves to revisit plus the nice standing warmup on her Sexercise chapter.  So I will revisit the Level 3 and Sexercise warmup on disk 2.  Here's some excepts:

Then I did some of Bellyfit Fire:

and finished with a nice youtube Energy routine which has since been removed from youtube :(

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WendyIda, Jessica and Yodates

This morning I did WendyIda Fountain of You Level 3 and really enjoyed alot of the bungee friendly moves. Wendy is by herself and I think her personality shines more.  This routine made the dvd set a definite keeper for me.

Then I did some of Jessica's Indoor Jogging routine to which I had added MUsic alternating on the bungee and stability ball.

Tried some Yodates sitting on the ball but stopped when I felt a new twinge in my mid back and did some Body Balance from youtube instead.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wendy Ida and Jessicas

This morning I did the Wendy Ida Level 2 with her cuing.
Again the cuing and camera angles didn't help much so will try it with music only next time and probably add my own music.  I did all of the cardio on the bungee and held Fitstix throughout, modifying the planks to something upright.  Most of the cardio is perfect for the bungee so the set is a keeper for me.

Then I did the second part of Jessica's Ballet Body Sculpt routine to which I had added African drums.
Then I did her 2 in 1 Toning with Music added and planks removed, mostly sitting on the stability ball

Jessica's original at

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is more significant to me than being a day to honor mom.
Most past Mother's Days were spent trying to please my own mother up to her death which was an impossible venture.  It finally evolved into *My Day* just in recent years.

A search on this blog for Mother's Day explains that it is the official double anniversary day for my starting regular exercise and for starting this blog.  In other words, It is the day I started taking care of myself, mostly to be as healthy as I can be for the rest of my life to be there for our younger son for as long as possible without being a burden.  Though weightloss was my original focus, it has shifted towards enjoying mostly healthy food and muving to feel good instead of fighting Mother Nature.

I have two totally opposite sons and will probably never have a grandchild.
Our older son is gay and  prefers doing what he enjoys rather than spending much time communicating with or visiting family.
Our younger son may never be independent of us, financially or socially.
Then again, he may decide one day to have a fuller life in spite of his anxiety and neurological disorders (OCD and undiagnosed Asperger's).

There was one Mother's Day our older son treated us to a Broadway show and dinner in NYC but I have another city I prefer to visit :)
It's a beautiful day for walking.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wendy Ida Fountain of You

This morning I started with Wendy Ida's Fountain of You Level 1 with Wendy's cuing which immediately confirmed I didn't need the cuing.   She rarely explained what she was doing or what the next move would be and the camera angles were often no help either. This would definitely turn off alot of exercisers who play Follow the Leader when moving.  Overall, I like the moves and could do all of Level one on the bungee with Fitstix. Since I am constantly modifying, I didn't have a problem moving and will be adding my own MUsic eventually because it is a nice 18 minute short and sweet routine with no dread factor.  I doubt this dvd set will be popular because most exercisers show little interest in my videos with MUsic only and prefer cuing according to the statistics on my youtube channel.

Next I revisited the first part of Jessica's Ballet Body Sculpt workout to which I had added African MUsic.
Jessica's original was downloaded immediately by me and now hers has more of the upper part of the frame cutoff.  As a result, my African version shows more of the upper frame than the original on the jessicasmithtv channel.

I finished my workout with more German Bellicon videos to which I had added MUsic.

ETA: I am making myself the perfect Mother's Day gift by adding MUsic to Wendy Ida's routines and using Broadway music suggested to me by our son who went through the effort of sending me a list of lesser known tunes to check out that he used to jog to at the gym.

Friday, May 10, 2013

TBTV, Jessica, and Bellicon

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to my MUsic added version of the second half of TaeBo TV's Basic #4 which was shown as a pay-per-view many years ago.  Then I did the rest of Jessica's Ballet Burn to which I had added MUsic to the cuing and enjoyed it.  Yesterday I had added different MUsic to all three parts after removing the cuing so still have that style to visit for comparison.  The Broadway music in parts 2 and 3 were suggestions by my son who loves Broadway musicals.

