Friday, December 31, 2010


I warmed up with some Anna/Ravi then did the first mile of the Biggest Loser Power Walk while holding Fitstix, on and off the bungee. Really liked it! Hope I like some of the other 3 miles. Then I did the Caribbean workout's Dance Stretch, some Qigong for Healing and finished with Classical Stretch. I woke up feeling very achy but feel much better now :)

ETA: just did a spark using the Biggest Loser Power Walk mile 2. Really liked Fioni. Wish he had inserted more of his dance moves :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Another great workout combination :)

I revisited some Caribbean workouts and did some of their rebounding then their chiball workout and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I did some Qigong for healing and finished with Classical Stretch. Even though most of the above sounds gentle, I felt them with my previous DOMS.

yesterday I had 3 sparks: split the Exercise TV Jane Fonda workout into 2 and did some snow removal.

ETA: just did a really fun spark: a cardio segment from a Ravi/Anna yoga dvd which had great music, some fun moves and very bungee friendly

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 was a good year!

OK my weight is still plateaued but my fitness is much improved as I reach the end of 2010.

I have 3 results that are making me extremely happy:

just did alittle snow shoveling and for the first time in 3 years, not a twinge in either elbow (thank you Fitstix!).

have been revisiting ignored favorites lately and finding my cardio endurance much better than when I first tried them. No breathlessness and no need to pause.

Lastly, since using Walkfit Platinum inserts I can walk and walk and walk without any joint, foot, or back pain.

Never thought I would see such healing and cardio improvement at the age of 61.

Mindful exercise is definitely a fountain of youth for me.

Happy New Year Everyone :)

ETA: another element in all of these improvements may be a result of the bungee rebounder. Probably managing joint pain enabled the increase in cardio endurance and who knows, this may all eventually enable a weightloss.


This morning I warmed up with Cardiopilates on the bungee then did half of the Bodymix Basic Aero-chi workout. One of the best advantages of being a vidiot (person who collects workout videos) for over 10 years is that I got to collect alot of rare workouts, many that are out of print and some, such as Aero-chi released before their time. If released today, many would be big hits. Then I did the standing portion of Keeping Fit Pilates which worked the upper body and core with a band and finished with another new-to-me Classical Stretch even though the outfit and scenery were familiar, the routine was not.

ETA: also wanted to note that I am finding my cardio endurance better now at the age of 61 than it was when I was first trying these older workouts!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with 10 minutes of Resistance Bound then did the rest of Nia's Unplugged and the rest of the upright segment of Yodates and finished with some Classical Stretch.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Yikes we got pounded with snow and it is way too windy and cold to start trying to dig out. Don't think dh will even try to get any groceries till Weds or even Thurs so I canceled our next AC reservations. Besides, AC got pounded too so their uncovered parking lots which we prefer to multi level garages will be shut down.

During this morning's workout, I revisited a couple of my favorite workouts cuz the thought of being shut in indefinitely was creating some anxiety. I did the first half of Nia's Unplugged which felt completely new to me cuz I try not to revisit it too often fearing burnout. LURVED it :) Then I did the first 18 minutes of Yodates after reviewing the tips and was so busy trying to focus on form that it had no fun factor for me and in spite of focusing on form, my hips and knees were not happy with it. Think I am better off doing it my own way and not trying to follow the instructor's techniques. Then I did some of Anita's Strength and Grace using homemade XCO trainers and finished with a wonderful Classical Stretch which seemed totally unfamiliar to me. I think I taped this season for a friend who later returned the tape to me and I never did it, thinking it was one I already did!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday and a real workout high

Every once in awhile, I have a workout that makes me feel like I am on the top of the world and this morning's workout was just such a workout :) I started with the warmup and first two cardio songs from Keeping Fit Cardio. That first cardio song is now officially my favorite song and workout routine. I just love it and it so energized me that the energy continued throughout the rest of the workout on a gloomy looking morning with blizzard-like conditions being forecasted. I did the warmup on the bungee then the cardio songs with Fitstix.

Then I did the 3rd level of Greggains' Holiday workout, the intense cardio on the bungee and the weights with Fitstix and the transitional on the floor without Fitstix and liked this routine so much more than when doing it while still energized. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow LOL

Then I finished the cardio and bonus chapters of Martial Fusion Rockin Body but skipped the yoga and did a nice Classical Stretch. I am really enjoying these 2005 recorded Classical Stretches which may have come from her second season but not sure.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thurs-Saturday Merry Christmas

I walked over 10,000 paces on Thursday and Friday and 6,000 today.

Just did a spark with the second 20 minutes of Martial Fusion Rockin Body, first 10 on the bungee and rest on the floor with Fitstix. It was easy to follow without much thinking so good for moderate intensity steady state cardio with no impact or high intensity intervals. I would describe it as a kickboxing version of a walking workout and would probably skip the first 10 minutes of the cardio in the future to avoid the repetition of the first couple of blocks. Or maybe use the Shadowboxer belt for the first couple of blocks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some youtube downloads called Body Blitz which were a nice change. The instructor likes to toss in some extra hip wiggling and the music was Reggae. Then I did the rest of Keeping fit Pilates (still not a mat fan but did most of the routine anyways). Then I wanted more cardio so did the first two intensities of Greggains' Holiday workout on the bungee with Fitstix. Finished with a wonderful Classical Stretch I had taped in 2005. Its second song sounded like one from the musical *Once on this Island*. What is odd about these tapings is they have workouts done both in FL and Jamaica.

ETA: I received my Huff and Buff giveaway dvd: Martial Fusion Rockin Body. So I decided to try some in a spark. It has a pumping soundtrack but the moves are repetitive. I did do 20 minutes and sweated without feeling like I worked hard. Will have to struggle with the dvd player next time getting to the cardio halfway point where I left off cuz the chaptering wasn't quite as detailed as it could have been. It was bungee and Fitstix friendly and I can just do my own thing when the repetition gets to me. May also try it with my Shadowboxer belt. There is a bonus chapter without music which I may try and a floor stretch which isn't my preferred way to stretch so will probably skip.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Marina Kamen's youtube high energy workout. Yesterday I did her rebounding dance workout as a spark. Then I did the rest of Keeping Fit Strength as well as alittle of its 2 bonus workouts, using XCOs but using a band instead of dumb bells or XCOs for some strength moves in Petra's Step by Step then some Michael Carson's Get Sexy with a heavier XCO and finished with Classical Stretch. Still have intense butt DOMS!

Monday, December 20, 2010


This morning I started with the rest of Keeping Fit Cardio on the bungee with Fitstix then did some of its 2 bonus workouts (Cardio for Beginners and Cardiok Kicks). Then I did alittle more bungee bouncing with Maria Kamen's youtube clips, a couple of chapters of Keeping Fit Strength with XCOs but using my butt as little as possible cuz of intense DOMS. Finished with Classical Stretch. There were some moves I will definitely revisit to try when my butt DOMS weaken.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I did some of Keeping Fit Cardio, Strength and Pilates and finished with some Classical Stretch.

The cardio was ok but the songs didn't click as strong for me as the first cardio song.

The Strength felt like cardio to me and just worked the lower body more intensely with mostly compound moves that were XCO trainer friendly. Music was pretty good too.

The Pilates started with the same wonderful standing upper body and core band routine that was on the free download and the plies even felt aerobic. Some of the mat was ok, especially the moves that worked the lower abs and some not so ok (too many curl ups which I will not do) but the music kept me going LOL

Overall, the instructor gives some great tips to help get the most out of the routines safely.

Am expecting major DOMS tomorrow and hope to finish off the rest of the cardio dvd as a spark later today (did 2 sparks yesterday from the cardio dvd) and get to the rest of the other two dvds when my expected DOMS fade.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some Smart Bounce on the bungee then did the second half of Keli Roberts' Knockout Shadowboxer Extreme and left the belt on for some cardio intervals from Ellen Barrett's Express Belly Blast which worked well together.  Then did some more of Ellen's cardio with Fitstix and then switched to a homemade XCO trainer for her strength segment and then some Michael Carson's Get Sexy with the XCO trainer.  Ended with some Classical Stretch.

Of course, I spent much of my workout session trying to locate some of these workouts.  (I really hate it when I lose alot of steam trying to find a workout which happens more often than it should)

ETA: This morning started out with lots of frustration but ended very well :)  I found the most elusive workout which had fallen behind my upright freezer and soon afterwards, the Keeping Fit order from Amazon arrived.  I had ordered it 2 weeks ago and it took over a week for it to be shipped and I was given an incomplete tracking number so was wondering if and when I would ever get it.  Just did the warmup and first cardio and lurve it!!!  It is simple to follow but much more interesting than most hilo and walking workouts with some unique moves and a decent soundtrack.  Think I may do a spark every couple of hours today :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weds to Friday

Walked plenty and slipped alittle on unexpected ice and snow in AC LOL

Greg on TV!

Sundance has a show *Girls who like Boys who like Boys*
In ep 4, our son Greg is shown a few times during a speed dating scene about 10 minutes into the show and says
" I am looking for the future father of my children"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some of Donna Richardson's original Sweatin in the Spirit on and off the bungee with Fitstix.  Then I did some of Barre3 from Exercise TV but not all of the reps cuz want to be able to move tomorrow with minimal pain. Then I did the healthbounce part from Smart Bounce and finished with some Classical Stretch.

I got some news, both bad and good.  The good news is I broke through my plateau!  The bad news is that the change is in the wrong direction.  Yup in spite of walking alot and eating healthy and stopping before full, my weight and measurements are up.  Hopefully, it is just water retention.

ETA: The amazon vendor finally shipped the Keeping Fit set!  (only took an extra week than it should have)

Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning, I warmed up with some Billy Blanks, Jr. from Exercise TV then did the first 5 rounds of the Shadowboxer Extreme and left the belt on for the second Get Sexy's Arms which worked very well with the belt.  Then I did some Brazilian Butt Lift's Cardio Axe with Fitstix and finished with some Classical Stretch.

Again I am very impressed with the Shadowboxer workouts with Keli Roberts and the belt can definitely be used with other workouts.  It is a real steal on amazon at ~$15.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thurs - Sunday

Walked alot thanks to both the Walkfit Platinum inserts and Arnica gel.  Thanks to the inserts, I had absolutely no foot or joint pain with the excessive walking.  Then last night, I really banged my ankle hard against the bed frame in the hotel room but grabbed some Arnica gel as quickly as possible and the instant excruciating pain disappeared and never returned. 