Then I did the winner of the day, a Bellicon routine done by a German instructor on youtube to which I added MUsic:
original routine

I really like the moves and timing of this instructor.
Cuing is not much help if in another language so replacing the whole soundtrack with MUsic transformed the routine for me.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

FS Fusion, TBTV and Jessica

This morning I did the routines led by other instructors from Fitstix Fusion to which I added MUsic on the bungee and with Fitstix.  It was quite wonderful.

Just want to mention a few things.  First of all, empty large Lays or Pringles chip cans make good Fitstix substitutes. I partially filled mine with rocksalt but you can use any sliding filler like sand, kosher salt, etc.  Also the large bubble wands at Walmart can make wonderful substitutes and offer a built in handle! Just empty them and let them dry before adding sliding filler. Both the caps of chip cans and wands can be securely closed with duct tape.
Joy Fitstix and dvds are available through the Fitstix store:
Fusion was worth every penny for its 2 hours of footage.
The other dvds can be found cheaper, mostly in Chritstian stores online and in real life.
Fitstix saved my upper body joints, especially elbows.

Second of all, if you want to try any of my video files, I can share them privately on dropbox.  Send an email to me ( requesting an invitation to dropbox.  In return for adding to our dropbox capacities by opening a dropbox account and installing dropbox from the link I send you, I will upload any files I have readily available of your choice.  I did save most of the MUsic added video files I had uploaded to youtube but then later decided to delete from youtube.

After the Fusion routines, I did some TBTV (Basic 4 from March) to which I had added MUsic.
Lurved it!!  TaeBo TV was only available for 3 months as pay-per-views a long time ago.
OK I admit I never even did all of the MUsic added routines I had uploaded to youtube!!
Just too many workouts to try all of them.

Then I tried the first part of Jessica Smiths Full Barre Ballet Burn video to which I had added MUsic but decided to change the MUsic I had added because it didn't click for me.

Jessica had just uploaded the original yesterday:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Karen, Jennee, Jessica

This morning I did some more of Fitstix Fusion to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee.  Really got into it and was sweating profusely.  Also think I got a bit of an endorphin high!
Next I did the Cardio Ballet and Ballet Sculpt from Ballet Blast.  I didn't care for the ballet cardio but did like the sculpt.  However, not worth holding a dvd for 10 minutes of sculpting I may never revisit again.  The music is very good on this dvd but the moves just aren't *me*.

I finished with the rest of Jessica's Belly Walk to which I had added MUsic.
I couldn't help but compare it to the previously tried Ballet Blast with Belly Walk coming out far ahead in the fun factor.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Karen, Jennee, and Jessica

This morning I did more Fitstix Fusion to which I had added MUsic on the bungee.  Really ejoyed both the MUsic and the moves.

Then I did the warmup and first section (Plies) from Jenee's Ballet Blast.  The music was great and there were some good moves but overall not really fun.  I am hoping for more of a fun factor when I tried the cardio ballet section.

Finished with more of Jessica's Belly Walk to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee and the last few minutes on the stability ball.  Ironically both the Fusion and Belly Walk included tunes by Green Day.
I believe I aerobically worked mostly the upper body with Fusion, lower body with Ballet Blast and core with Belly Walk.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Karen, Jessica and Ryan

This morning I started with some of  Karen Joy Allen's Fitstix Fusion to which I had added MUsic. I began on the bungee but switched to the stability ball because something funky was going on with my right heel which feels much better now after Arnica gel and working out.
Next I did some of Jessica's Belly Walk to which I had added MUsic.
Finished with some of Ryan Shanahan's bonus from his Kettleworx Sucks Cardio youtube video found on his Ryan Raw channel.  I had trimmed off the first 5 minutes of talking and added MUsic. It is a nice bungee friendly AWT routine.  Video is no longer on youtube :(

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mallett with MUsic, youtube, and Jessica

This morning I did the first 3 circuits from Tracey Mallett's Cardio Melt on the bungee but had added my own MUsic.  Then I did some weird Asian light weight routine, Val Waters single dumb bell routine, and a Bellicon freestyle, all found on youtube.  Did some sitting on a stability ball and some on the bungee.  Used a heavier Zumba Stick for the single dumb bell.