Meanwhile, the dang amazon vendor never shipped the Keeping Fit 3 dvd set and Amazon hasn't charged my credit card yet.  I saw the same vendor list the set for $6 more so believe he has it in stock and don't know if he intends to fill my order or not.  Recent feedback indicates that this behavior was seen by another customer for another order.  His feedback rating has slipped dramatically the past week so guess he doesn't care about it anymore.  If he doesn't respond favorably to an email that amazon arranged for me to send, I will try to cancel the order through amazon and maybe try another vendor or just patiently wait for a trade through VF.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First I did Greggains' Classical workout though I did the abs standing and just the first part of the mat legs on the bungee.  The warmup and aerobic numbers are really great but way too short so will use them as sparks and warmupsm hopefully more often.  Major difference in my energy this morning. The moves are bungee and Fitstix friendly and can be done fine without either too.

Then I did some Michael Carson's lower body from the second Get Sexy.  Definitely prefer the first Get Sexy cuz it uses a medball more.  May consider trading this dvd after doing the upper body one more time.

Then I did the Express workout from Kelli Roberts Knockout Shadowboxer set with the Shadowboxer belt.  Again very bungee friendly.  Forgot how great this set is! I noticed many of the moves seemed similar to those on the Core Transformer clips so am getting less interested in caving for the Core Transformer kit since I really like the Shadow Boxer belt alot.  Haven't done this set much since my elbows went bad, doing most kickboxing with Fitstix to let my elbows heal.  Now just about fully healed,  my elbows handled it very well.

Finished with Classical Stretch (really enjoying this old tape I dubbed from PBS during a season in Florida).

wow saw this set on sale at amazon for an amazing price

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


For a warmup, I moved stuff around in my basement so the wall with our circuit breakers would be clear for an electrician coming to check it out and do some upgrading.  The warmup took about 40 minutes LOL Then when I started to do Greggains' Classical Workout I felt hypoglycemic so decided to eat a light breakfast.  After breakfast, I did Greggains' Holiday workout, mostly on the bungee with Fitstix then some Qigong.  Also used our gizelle-like apparatus cuz trying to oil out its squeaks.  Well the squeaks are still there as well as the smell of the lubricating oil. :(

Monday, December 6, 2010


This morning, I finally revisited the Lucky Vanous with Kacey Duke workout.  Why did I wait so long??? and hope I revisit it much sooner next time.  Very bungee and Fitstix friendly cardio and the weights worked well with my homemade XCOs and the weighted segments seemed to continue to be aerobic with mostly stepping in place so really the whole workout can be considered AWT. The cardio definitely works the lower body too. Very good visual and audio quality even though vhs.  Can easily adjust the intensity and impact (bungee) to whatever my mood and focus are. As usual, I skipped the abs on the floor LOL

Then I did the Arms chapter from Michael Carson's second Get Sexy dvd and used a heavier XCO trainer (rocksalt and pennies in a fat plastic bottle)  instead of a medball.  It worked the core and upper body with a medball and bands.  Finished with Classical Stretch.

Yesterday's visit with son went very well.  In fact, he is considering crashing here during some of his future stateside visits in the future since his NYC apartment lease is ending this month.  He brought his laptop to make sure he could get an internet connection (we have FIOS)  so he could work from here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


One of those spontaneous bits and pieces of workouts done this morning.

First I warmed up with some Billy Blanks, Jr. from Exercise TV.  His newer stuff lacks the music and choreo of Cardioke.  Some of the moves are OK but his pleasant personality just cannot make up for what the newer stuff is lacking IMHO.  Then I did some Zumba from youtube on the bungee with Fitstix.  Next I did the second half of Burn&Firm on the airstepper which also used bands. Also did alittle more Cardio FX but stepped up and down my step when he was doing stationary upper body and used my Fitstix to work the same upper body muscle groups.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.  Not sure if I will get a spark in today or not cuz our son who currently spends most of his time working in London is visiting us.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This morning I warmed up with the Acacia free clip of Keeping Fit Cardio and wish it were longer. It was very bungee and Fitstix friendly with decent music.  Then I did some of Ellen's Slim Sculpt with my homemade XCO trainers instead of dumb bells, some of Lee Holden's upper back/neck, and some Gin Miller's Stick.

ETA: after checking out some reviews and clips in addition to the ones Acacia offered for free, I caved and ordered the whole Keeping Fit with Andrea Metcalf  3 dvd set from an Amazon vendor.  Really liked the soundtrack, moves and instructor and may even try the mat stuff on the Pilates dvd which I usually skip.

ETA: I just did a 12 minute spark on the airstepper from Burn&Firm.

Friday, December 3, 2010


This morning I warmed up with an aerobic dance led by Margaret Richards and since she was wearing one pound gloves, I used my Fitstix :)  Then I did the first 20 minutes of Cardio FX using my homemade XCO trainers instead of dumb bells.  Next I did some of the Tai Chi in Flow Motion. Finished with some old Classical Stretch which sounded new thanks to my new stereo vcr :)  I used only vhs for this morning's workout session.

During parts I didn't want to do I healthbounced, jogged and jumproped on the bungee with Fitstix.

ETA: I just did a 30 minute spark using George Foreman's Express Walk holding Fitstix most of the time, some on the bungee.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This morning I revisited Bellyfit Earth a bit but it wasn't clicking for me so will try again another time. Then I did some downloaded clips and workouts including the clip of Core Transformer which I almost bought previously but am now hesitating cuz heard it was repetitive and can do the moves from the clip, some Zumba on the bungee while holding Fitstix and some Keeping Fit from Acacia's daily workouts that had routine cardio hilo and some good moves with a band.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

ETA: Just did a Bellyfit Earth spark which clicked better so it was my lower energy level this morning that probably prevented me from getting into it.

ETA: I have since revisited the cardio from Keeping Fit and really liked it on the bungee with Fitstix, especially the soundtrack so caved and ordered the whole shebang.  Guess I really had low energy the morning I first tried the above!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sunday through Tuesday I walked about 8 miles.

This morning I did the cardio chapter of Trudie Styler's Cardio Dance Flow, some on the bungee then 2 circuits from an old old old vhs Buns of Steel 10 with Leisha Hart which alternated step cardio and bands.  I used stacked floor mats instead of a step cuz was workingout barefooted and held Fitstix during the simple step cardio.  Finished with some of the foam roller stretch from Cardio Dance Flow.  May use either workout as a spark later, either the warmup and/or Express from Cardio Dance Flow or the 3rd circuit from Buns of Steel10

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This morning I did the rest of African Healing Dance, blessing my new $3 vcr with stereo sound
Some was done on the bungee and some off. During the freestyle, I also held Fitstix.
Then I did Jackie's Xtreme Timesaver, doing just 30 seconds of each move and jogging on the bungee during her second 30 seconds. Used my homemade XCOs instead of dumb bells. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

This was the first Thanksgiving I spent in AC, letting their buffets do the cooking and cleanup! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I revisited some of ELLE Make Better I had taped from Exercise TV but before I had done as much as I had planned, I started reorganizing the basement cuz the wiring of my electronics and piles of workouts around the plugs were a mess and I had to free one of the cd players for my son without having any of the workouts falling and getting lost or damaged. 

Anywho did enough of the toning one to be reassured that I did want the dvd so some of my mission was accomplished LOL

ETA: well one thing led to another today LOL

I found 2 vcrs with front stereo jacks at a thrift store for $3 each.  Neither had a remote but figured it was a great price.   Got them home and both worked well, even less finicky than most of my other vcrs when playing some questionable tapes  so I bit the bullet even further and replaced two vcrs with them, including my workout vcr with the broken eject button and finicky jacks.  Am actually chucking that vcr in the next garbage pickup just so I don't get confused and hook it up again.  Have plenty of spare vcrs without it  :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


I did the rest of Boogie Down the Pounds and again found most of the movements very Fitstix friendly.  Then I did the first half of TaeBo Amped Live and found it worked better with my Fitstix and homemade XCO trainers than the bar I made out of 2 bubblewands partially filled with rocksalt then duct taped at the handles.  Did some more African Healing Dance and finished with Classical Stretch.  Some of the above were done on the bungee which gives most of the moves a completely different feel.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This morning I warmed up with the next 3 songs from Richard Simmons Boogie Down the Pounds on the bungee with Fitstix then did the rest of The Firm's Transfirm your Trouble Zones using my Kettlenetics kettlebell and the bungee for the power intervals. Then did some of Joannie Greggains' Classical Workout which was better than remembered because of the nice loud Classical music.  Warmup was good with Fitstix and the aerobics were good with Fitstix on the bungee.  Also did  the barre using a chair and my own routine on the rebounder during her mat abs.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I did do alittle walking outdoors yesterday going to a neighborhood estate sale.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weds-Fri & Saturday

Walked plenty Weds through Friday.

This morning I warmed up with the first 3 songs from  Richard Simmons Boogie Down the Pounds on the bungee with Fitstix then did much of The Firm's Transfirm your Trouble Zones using my Kettlenetics kettlebell.  Both workouts were so much better than remembered!  Short on time this morning so skipped a Classical Stretch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I didn't sleep well last night cuz lots of aches just kept me from feeling comfortable.  Took an arthritis sleep medication which helped but wore off, leaving me feeling the same. So since I was sleep deprived and still achy, I chose to do just the first 30 minutes of African Healing Dance.  Started out on the bungee but felt unsteady so switched to the floor and tried to get an inner massage from it.  Definitely felt better afterwards but now heading for a long hot bath.  May do more of African Healing Dance as sparks later.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This morning I did Piloxing except for all of the reps and none of the mat abs then some Classical Stretch.  Again, I found Piloxing very Fitstix friendly and the higher impact stuff worked well on the bungee.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This morning I did the cardio from Amy Dixon's Give Me 10 on the bungee while holding Fitstix then did its kettlebell bonus with a homemade XCO trainer.  Next I did Richard Simmons' Tonin to the Oldies band workout and finished with some Classical Stretch.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weds-Fri & Saturday

Walked plenty in AC Weds through Friday :)

This morning, I did the Cardio from the petal mat dvd (really like this routine!). First 10 minutes I did with a lower body focus then the second 10 minutes with Fitstix upper body focus and healthbouncing. Next I did some of Jillian's Shred It Level 1 with my rocksalt bottle LOL Then the second workout from Tuttle's Standing Pilates and finished with some Classical Stretch.

I am trying to figure out how to get it all in: rebounder, Fitstix, XCO/kettlebell, bands, Barre, even airstepper and step .... yikes!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This morning I only did the second Latin Sensations workout then went on a long walk around town accomplishing some errands and cardio at the same time while getting fresh air and Vitamin D  :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


This morning I did workout #1 from both of Susan Tuttle's dvds: Latin Sensations and Standing Pilates.  I used my Fitstix and bungee rebound with Latin Sensations (music only) and found the moves friendly to both, especially the Fitstix :)

Finished with Classical Stretch.

Going to the thrift store that has 25% off on Mondays and a bunch of other errands today.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This morning I did some of the bouncing from Starbound and really enjoyed the music then some of ELLE GLAM cardio with Fitstix.  Finished with some Classical Stretch

Glutton of punishment that I am, I will be resubscribing to Blockbusters with the 2 week free trial.  Maybe they fixed whater was broke and if not, will just cancel again.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This morning I did some of Bob Harper's new strength workout but there were alot of reps of moves I don't do like pushups cuz they aggravate my elbows.  I started skipping to the next chapter alot. I did like his biceps done about midway but I used my homemade XCOs and stayed with palms facing one another because of my elbows.  Then I did some of the Advanced workout  from one of my first dvd workouts: Honey's Bollywood workout on the Fitness Trampoline with Fitstix and really liked some of the moves. Had to modify the steps that went across the floor to stepping or turning in place but it worked for me :)  Finished with some Classical Stretch.  I am really liking Miranda, especially when she tweaks her moves and offers something new.

Friday, November 5, 2010


This morning I did some of TaeBo Inferno with Fitstix on the Fitness Trampoline  but was losing interest and started do some of the moves from the *3D 1,000 Calorie Burn* clip,  at first with Billy bands then some with Fitstix.  I am still planning to eventually buy the *Core Transformer 3D 1,000 Calorie Burn DVD Kit* because it does have some unique moves and I love using bands for AWT and think Fitstix will work with many of the moves too.  Then I did a wonderful Classical Stretch which seemed a bit different than Miranda's regular back care routines a friend was able to record off of a PBS in NH.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thurs & Blockbuster update

This morning I did UR's Hip Hop then Fitstix Fusion's Hip Hop, both on the Fitness Trampoline and with Fitstix.  Unfortunately, the coupon code jumpfit50 for 50% off of any Fitness Trampoline is no longer valid for anyone who didn't cave in time.  Then I did the rest of Jackie's Xtreme workout but only did 30 seconds of each move instead of her full minute which for me was overkill.  I do like that the moves are done slowly and controlled and mostly XCO friendly.  Finished with Classical Stretch and alittle Flow Motion Tai Chi.

I actually emailed Blockbuster one more time and was shocked that the Customer Care Rep took care of our incident immediately (removed the lost dvd from our queue, sent our next dvd and sent an email with a free store rental coupon).  Why didn't the other 3 do something????  Too little too late so not going to subscribe to them again.  Rather not depend on the USPS and will try Redbox and the library instead for dvds.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This morning I warmed up with the UR Dance workout on my wonderful new mat then I did some of the beginner workout of Bob Harper's new strength workout but didn't see anything new or unique then did the first routine from Jackie's new Xtreme workout and it was almost identical to Bob's LOL
Finished with Classical Stretch which really worked the fingers and wrists.

The new mat is definitely larger than the original and lies flatter with less petal attacks :)

Sun-Tues Bungee Rave & Blockbuster Rant

Did plenty of walking and a spark on my newly replaced rebounder mat Tuesday afternoon after we returned home from AC and have to say how big a difference this replacement mat has made!  I believe the original mat besides having defective stitching was just a bit too small so the stitching got stressed to the point of breaking.   No more venus flytrap effect from rising petals and that bit of extra space around the mat is making wider moves more possible so I am really loving this bungee rebounder.  Yes, the Bellicon bungee does come in a much larger size but at over 4 times the price and with a shorter cord warranty.  I got the 370 but cannot go wrong with any of the Fitness Trampoline bungee models, especially if the 50% off code is still working (Jumpfit50).

Now for the rant:  For the past 2 weeks, 2 dvds sent by Blockbuster were not delivered so Blockbuster said they will not be sending us anymore, blaming the USPS.  There is no refund for the prepaid month of service even though we only had one week of actual service.  We immediately unsubscribed to avoid getting billed again and were notified we still had to pay for the last dvd we never got???   Truly believe they are throttling us because in previous cycles, we were having too fast a turnaround.  We decided to try the Redbox and library for rentals just in case we have a similar problem with Netflix and the USPS.  

ETA: Forgot to mention that the emailed customer care rep for Blockbuster suggested we call so we did and were offered two free weeks of no service! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thurs to Friday and Saturday

While walking in AC Thursday, my mat replacement had arrived but I was pooped on Friday and planned to replace the mat next week, figuring the sooner I replaced it, the sooner I would know whether the new mat was also defective.

This morning I did some of Bob Harper's new cardio workout which was more of a kettlebell inspired functional strength workout, using mostly my homemade XCO trainers and doing the jumping parts on the Fitness Trampoline. I quickly realized I wasn't going to be doing all of his squats and swings and found the chaptering very good cuz was able to skip easily to the next move when I had enough of the previous one I also did alittle of the butt&balance workout on the same dvd and liked it though nothing really unique about it. Finished with a Classical Stretch that worked the upper body with isometrics alittle differently than Miranda's usual routine.

While using the Fitness Trampoline I noticed a second tear had started on the opposite side of the mat from the larger tear.   I resisted the temptation to stop workingout and replace the mat immediately but got right down to business replacing the mat as soon as my 90 minutes were over.  It was a tedious process but not as bad as I expected and I am pretty sure the mat is from a different batch because it is lying flatter and even seems larger. The paint was flaking off too which didn't happened with the original mat.  I purposely pounded into the weakest areas of the mat and it is holding but of course, I will be watching carefully.
My bare feet likes the new mat more because the area between the mat and petals seems flatter making it seem like the mat is truly extended.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday and Weds

I did plenty of walking with agreeable weather Sunday through Tuesday.

This morning I did most of UR's Box&Bounce with Fitstix on the Fitness Trampoline.  Now when I try to get on my other rebounders, I just cannot tolerate their stiff bounce.  The difference of a bungee bounce to a spring bounce is truly amazing.  Then I did an old but fantastic vhs Jazzercise Body Sculpting.  It started with a nice aerobic warmup good with Fitstix on the bungee then had some unique band resistance and routine dumb bell moves which I gave a tweaking to by using my homemade XCO trainers.  Really felt the unique band abs!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning I did the first 15 minutes of Ultimate Cardiolates, using Fitstix in place of light weights on the bungee. Then I donned my bands that came with the Richard Simmons set and did some moves from
a workout I think I just have to eventually get, including its cool band.
then did Richard's Tonin to the Oldies with the bands from the set
then alittle Zodiac workout on the bungee
and finished with Classical Stretch.

Friday, October 22, 2010


This morning I did Jillian's Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, most of the cardio on the Fitness Trampoline and some core stuff standing on the floor with Fitstix.  Actually did squat thrusts and mountain climbers with my hands on the rebounders mat.  Also did floor abs on the mat.
Finished with a Classical Stretch.

Have to say the cardio worked beautifully on the rebounder.
I find I can work out at much higher intensity without aggravating my joints so am really happy with the purchase of the bungee Fitness Trampoline.  This morning I tried to healthbounce on the UR but it felt like concrete!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I continued revisiting Karen Voight with parts of Strong and Streamline.  When she used dumb bells, I used my homemade XCO trainers (Pringles cans filled with rocksalt for a sliding filler weighing about 2 lbs).  I didn't do even half her reps fearing crippling DOMS tomorrow.  Also used the Fitness Trampoline for some of the warmups and cardio.  Finished with alittle Classical Stretch.

Am expecting my new petal mat next Weds and meanwhile, the tear isn't spreading with use so just that part of the mat had a stitching defect.

ETA: just did a very enjoyable spark on the Fitness Trampoline using Exercise TV's Crunch Global Groove and Lyrical Hip Hop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday to Tues and Weds

Did more walking on Sunday and Monday than I have been because the weather was perfect. Tuesday before dinner, I did a spark using the first few chapters of Karen Voight's Sleek Essentials Sweat Effect on the Fitness Trampoline with Fitstix.

This morning, I did the rest of Sweat Effect, some Strength Effect and some Sleek Effect.  Most of the cardio on the Fitness Tramp with Fitstix and most of the Strength with Fitstix too.

The company has mailed out a new petal mat for the rebounder.  Guess I will have to replace the torn one almost immediately just to make sure the replacement mat isn't defective.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Bad news

Haven't worked out yet but wanted to post about finding a tear in the webbing attaching the petals to the mat on my new Fitness trampoline.   Looks like it started because of a stitching defect.  Sadly somebody else found several stitching defects in her mat.  The company is sending me a new mat next week and if that one is defective, I will ask for a skirt mat replacement instead of a petal mat because the whole batch of petal mats may be defective.

Will add my workout checkin later after completion.

ETA: This morning I did some of Smart Bounce I had recorded off of you tube and really liked it! Then I did some Cynthia Kereluk cardio I had recorded off of you tube while holding Fitstix on the new rebounder. The only move I seem to have trouble executing on the new rebounder are side leg swings cuz I have to bend my knee to avoid the popping up petal when the leg is straight. I did alittle Classical Stretch but still have major lower body DOMS from Ellen on Thursday so did some of Rockin Body Rock It Out with Fitstix for more upper body and core. Of course, in the middle of my workout session I got distracted looking for some workouts I wanted to line up for the new rebounder after enjoying Smart Bounce and CK LOL
Most are workouts that I had to modify alot to do without joint discomfort. Some like TaeBo had moves that feel much better on the new rebounder too.  I also want to try all of the airclimber and lateral thigh trainer videos I have on the rebounder though I may still do some on the airclimber for crosstraining
Funny how my feet felt fine till I started doing Classical Stretch off the rebounder and then the top of my left foot got a new twinge. Hit it with Arnica gel and hopped back onto the rebounder for Rock It Out and the foot is now fine.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday (Fitness Trampoline Reviews)

This morning, I did some of the dvd that came with the bungee Fitness Trampoline (Jumpsport 370).   Music was decent but not loud enough for me. The instructor was very good! Various levels of intensity and positioning options are given throughout.  Chaptering was excellent. 