Here's the Bellicon routine which had interesting MUsic:

Finished with Jessica's Relax and Restore to which I had added Irish MUsic.

all youtube videos enabled embedding and Jessica is OK with me adding MUsic to her Living Room routines.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Manual and Jessica

This morning I continued what I had started yesterday.
First I did the rest of the German Manual video with Beatles MUsic on the bungee then I did the rest of Jessica's Cardio Flow to which I had added Reggae MUsic and some of the Cardio Dance Sculpt to which I had added Broadway MUsic, both routines originally from the Total Body Balance dvd.

Manual's routine really worked the upper body well without weights and while healthbouncing.  When my upper body had enough I would do my own cardio on the bungee till the next move I wanted to follow.
I used the stability ball whenever my right hip and lower back felt tight.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mallett, Bellicon, alittle Manual and Jessica

This morning I did circuit 4 and the whole routine of Tracey Mallett's Dance Fuse Cardio Melt Interval routine on the bungee except for some ballet moves then did the third circuit on the second workout with Fitstix but stopped for the rest of the workout which was done on the mat/floor.  That gal on the Borgias kneels for no man and I kneel for no instructors LOL
Next I did what may become one of my favorite bungee routines.  I had added MUsic to the Bellicon Dance Party. WOW did this rev my old engine!  What took me so long to try this video file??
The original routine:

Imagine doing the above to Kung Fu Fighting and Maroon5 tunes :)

Then I did alittle of one of the German ( youtube routines led by Manual to which I had added Beatle instrumentals then forced myself to leave Manual to switch to Jessica to prevent Hell from freezing over again.  I have added alot of my favorite MUsic to routines by Manual found on - YouTube

Last but certainly not least, some of  Jessicas Total Body Balance Cardio Flow to which I had added Reggae MUsic and lurved it.  I ended up doing it while sitting on a stability ball.

You can purchase the whole Total Body Balance dvd from Jessica, TotalFitness dvds or Collagevideo.  It is perhaps one of the best dvds I ever purchased.

 As much as I liked Cardio Melt, I know I will like it much more with my own MUsic.  There is just something about adding MUsic that makes me want to MUve more. My blog offers alot of tips of how to add MUsic to workouts.

The embedded youtube videos above enabled embedding.
The fair use samples above are to illustrate how much better a routine can be with different MUsic.
I am not gaining economically from my editing of workout video files which are for my own private use nor interfering with the sale of workouts for copyright owners. If a copyright owner thinks otherwise, I will immediately remove any of the embedded videos upon request.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mallett Cardio Melt and Jessica

This morning I did the first 3 circuits of workout1 (intervals) and the first two circuits of workout2 (light weight circuits) from Tracey Malletts Fuse Dance Cardio Melt.  The warmup didn't click for me but it got much better immediately when the first circuit started. The first 2 circuits were bungee friendly and even stability ball friendly. The third had more ballet so was done standing off the bungee but the plies worked with the stability ball.
I liked the weighted moves too and held my Fitstix even through the unweighted moves.  It was like an Ellen but the number of reps were more reasonable and offered more variety in the moves.  The opening punching sequence reminded me of Piloxing.

Overall, I liked the moves alot but couldn't lurve the dvd because the music didn't really click for me so after I do all of the circuits with the cuing, I may replace the soundtrack or add music.

Next I did the first half of Jessica's chair workout to which I had added Irish MUsic and used a band instead of a towel and a stability ball instead of a chair.

 My abs are speaking to me now and I sweated profusely during and after all of the routines this morning.  While loosened up, I washed our living room windows LOL

The embedded video for Cardio Melt is from a highly recommended vendor who sells the dvd so I am not violating any copyrights but actually offering free advertising.
Jessica had permitted me to add MUsic to her chair routine.