The Basic workout had a nice cardio warmup but the following stretch was very long and not done during the time I like to stretch at the end of a workout but luckily the dvd is nicely chaptered.  So I skipped to the Cardio which was nice but too short.  Core mat and Strength tabletop were short (and sweet) and very comfortable on the petals.

The Cardio of the second workout was intense and much longer.  The instructor likes syncopation so each move is done in a variety of rhythms.  The Core was very tough and most moves felt more effective done on the rebounder mat rather than the floor.  Pooped before the Strength but saw a few moves I really liked.  I did hold my Fitstix for some of the cardio  :)

Also did the first African routine from Exercise TV's Crunch Global Rhythms which had some good moves on the rebounder.

Now more about the rebounder, itself:  The mat is only 25 inches in diameter but considering that the feet can overlap onto the petals (or skirt) much more safely than onto springs, it feels roomier than my 27 inch mat spring models.  I had removed the springs cover from all of my previous rebounders because I felt like my foot could get caught underneath it.  The rebounder easily stands on its side for a barre and doesn't budge or tilt when flat, even with all of your weight on or near the frame.   Also the shape of the legs accommodates a resistance band or cord better than the straight legs of other rebounders.  The petals definitely make mat and tabletop moves more comfortable for me plus more effective adding in an extra balancing challenge.  

It is a bit noisier than expected because of the petals which pop up when I go down into the center of the mat!  The petals do feel odd on my barefeet and pop up enough to make contact with my bare ankles so if I wanted to use the edges more, would probably wear shoes and socks so less aware of these sensations.  
I did try the next tension level to see if the petals would move less but switched right back to the softest level and will get used to the petals cuz really prefer the softest bounce.  I believe bouncing barefooted on the UR initiated my feet problems and I never could bounce into the mat without my hips complaining.  My hips didn't get at all aggravated with all of the bouncing last night and this morning. Neither did my bare feet so am very happy with the purchase.  Yes, I will miss the extra space of my YogFlex but the cushioned bounce is worth the sacrifice and I can always don shoes and socks to use the whole circumference (37 inches) more comfortably.  

I would suggest if someone wants less noise, to get the cheaper model with the skirt, assuming the skirt is quieter than the shifting petals and give up the extra lifetime of the cords and extra tension settings which probably aren't necessary.  The cords would then have the same lifetime as the Bellicon's anyway.  Overall, if paying full price, I would have been quite content with the skirt model.

Remember too, once the legs are on, they stay on and if you do not have a place to keep the rebounder without folding or easily twisting off the legs,  you may have to go the Bellicon route for a bungee rebounder.
So if you want more room for barefooted bouncing,  less noise and easily removable legs, the Bellicon is the way to go if you can afford it.  However, the Bellicon is more designed for a mind-body kind of experience and may not adapt as well to UR or more athletic type workouts if that is your preference.  Then the Fitness Trampoline and its adjustable tension may have an advantage.

For me, it was all about getting a bungee bounce because my feet and hips were not enjoying active bouncing.  Previously, I did more of a healthbounce pulsing style. Now I can really bounce into the mat and do the bouncier moves with no jolts to the joints.   The bouncier moves are more fun, produce more sweat, and use muscles differently for crosstraining. 

ETA: I just did a spark using the Basic warm up cardio, Basic cardio and the second set from Crunch Global Rhythms while wearing shoes and socks on the Fitness Trampoline and felt oblivious to the petals :)  Felt very secure throughout it, well balanced and comfortable but sweated like crazy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Did not want to skip another morning workout while waiting for the rebounder delivery so finally revisited Ellen Barrett's Fatburning Fusion and thoroughly enjoyed it :)  Even added in holding the Fitstix for some extra whole body using the upper body and core more.  When I first did this workout, it felt mostly like a lower body workout.  

ETA: It may have arrived a day late but I am overly pleased.
It is like bouncing into a cloud. My barefeet love it and my joints feel no jolting. I can even do moves on it that just never felt right on any of my other rebounders like ski run/shuffles. Will be trying the dvd workouts that came with it starting tomorrow. I did peek and liked what I saw of them. Will be leaving it on its softest setting which is the way it arrived cuz have plenty of other rebounders if I want a firmer surface ..... but doubt I will LOL

The only iffy thing is the petal skirt which cushions the outer bands but feels alittle weird to my barefeet.

I would never have believed the difference if I hadn't felt it myself

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


No real workout today yet cuz patiently waiting for the delivery of my new rebounder (the 370 model)

ETA: It never came :(   I would have picked it up at the UPS shipping center 30 minutes away if given the option.  Anywho, it was shipped to another UPS facility last night alitte farther away and is finally on a truck for delivery.  Ridiculous that it is taking over 48 hours to travel less than 3 hours!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yippeee  after several months of slowly creeping upwards from my plateau low, I am almost back down to it since avoiding higher intensity :)  The only time I ever broke through that bottom limit was with low intensity and looks like I have a shot at it again if I continue.  Basically, I avoid getting breathless during cardio and do isometrics instead of any weights, except Fitstix :)  May use an occasional band for resistance.  My other focus is to avoid excessive hunger and the not so good things to grab and eat if excessively hungry.  Lower intensity helps me avoid that rut.

This morning I did the rest of Rockin Abs Hip Hop with Fitstix mostly on the YF then some of Tomei's Curves' first workout (Redefining) then some Classical Stress.  I like some of the sneaky seemingly easy but tougher than it looks moves in Tomei's workout.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Pretty much  the same routine but did half of Rockin Body Hip Hop with Fitstix on the YF instead of Richard.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Pretty much the same routine as yesterday except doing the second half of Sweatin to the Oldies 4.  Here is a nice sitting routine you can do on a plane or while watching TV or taking a break from work or the puter

Saturday, October 9, 2010

AI Audition clip Not The Looks

Our son had a third clip shown on AI Rewind but I didn't record it, not expecting to see one I missed.
None of the clips showed him singing, so we assume he wasn't bad enough LOL
He wore a ridiculous outfit, hoping it would get him through the door to the next level before the real judges and it did!!!

AI Audition clip Fashion Disaster


This morning I did the first half of Sweatin to the Oldies 4 with Fitstix and some YF then some really old old Body Electric with standing isometrics and some Classical Stretch from a season I never saw before. Was a great combination.

I am so happy with my current workouts, new rebounder on its way and new windows that having our son leave permanently for London tomorrow isn't nearly as sad for me as it would have been.

Will attempt to get a couple of short videos when son was auditioning for AI on here since I succeeded with the photo LOL

Friday, October 8, 2010


Top Photo: Son Greg (Left) and my favorite SYTYCD star Mark
Bottom Photo: Son Greg (center) with Robert (Left) and Kent (Right) backstage after the *So You Think You Can Dance* Tour.


This morning I did the rest of Sweatin to the Oldies 3, some of level 2 from Jillian's kettlebell workout, some of Project You's Fatburning Foundation and Classical Stretch. Used Fitstix with Richard and Kathy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ooops, I forgot to checkin with all of the repair disarray going on cuz we are in the middle of some home improvements.

I did some more of Sweatin to the Oldies 3 with Fitstix, the upper body from Jackie Warner's Power Circuit but substituted bands for dumb bells and some Classical Stretch.

BUT before that I washed and rehung my kitchen curtains over my new kitchen windows.  New den triple window is being installed tomorrow.

ETA: My new rebounder has been shipped and will be delivered Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This morning I started with workout 3 from Tribal Energy Cardio which were the routines from wo1 and 2 without the TIFTTing. It was ok but rather do each move several times then never again LOL

Then I did the level one of Jillian's kettlebell workout, skipping Turkish get-ups.
Didn't mind doing the workout.

Then I did the first few songs from Sweatin to the Oldies 3 with the Fitstix and finally found my workout groove again right from the first few bars of music (Gimme Some Lovin). Yup what was missing for me was really good music. I did use my Yogflex barefooted but the straps truly look ready to give way very soon so probably will just junk it
Finished with some very old Classical Stretch which was surprisingly as good as her newer stuff IMHO

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday

A few minutes after I got home today, I ordered a new rebounder LOL

It's a 370 Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline that is supposed to have a larger jumping area than most rebounders, bungee cords for a more gentle and quieter bounce and supposedly has 7 different settings for firmness.  The cords last 3 times longer than the Bellicon which is twice the price, actually 4 times the price cuz I got 50% off plus free shipping.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This morning I did most of *This is TaeBo* with Fitstix and alittle UR here and there then a Classical Stretch. *This is TaeBo* is more structured than most of Billy's stuff so therefore, less spontaneous and not as much fun for me.
Plus the counting totally drowns out the music.

I will be walking the next few days and did a spark yesterday before dinner (wow 3 days in a row!).

Sadly, I really didn't get excited about any workouts done the past few days.  Even Shaun T didn't get my motor going. Maybe it was the high humidity or whatever.  Sure hope I find motivation to keep moving when I return home.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I did a Rockin Body but couldn't really get into it and mostly did my own thing with Fitstix and alittle UR then did alittle of Core Bound avoiding straight arm planks whenever I could cuz they aggravate my elbows then finished with Classical Stretch. I did like the lower body stuff on Core Bound using the UR like a step/fanny lifter.
I did a couple of sparks yesterday and hope to continue that extra movement today.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This morning I did the beginner's chapter of the old Bollywood workout using Fitstix then some TaeBo Adv Live 3 with Fitstix at first then switched to the Shadow Boxer belt. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This morning I did a few songs from Sweatin to the Oldies5 and then a few rounds of Aerobarre, both with Fitstix then totally pooped before even doing any Classical Stretch. Hope to do it later as a spark.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday

Did plenty of walking and can now concentrate on some home workouts for a few days starting tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This morning I did the second cardio chapter from Bellyfit Earth then Leslie's 4th mile with bands using the pair that came with Richard Simmons' QVC set. (took a short break while our handyman neighbor measured for new den and kitchen windows) Then did a couple of songs from Sweatin to the Oldies 5 holding Fitstix and finished with Classical Stretch.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tues through Thurs and Friday

I walked plenty this last trip Tues through Thurs cuz weather was perfect.

This morning I did the warmup and first cardio chapter of Bellyfit Earth then most of Tonin to the Oldies with the bands then some of Sweatin to the Oldies 5 with Fitstix and alittle UR then a Classical Stretch.  BellyFit Earth reminded me alot of a very old and neglected workout Bollyrobics which I will try to revisit soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010


This morning I did the rest of Powerfit Harmony and some Classical Stretch.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This morning I did some of disks 5, 6, and 7 from Powerfit Harmony.  I really like the standing Core and the Lower Body Blast so decided to keep the set, even though I'll be skipping most of the cardio and floor stuff.  Did the cardio and warmups with Fitstix.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I  downloaded Skype this morning after a visit from Greg yesterday who will next be in London probably permanently as of mid October with a short trip back to NYC every few months or so. We can talk through the puters for free with Skype.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Pretty much the same as yesterday:
the rest of Sweatin to the Oldies 5 with Fitstix
the rest of Tonin to the Oldies with the bands
Powerfit Harmony standing parts of dvds 3 and 4
and some Classical Stretch

Think I actually like the Tonin dvd more the the Sweatin dvd!

Probably because it has a different feel using the bands.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday through Thurs and Friday

Walked plenty this past Tues through Thurs cuz weather and my joints were agreeable.

My QVC orders arrived late yesterday afternoon so I am going to be trying to do some of each dvd as soon as possible to make sure all seem compatible with my dvd player in case I need a replacement dvd.  This morning I started with Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies5 while holding Fitstix.  I liked alot of the *new* moves but was a bit disappointed in the routine of the song I was most anticipating on that dvd (Ain't Too Proud to Beg) cuz wasn't feeling the moves so will freestyle more during that one in the future.  Then I did the first circuit from Tonin to the Oldies, leaving *Lion Sleeps Tonight* for a spark.  I really like the bands that came with the set which go on the feet before the shoes.  They don't offer alot of resistance as far as muscle building but just enough to boost intensity with AWT.  Then I did some of the first two dvds from Powerfit Harmony.  Will use Fitstix with the first cardio dvd and warmups of both next time.  Really liked the warmup on the second strength dvd.  I like these cardio and warmup routines because they are about as mindless as Leslie Sansone walking workouts and I want to use the least resistant pink band for awhile because my focus will be lower intensity and little to no weights for the next few months to keep my appetite down and to let my joints do movement longer with no extra stress.  Think these dvds will really work as sparks well too.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My old TaeBo blogs and articles

A wonderful VFer found my old blogs and articles I had written on a website archive that I thought I had lost forever when my previous puter died.  I will be adding pages to this blog with their content ASAP. :)

I also added the link to my old ROF website that was created for Parents of Gay Kids.

This is really a wonderful event for me rediscovering my old websites.

Here is a tidbit I found on my previously written articles:

"Fitness is not about looking good today but feeling good tomorrow.

It is also about having a tomorrow."


I was a very very bad girl yesterday.  Besides ordering Powerfit Harmony from QVC, I caved on their Richard Simmons clearance set with Sweatin to the Oldies 5 and Tonin to the Oldies using his 2 bands that connect to the feet separately, similar to my Billy Bootcamp  bands.  What did me in was the clip on The Lion Sleeps Tonight doing AWT with bands.  Music is definitely my biggest motivator to move and keep moving.

So in anticipation of my new stuff coming, I did his Party Off the Pounds with Fitstix, some on the UR with an upper body focus while healthbouncing then some of Tomei's Core&Curves for alittle sneaky lower body effect then a Classical Stretch.  The whole time when doing Party Off the Pounds, I was happy that I did cave cuz I love his music and can easily tweak his moves however I want for the Fitstix or UR or both.  These 2 workouts had been on my wishlist since released and this was about the cheapest way to get them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


In anticipation of the great deal QVC was going to offer today for the Stephanie Hucklebee PowerFit Harmony set, I revisited Powerfit, using Fitstix for the bandless sections (warmups and cardio), skipping the bodyparts I didn't want to work today.  Still on the fence but figured if I am lucky enough to get a set that is completely compatible with my dvd player, it is worth a shot cuz I can easily return the set if dissatisfied.  It may motivate me to do one a day as a spark.

Finished with a Classical Stretch and may do spark later even though I did move for 90 minutes already.  Probably one of the Hucklebee's off Exercise TV.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday & Fall's workout Focus

I actually stopped taking a full 20 minute break during a workout session awhile ago because I saw no real plateau changes so lost interest.  The focus of using a 20 minute break to extend a workout session coincided with the start of this blog.  With cooler temps,  I have decided it was time to go back to a lower intensity and longer duration workout session which was kinder to my joints and helped to temporarily break through my plateau when tried in the past.  I've changed my workout focus as of yesterday to tweaking all workouts to a lower intensity and trying to do 90 minutes a day minimum.  90 minutes of movement seems to be the key for me for weightloss and I can only do 90 minutes at lower intensities to avoid overtraining.  If I don't get 90 minutes done in the morning, I will do a spark to complete the 90 minutes.  The main differences between this time and the last time I tried this approach is that I will not be wearing a heartrate monitor and will modify higher intensity workouts downwards by going halftime and/or doing less reps so I can do any of my workouts and not ignore the ones that are higher in intensity.  My perceived exertion always seemed to coincide with the heartrate monitor and I want to concentrate on my movements or movement modifications rather than the monitor.

Yesterday I did a 20 minute spark using Exercise TV's kettlebell workout with Jillian.  Couldn't believe her horrible form on Turkish Getups and lack of cuing but hey, it's Jillian.  I don't do full Turkish getups anyways.

This morning I did Debra Mazda's Let's Get Moving with Fitstix,  some of it on the UR then Rock It Out Hardcore Abs and finished with a Classical Stretch.  Instead of pooping after 20 to 30 minutes as I had been experiencing at higher intensities, I am finding I can do these 50 minute or more workouts within one workout session by pacing myself.

May or not not do a spark later because I did get the full 90 minutes done this morning.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This morning I did Donna Richardson's Brazilian Dance with Fitstix (great combo!) and some of it on the UR. Then I did some Classical Stretch.  I am really going to make an effort to spark at least once a day but will probably wind up sitting instead.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday through Weds

Did more walking than last trip cuz my knee behaved :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


This morning I finally got around to revisiting Madeline Lewis Get Moving but this time with with Fitstix which was a great combination.  I also used the UR a bit for the prances and substituted a high knee run instead of a pumping high knee walk.  Finished with a Classical Stretch.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning I did Winsor Pilates Fatburning workout with Fitstix then the standing Pilates ring bonus and finished with a Classical Stretch.

My  leg didn't send out even one twinge today!

Friday, September 3, 2010


This morning I did most of Aerobarre but avoided all of the reps and speed, babying my left leg which handled it fine.  It is a great workout for Fitstix!!!  Some of the bouncier stuff I did on the UR and YF.  Then finished with a Classical Stretch.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday through Thursday

We had an extended trip to AC this week to celebrate DH's 60th birthday.

Unfortunately, Tuesday my left leg/knee started hurting in a very weird way so I didn't walk as much.  Good news is each day, it is rapidly feeling better so I think I can workout tomorrow morning and plan to try Aerobarre.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and alittle UR then the Zodiac warmup but just the upright signs then Classical Stretch 628.

My numbers jumped down this morning to the very bottom of my plateau probably because of the colonoscopy fasting, etc.

Friday, August 27, 2010


This morning I did the first half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and still really like it cuz of the great music. Then I did th second half of the Zodiac Dance then Best legs from Core&Curves then Classical Stretch 627.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Fitstix Cardio Praise, the 10 in 10 from Core&Curves, the first half of the Zodiac Dance and Classical Stretch 630.  

Just before yesterday's workout I pulled my right lower back/hip opening a window. It felt much better after workingout but still felt a twinge on and off throughout the day and was planning to do the Egoscue Supine Groin Stretch in the evening.

A workout buddy suggested 2 stretches to me for my lower back/hip before I killed an hour doing the Egoscue stretch.  One is in a video on youtube using a foam roller from a series called MELT which removed about 90% of the twinge.

The second is simply lying in a doorway, keeping the better side leg extended on the floor and extending the leg from the worse side up on the wall (or door frame).  I only did this for a minute or two and haven't had the slightest twinge since! Usually takes several days, if not weeks for this type of injury to heal completely.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just before I was going to workout, I pulled my right lower back and hip opening a window :( 
So I decided to workout anyways in my shoes with the Walkfit inserts and just avoid anything that made the area twinge and found by holding in my abs, nothing made it twinge :) 

First I did the first 5 combos in Fitstix Cardio Praise then some of Tomei's first Core&Curves workout but not coming close to all of the reps especially in the crunches LOL I do like the crosstraining effect for the legs in this workout and will see how my legs feel tomorrow. My knees with the Walkfit inserts handled it well. Usually lower body bands bother my knees. Finished with Classical Stretch 629 which really seemed to help my back and hip! Glad I threw caution to the wind and got back up on the workout wagon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Decided to take another rest day to let my body and digestive system recover.

Monday and having a colonoscopy

Yesterday was the dreaded day (as well as Sunday) because of the two part prep for a colonoscopy as well as no solid food for almost 2 full days.  Thanks to tips on the internet, I had no problem downing half a gallon of the electrolyte flushing solution each day.  Best tip was to add Chrystal Light (I used one packet of the lemonade flavor) when mixing the powder with lukewarm water then dispensing the solution into 16 oz water bottles with a funnel to chill thoroughly and to be able to gulp down the stuff without smelling it or having it be in the mouth long 1/2 a bottle every 10 minutes.

Worse part of th experience for me was the horrible dry mouth I had after the procedure with absolutely no appetite. When I did try to drink or eat, everything tasted bland if not bad.  I was worried I permanently damaged my taste buds with dehydration or whatever and feared my #1 enjoyment in life, savoring food was over.  Thankfully, this morning my taste seems to be somewhat improved in spite of still no appetite which I am sure will return ravenously eventually as my setpoint demands more calories consumed.

The best news is my colon was polyp and bleed free.  I had resisted having this procedure done for years till my blood showed  I may be developing an Iron deficiency so had it done to rule out any colon bloodloss.  

Another unexpected development was I had less vertigo afterwards in spite of the sedation because I guess the dehydrating effect helped drain fluid even from my ear canals.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Taking a rest day today and tomorrow because on a liquid diet and then completely fasting tonight after the first part of the prep for tomorrow's colonoscopy.

Will be so happy when this whole thing is over and done.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tuesday through Friday and Saturday

Tuesday through Friday I got in alot of walking and used a band in the hotel room Weds.

This morning I did the second half of Rockin Body Dance Party with Fitstix and alittle UR then the second half of the Zodiac cardio then Powerfit thighs and shoulders.

Tomorrow is liquids only in preparation for the Monday afternoon colonoscopy so will just be doing the elusive Classical Stretches that a dear vidiot recorded for me.  Hate to admit it but am really enjoying pigging out on empty carbs yesterday and today cuz am not to have fiber or dairy.

Wonder if I will hit the Monday thrift store on the way to the colonoscopy place.  At least, it has a bathroom


Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning I did the first half of Rockin Body Dance Party then the Zodiac Workout (standing) warmup then the first half of the Zodiac dance. Cannot believe The Zodiac workout only cost $1.99 excluding S&H from Fitness Organica cuz it is the kind of movement and music I really like! I just skip the mat/floor segments but may actually do some of them eventually.

I will be leaving soon to go to that thrift store with Monday's 25% off  and hoping not to find any workouts LOL

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Had a decent workout this morning feeling more energetic than I have been. Did the second half of Rockin Body Disco Groove with Fitstix and some UR then some of Powerfit Triceps, chest and butt then Classical Stretch 626.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Was hoping to get a good workout this morning since I am home for a workout so rarely but there were too many distractions.  Did the rest of the warmup from The Zodiac workout dvd then its ~20 minute dance workout.  These separate warmup and dances for the signs can be done as a whole or as sparks for each  individual sign.  Lots of moves, some fairly unique and most of them feel good and some pretty intense.  A fusion of yoga, Pilates, ballet and bellydance.  Even alittle kickboxing. Decent drumbeat soundtrack.  Would have liked it if some dance segments were longer or programmable to repeat. Then did some of the standing ring bonus on a Winsor dvd bought scratched from the thrift store till it froze.  Fortunately the accelerated fatburning workout on the dvd may play without a problem and strangely the whole standing ring bonus seems to play fine on another player so guess my workout player is finicky about the scratches.  This may push me over the edge to finally switch around the dvd players so then I can also play the video cds I have burnt from downloads on my puter in the workout area.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tues to Friday

Mostly walking around casinos and between The Borgata and Harrahs a couple of times.

Only 19,000 paces but half was on one day (Thurs) when the humidity finally lifted so it varied day to day.

Also did alittle of Rocker's Total Body Challenge cd (walking and bands) Weds night.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This morning I did the first half of a Rockin Body with Fitstix on the UR then alittle bit of Powerfit's back and biceps then some Classical Stretch 625.

Off to the Monday discounted thrift store :)

ETA: Besides finding a couple of deals at the thrift store, The Zodiac Workout I had ordered on a clearance sale from Fitness Organica Saturday already arrived today :)  Looks like a nice dvd. Already did just the warmup stretches for Aries up to Virgo and totally enjoyed it.  

At the thrift store, besides several paperback books by authors I like, I found a Firm stick for $3 because it was missing one if its end twigs.  Still very functional as a minibar.   Also found the Winsor dvd with Accelerated Fatburning and a Pilates ring workout on it for less than $2  that I saw last week but passed on because of light scratches.  It tested fine on my workout dvd player and starts differently than the Fatburning workout I have on vhs so may be different footage!  Even if not, worth 2 bucks to have it on dvd.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This morning I did the first 30 minutes of Shaun T's Rock It Out up to (but not including) the pushups, using my Fitstix throughout. Next time, I will start with the pushups because of the soundtrack and healthbounce during them. Then after I break I did some Leslie on the rebounder with Fitstix and the standing part of Classsical Stretch 624.  Glad I discovered the individual Rockin Body workout dvds available through Amazon's marketplace.  Saved alot of $$!

I realize I am a variety junkie and need lots of choices cuz if I do any one workout too often, I can burn out on it for good.
Sometimes I change what my focus is. Before everything had to be on a rebounder to interest me. Now I look for workouts that work well with Fitstix.
Since wearing shoes with the Walkfit inserts for workouts, rebounding isn't as necessary to me.

As long as no joint is complaining, I am not changing this focus for quite awhile.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This morning I did Rockin Body Party Express and liked the second half much more than the first half so doubt I'll revisit the first half again so I can have more energy for the second half since I had to take several small recovery breaks. Used my Fitstix and hopped on the YogFlex or UR when I felt like it. Took a break then did 10 minutes of Donna's Brazilian and Classical Stretch 623.

I am loving this weather.  In the past,  I would have gone to the Meadowlands for their biggest racing card today but have lost interest in horseracing so it will be just another Saturday lounging around the house.  At least I can use the bathroom without standing on a long line LOL

Son is returning to London this Tuesday for a few weeks.  It may take as long as 18 months to get the tier one visa but his company is willing to do whatever it takes which is really nice to know that they want to keep him so much.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weds through Friday

Besides walking about 3 miles a day, I did some of the Debbie Rocker Total Body Challenge Walk cd in the hotel room Thursday evening which was a nice change of pace(s).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This morning I did some Rockin Body with Fitstix then some Leslie walking with Billy Bands and some lunge combinations for the lower body using the tilted Bodyburner for front lunges.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Son Marc and I did a great job yesterday of cleaning up the hard drive of our old puter till we deleted Apple's Mobile program (Greg had an ipod) and it caused an error message whenever starting the puter so I had to download and leave the newest itunes and Mobile Me programs to stop the error message for the missing file. I am very surprised Microsoft allowed Apple this control over the Windows XP startup.  Well I can feel guilt free using the Apple store's puters when in AC now cuz Apple gave us quite a bit of aggravation yesterday and lost all of my respect for their products.  Puter is literally humming along now and can restart in less a minute with most of its resources available.

Greg will be spending most of the next 6 months in London in a training status with multiple trips back to NYC till his tier one Visa clears.   

Monday, August 2, 2010


This morning I did a mish mash of various vhs.

Since our son removed unnecessary but memory draining programs from our one and very old puter last night, the puter can finally run movies on hulu beautifully.  I found Kathy Smith's Bodylift and really liked the warmup!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Dance Your Way Slim, some with Fitstix then I did the second workout on Debbie Rocker's Total Body Challenge Walk which alternated cardio and band resistance for the upper body and still used Fitstix during the cardio segments. Finished with Classical Stretch 619. OK I reviewed all of the season 6 Classical Stretches I got and am completely missing two (629 and 630). The mystery episode was actually 620.

No spark yesterday but ran around the house and up and down stairs like crazy trying to coordinate my Classical Stretch list.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weds to Friday and Saturday

Weds to Friday I only walked 19,000 paces but 13,000 was on Thurday alone.

This morning I did 20 minutes of Dance Your Way Slim in honor of today being the first National Dance Day promoted by the So You Think you can Dance show.The dvd was under $2 at thrift store this past Monday and even though it didn't *wow* me when I had rented it, adding Fitstix was the previously missing key to enjoying it. Then I did the first workout on Debbie Rocker's Total Body Challenge Walk which alternated cardio and band resistance for the lower body and was pretty decent. Still used Fitstix during the cardio segments. Used the UR and YogFlex during both of the above for jumping jacks, etc.  Finished with Classical Stretch 618. My attempt to get all of season 6 onto just 2 tapes failed miserably because the darn PBS station skipped 627 through 630 in this runthrough which really were my targeted workouts! now I have to use a third tape for 627 and yet another 4th tape for 628 and don't even know if my mystery workout which mysteriously appeared after 609 is 629 or 630,  leaving the other one as totally missing. 
After I try them all that I have for now, I will be trying to do them all again but in the evenings and see if that helps or hurts or doesn't affect sleep.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The salad was delicious and enough for two meals! Marc helped me with the leftover and really liked it too. It was as good as a similar salad at TGIF but way less calories. I only used one salad dressing package which was more carbs than fat but here is a link to the nutritional info:

This morning I started revisiting some workouts I totally forgot about after warming up with the standing part of the Ballerobica Express download:
the standing parts of Triple Threat Pilates which uses a playground type ball and had some pretty good moves
some of Sweatin in the Spirit where Donna is wearing pink which was actually her second workout of that title so Sweatin in the Spirit2 was actually the third and it is the one I cannot find LOL
did some Classical Stretch and some of Rollup  to Unwind which is a nice stretch on a stability ball.
I am already tired of the catch phrases Donna repeats so if I got Body Gospel would choose music only if an option.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning I did the second Susan Tuttle Standing Pilates workout and think I like this one more than the first. I would describe these workouts as a barre and walking cardio Fusion. Used the ball that came with the Kathy Smith Rejuvenation kit.
Then I did the kettlebell bonus on the Amy Dixon Give Me 10 dvd with an actual 8lb kettlebell and found it less repetitious than others I have tried so more do-able for me.
Finished with a Classical Stretch using my Fanny Lifter as the chair next to my upright freezer and it worked better and more stable than a flimsy chair.

I'm off to the Monday 25% off thrift store then trying the new chicken apple pecan salad at Wendy's for lunch (commercial caught my attention and found a $1 off coupon on any salad on the Wendy's website)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This morning I did the first workout from Susan Tuttle's Standing Pilates because of the heat then did Amy Dixon's Give Me 10 cardio cuz only 10 minutes LOL

After a break did the first half of two Classical Stretches, skipping the floorwork.

I like the Tuttle Standing Pilates because it has absolutely no dread and seems like a good alternative to low impact workouts like walking workouts.  Great for low energy days.  Only thing I do not like is I feel like I am in her Kindergarten class but then again Karen Joy Allen (Fitstix) can have the same effect but I love her workouts.

I have to dig out my previous Donna Richardson workouts to revisit and decide whether to cave on Body Gospel or not.  Really do not need more workouts BUT.......

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday (also Tues-Friday)

This morning I did some Zumba and Leslie with Fitstix and alittle on the UR then The Method Pilates Standing Blend which is similar to Ellen's style and Styler's Sculpt&Tone Ballet with a nice outdoors setting. Works the lower body and core with no impact.  Skipped CS cuz did enough with Pilates Standing Blend.

Tuesday through Friday, I only walked 28,000 paces.

Monday, July 19, 2010


This morning I did some of the original Zumba Advanced vhs I got from the thrift store and it had some of the voiceovers that were on the dvds so have to check my other vhs and see if that one has the voiceovers also because I do not remember any voiceovers in the original vhs. Zumba worked well with Fitstix .
Then I did the standing parts of Richard Simmons Totally Tonin which worked the upper body in a shorter range of motion with a band (great tunes).  Finished with Classical Stretch.

Also I have started losing weight again, nearing the lower end of my plateau and the only change has been a conscious effort to have more Vitamin C when having Calcium so more Iron will be absorbed.  Kathy Smith mentions in her book that Calcium and Vitamin C are critical for weightloss and just maybe, VitC was what was needed for both weightloss and to stop my Calcium from preventing Iron absorption.   So this pre-iron deficiency anemia may be a blessing.

Son returns to the US this weekend till his visa red tape gets cut.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This morning I did the 3rd and last segment of the 4 mile Weightloss Walk with Fitstix then some Hemalayaa's Belly Beautiful warmup and first circuit but skipping the floor parts. Belly Beautiful did have some fun core cardio.

Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Geez tomorrow I plan to visit the Monday thrift store again even though I have barely dented the pile of vhs from there.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


This morning I did segment 2 from Leslie's 4 mile weightloss and again, found it so much better than her newer stuff. Used Fitstix but only did alittle on the UR because too lazy to redirect my fan towards the UR. Then I did some lower body (wrote down the moves from bum bum alive and found them pretty effective!). Finished with Classical Stretch 612.  Still have one episode I cannot identify so have to keep taping till I know what the heck it is LOL

I will be recycling one of the Leslie vhs I bought at the thrift shop done as a spark yesterday cuz it was a very routine Walk the Walk toning workout even though it had decent loud music which worked well with the bum bum moves.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Between the humidity and having so many new workouts to try and check for defects, I did alittle bit of several workouts:
Jane Fonda's New Workout that has rebounder friendly cardio
TaeBo Adv Live vol 2 with Fitstix
Susan Tuttle Standing Pilates

and finished with Classical Strength

Will be having a *new* patient appointment this afternoon with the group that will be doing the colonoscopy.

Tuesday through Thursday

I did walk but not as much as usual because of the heat.

Also found out my blood cells are starting to look like I may develop an iron deficiency and the heat was already making me feel pooped so I didn't push it.  Guess I will be scheduling my first overdue colonoscopy soon to rule out any GI bleeding.

Monday, July 12, 2010


My shoulder is soooo much better today after hurting quite a bit the past few days after lifting a suitcase badly.  All I did was Fitstix,  Arnica and Classical Stretch for rehab.

My feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back seemed to be responding nicely to the Walkfit inserts so am buying a second pair today at Bed Bath and Beyond with another coupon so I can leave a pair in my AC walking shoes and a pair in my home workout walking shoes.  I seem to be able to rebound and do all previously barefooted workouts without any joint twinging.  They still feel weird when I first put them on but my feet adjust quickly.  Am still using a high on my shorter leg and a medium on my longer leg because it seems to even them out.  The longer leg was very uncomfortable on the low insert for some reason.  The joints of the side with the longer leg tended to complain more without the insets.

This morning I did the first segment of Sansone's 4 mile Weightloss with Fitstix and some rebounding then the second workout from Styler's Sculpt & Tone Ballet which were the same moves as the first but without Trudie and with chairs instead of a barre. I do most of these moves in both workouts pretty much while balancing and not relying on a chair or barre which is my upright freezer LOL
Finished with a great Classical Stretch recently broadcasted (610). 
We had a power failure while in AC last week which killed  my vcr programming and I panicked because of my CS recordings but son came to the rescue and figured out how to record them for me with just alittle texting between us and let me tell you, it is very complicated to accomplish. He really would make a very valuable employee for an understanding employer that needs somebody who isn't afraid of technical stuff because he seems a natural. Even helps me now and then with a puter issue and pulls a rabbit out of the hat everytime, like yesterday showing me how to start the Firefox browser in its safe mode when it got totally locked up.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This morning I did the rest of Leslie Sansone's old Walkaerobics 2 mile Walk, mostly on the rebounders while holding Fitstix. Then I did the second workout on Susan Tuttle's Standing Pilates which was similar to the first but had some different tweaking to it. I think these are are a great add on to extend a workout or do as a spark because they do not need much energy yet get the joints lubricated.  Spark plan is some TaeBo and Classical Stretch. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Pulled my right shoulder lifting the suitcase yesterday and humidity has really gotten to me so I did some of what I had received from TotalFitnessdvds this week which were low intensity so perfect for this morning. I did the first workout (Barre) on Styler's Sculpt & Tone Ballet then the first workout on Susan Tuttle's Standing Pilates. 

OK I just did a spark:

The first half mile from an old Leslie Sansone 2 mile Walkaerobics  workout to warm up then some Classical Stretch.  I wonder why Leslie changed her routines and became so boring compared to her earlier workouts which had so many more moves?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weds through Friday

Only walked 22,000 paces cuz way too hot outside!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today I did the Sweat Effect and some of the Strength Effect from Karen Voight's Sleek Essentials. Much of the warmups and cardio in both worked great with Fitstix.  Think the warmups and cardio chapters will make great sparks. Finished with alittle of CS 608.

ETA: Got news from Greg this morning that his move to London is becoming a great move for him.  He moved into a flatshare which is 20 minutes closer to his office than the hotel, rents are much cheaper than NYC's and his company is compensating him well for his visa red tape making him have to keep his place in NYC a bit longer.  He really enjoyed being able to be part of London's Pride Day more than he ever did in NYC although I really enjoyed NYC's the one year I attended.  Maybe NYC's has been getting raunchier with more nudity or whatever?

Monday, July 5, 2010


This morning I tried some of Amy Bento's In the Ring and really liked the medball intervals with my heaviest homemade XCO trainer. Then I did just the bar parts from Spreen's Cardio Combat Surge which worked well with my Walmart wand homemade XCO bar LOL

If I tweaked the moves a bit, I get more filler motion and now am thinking of all of the bodybar workouts I have to revisit.  Still may go for the pvc pipe and cap homemade XCO sliding filler bar attempt cuz my neighbor can cut it to the size I want and I could then make a heavier one 

I stretched a bit with Sleek Effect and did the Classical Stretch Office episode 607.   Tomorrow morning I'll be taping the Classical Stretch episodes Monday through Friday again now that I can identify them so I have them in order without the duplicate weekend broadcasts.

Today being Monday, I'll be checking out a Goodwill type store that is discounted on Mondays where I have found exercise vhs for 75 cents each.  Last week I found the original TaeBo Advance Live volumes 1 through 11 which originally were $35 each 10 years ago and are still the best of TaeBo because of their soundtracks IMHO.   To test that these tapes are without defect, I have been using them for sparks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This morning I did most of Amy Dixon's Give Me 10 and liked it more than expected. The routines are short and do-able but feel effective. The cardio also worked the lower body and the lower body felt aerobic so a good choice when wanting to work the lower body and less annoying than Bum Bum's music, etc. The core started with standing Kettlebell inspired moves and there was a bonus kettlebell chapter which I didn't feel was so repetitive as to make me want to stop like most kettlebell workouts. I used the YogFlex for the cardio impact and homemade XCOs for the upper body and core and kettlebell stuff. Also used them for extra biceps curls when doing the lower body. Finished with a CS that added to my upper body which was already fatigued more than expected.

I did duct tape my paper towel roll to the Walmart wand handles but had to reinforce the center so cut a toilet paper cardboard tube and taped that around the center for reinforcement (also had to be careful in which direction I was wrapping the tape so as to tighten, not loosen the handles and dumped some rock salt in the center of the tube before taping the second handle)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


This morning I did most of Spreen's Cardio Combat Surge, substituting homemade XCO trainers for the medball and even the bar holding the cans end to end. Then I wrapped an old stretched out wrist band around the overlapping ends of the Walmart bubble wands and that worked well too for the bar
May revisit the medball and bar routines but probably not the kickboxing. Mostly freestyled during the kickboxing today on the UR with Fitstix.

Also did alittle Classical Stretch but learned the hard way to keep my shoes with the Walkfit inserts on next time because my right hip and knee starting to twinge soon after taking the shoes off for CS. Put the shoes back on and did alittle more CS and no more twinging since.

and I  just had to order some dvds this weekend from Mary/TotalFitnessdvds in appreciation of her donating the Amy Give me 10 dvd I won through the Fitness For the Rest of Us blog giveaway and Mary's attractive prices with 10OFF, the holiday weekend sale and free shipping became irresistible LOL

ETA: I improved the bar with sliding filler gadget! Just inserted the handles of the Walmart (bubble) wands into the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels.  May eventually tape it if I think I would use it enough to warrant the tape.  Meanwhile alittle extra squeeze inwards to hold it together works the chest extra.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tuesday through Friday

Walked over 45,000 paces with the Walkfit Platinum inserts and have to say, I did not have any problems!    No heel pain and no ankle, knee, hip, or lower back twinging.  No blisters (usually do get them on the small toes a bit) Plus the shoes were even more comfortable and cooler when sitting long periods in casinos and during the car commute (2 hours each way).  Think the inserts take up less room than the padding that comes with the shoes that is recommended to be removed before using the inserts.

So I think if I continue to use them when working out at home, especially on the UR and walking outdoors, I can still go barefoot most of the time when home. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


This morning I wore the Walkfit inserts in a different pair of shoes which I will use for workouts and walking when not in AC to save my other pair for AC.

I did some BBL Rio Extreme then took a break then did Fitstix Adaptive PE Basic Moves for upper body then some Classical Stretch 603.  Used the UR for the Rio warm up and some of Adaptive PE. Absolutely no heel pain :)   but still have lingering DOMS from Bum Bum.

Almost forgot how awesome the Fitstix were in working the upper body and core!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This morning I did some of the standing parts of Cardio Axe and High&Tight and Sculpt. Used the Fitstix with Cardio Axe and a band with the others. Didn't put much effort into anything because of the heat and DOMS. Cardio Axe got very repetitive even though it held my interest initially. High&Tight had some good moves even without using a band around the feet. Sculpt hardly showed the band modifier but I managed on my own. Music was terrible and perhaps, these would have caught my attention and held it better if the music was decent and the movements in sync with the beat. Maybe if I hadn't previewed it and done Shaun T  and Beto recently, I would have been more motivated to try them again. Will try to do Rio Extreme tomorrow and maybe Bum Bum Express.
Finished with the standing part of CS 602.

I may actually trade for Bum Bum and High&Tight down the road but have many lower body workouts to revisit first.

I wore my Walkfit inserts for everything except CS (absolutely no heel pain even when on the UR)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have very mixed feelings about Brazilian Butt Lift which I previewed yesterday. Upon the previews, I did not click with the instructor or the music and most of the moves seemed routine. However, actually after doing some this morning, I did like some of the moves more than expected.
Overall, not exactly fun or enjoyable but worth trying for some crosstraining.

This morning I did Brazilian Butt Lift's Bum Bum but just half the reps cuz didn't want to risk joint injury or ridiculous DOMS tomorrow. Already feel like my lower body worked very hard. I wore my Walkfit Platinum inserts which may have kept my joints in alignment because no really bad twinges in any joints. Then instead of a break, I did CS 601 (just the standing first half with shoes off) which really worked the arms intensely. Then I did BBL Rapido Abs (shoes back on LOL) but used my homemade XCO trainers and then Uppercuts still with XCOs. Did the warmup from Cardio Axe on the UR and will do the whole thing tomorrow with Fitstix.
Bum Bum was a good lower body workout with a couple of unique moves.
Rapido Abs was a decent kettlebell inspired workout but nothing special.
Uppercuts seemed like a very routine upper body workout though using XCOs made it more interesting for me.
Music was annoying in all if I tried to hear it so just ignored it.
Same thing with the instructor, just there and ignored by me.
Much prefer Shaun T's Rock It Out.

Do not understand the love on VF for this set.

Son really likes the London office and co-workers so may be a great move for him!

Friday, June 25, 2010


This morning I did most of Zumba's Dance Party, some on the UR wearing my new inserts (that should break them in faster LOL).  Held the Fitstix through most of it too.  Really like Zumba style punching with them and hope Beto may consider a Zumba boxing fusion one day. Took a break about 30 minutes into the workout then finished the dance party and some Classical Stretch. I will be starting the Season 6 being broadcasted now in my next workout session.

I now am trying a high insert in my left shoe and a medium in my right, not sure I should mix and match like that but it seems to make my feet feel the most balanced.  I swear I think I am feeling an improvement already!  Absolutely no lower back or hip twinging and left foot's heel has been having no pain.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I walked over 44,000 paces Sunday through Wednesday in spite of the heat. Also ate more carefully, taking advantage of available fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables as much as possible and lost the 2 extra pounds that had crept back on in the past month or so. Do not want to break my plateau in the wrong direction LOL

This morning I did the second half of Zumba Live and some Zumba Flat Abs and Classical Stretch.  Think Zumba Live is right up there with Nia's Unplugged for my favorite workout. Rock It Out may be giving both some competition too. Not sure till I get a chance to revisit everything.  Just may be quite awhile because I am borrowing Brazilian Butt Lift soon.

Finally got a discount coupon so went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the Walkfit Platinum inserts I saw on an infomercial.  My worse left foot felt fine with them but my better right foot felt way too much pressure, like the right leg was much longer than the left. So then I changed to the medium inserts from the low inserts and voila, much better. Right foot may still need slow adjusting, adding an hour a day but left was fine and legs felt more even. 

Son is in London for 3 to 4 weeks as a *consultant* but then has to return to the US till his paperwork is all done.  So he is having a nice paid working vacation to London.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday through Wednesday

Walking, walking and more walking!

Yesterday I walked the whole AC boardwalk from Ballys to the Hilton and back then Ballys to Showboat and back.  Another day I walked roundtrip from the Borgata to Harrahs and back.

Pedometer registered over 44,000 paces!

Got lots of Vitamin D too :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday and Zumba Live! WOW!!!!

This morning I did Zumba Live which was incredible on the YogFlex with Fitstix with minimal tweaking to use less space. After several breaks to catch my breath, I did some Classical Stretch. Will be seeing if the YogFlex triggers my foot problem without shoes. It didn't this morning :)

So I will be careful to wear shoes when I crosstrain with the UR and maybe, this probably will heal enough where I can venture onto the UR again barefooted cautiously.

What I especially love about Zumba Live is really no cuing just follow along and enjoy the music. It is just Beto doing what Beto does best, making moving fun.  Cannot believe this was available through youtube!

Our visit with son went fine yesterday and he even stayed longer than usual.  Ate all of his favorite childhood dishes.
What shocked me was how much weight he had gained since March!
He will be turning 31 and guess his metabolism is slowing down.
Also he totally quit smoking after trying on and off for years.
He was so skinny till recently that I never thought he would gain weight.
Think this move will really help him because he explained how London is different from NYC. In NYC, the social life starts after 10pm. In London, it starts as soon as work ends. So most day in NYC he just stays in and plays video games or watches dvds till bedtime. I am sure he will be spending every vacation in NYC, including a connection with us. With the internet, everyone feels next door anyways.

This trip will help him decide exactly what he wants his goals to be in the future. He is purging himself of all possessions he definitely doesn't need after being very compulsive with collections (dvds, cds, etc.). He has to stay with this next company if he wants to stay in London, so will take it all one step at a time. It is a promotion in his growing field (online behavorial targeting) so he will be set professionally no matter where he lives unless he decides to pursue something else. Still hopes to find a lifetime partner and even adopt.

Now if our younger son could just find himself a position that he wouldn't mind in spite of all of his anxieties and Asperger's.  Our neighbor who was his karate teacher offered to teach him to drive but son is resistant to trying.  He almost considered moving into Greg's apartment till the lease was up in December and finding a job in NYC if Greg's room mate cannot find another room mate but that is just too much of a leap for him without Greg there to help.  For now,  he is still our housesitter LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday and Farewell

 This morning I did some Zumba while holding the Fitstix then put on shoes and did some on the UR, took a break and did some Hip Hop Abs with Fitstix then Classical Stretch.

Our son is visiting later to say bye bye before going to karaoke with high school friends.

(one of the friends is giving son stuff to take to London cuz friend's brother is in *Hair* there, actually he is the lead)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This morning I did some Hip Hop Abs and Rock It Out's Hardcore Abs with the Fitstix, alittle on the UR wearing shoes then after the break did some Classical Stretch.

I got alittle weepy that our son was leaving America during the Neil Diamond impersonator's *America* at the casino yesterday but got over it and am fine about son's leaving.  Actually may see more of him this year than we would have if he stayed a 30 minute bus trip away LOL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weds and a rest day

Today we had a bus trip to a Pocono casino and on the bus I got a call from our older son who lives in NYC that he accepted a job starting next week in


It has been his dream to live there so his dream is coming true.
I am still in shock though.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This morning I did a walking workout while holding the Fitstix but stayed off the UR because my lower legs had DOMS from yesterday but found I may need to wear shoes even for walking workouts on the floor cuz my foot problem got triggered :(  

I then did some KB swings and mostly lower body stuff while holding my favorite homemade XCO trainer (Simply Orange bottle and rocksalt).  After a break I did a Classical Stretch.

The elderly father of a member of VF has been missing since Friday.  The police have finally started an all out search with bloodhounds and flyovers.  Sounds like an Air Show here.

ETA: a body has been found in the woods that may be the missing dad. Hope whoever he is that he died peacefully and painlessly and that it didn't matter that the police didn't bother sooner.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I did the second half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and some on the UR after donning shoes. Think I will have to wear shoes whenever using the UR cuz it seems to trigger my foot pain when I don't. Never had this foot problem before getting the UR too. For the first time in a long time, I did the whole workout without Arnica gel. Usually, I have to stop and apply some to finish.
After a break, I decided to test my elbows since they have been just about twinge free for quite awhile, even when pulling open very heavy doors in AC and donned my Shadowboxer belt and did a few rounds (after not being able to find the Express dvd which made my break quite long). I really enjoyed it for crosstraining. So far so good! No twinging and I think if I did any damage, it would be immediate. I will be careful though not to use any bands tomorrow though even though I have found the Express dvd Whoo Hoo.
I also found 3 other misplaced workouts when searching for the ShadowBoxer Express plus a few that would have become misplaced :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This morning I did the first half or so of Bootcamp Boogie and really love the music. Most moves worked well with Fitstix too. Then I took a break then did some Get Sexy with my homemade XCO trainer and finished with Classical Stretch which I think is now repeating episodes I have already taped so have to do some research with my tapes LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weds through Saturday

Did alot of walking in the sunshine :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This morning I revisited Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk which worked great with Fitstix then did some of the Rejuvenation Stretch then took a short break and did some Classical Stretch.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday and Moving more intensely

The heat and humidity are GONE but the cooler weather brought some aches and pains with it so after taking a Tylenol, I worked out with much more intensity than usual.  I revisited Rock It Out and loved it!!! A real AWT that works well with sliding filler weights. I started with the Fitstix on the UR then used mostly my Pringles cans off the UR. Took a healthbouncing break during the planks then finished with some Classical Stretch.

I also experimented jump roping with a pinkie ball inside a sock when healthbouncing but my elbows said *No*.

ETA: Just finished a spark with Donna Richardson's Brazilian workout and the moves worked great with the Fitstix.  Loved the drum music and loved the chaptering which enabled me to skip when a routine became too repetitive.