Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tues: Oh dear (don't know whether to smile or frown)

Well the bad news is, I may have to change the focus and title of my blog.

The good news is I am down 5 pounds from the bottom of my plateau and my measurements (hips, thighs, waist) have all found new lows. I can actually close a pair of pants I bought when losing weight over 10 years ago that I thought I would be soon wearing back then but never did. Really haven't changed much as far as eating and if anything, am working out less the past few weeks. Have had plenty of stress over the new heating system. The only real change has been moving the bungee into the living room, inviting me to do alittle bouncing a minute here and there as I walk through the room. I am even lower than I was after a bout of food poisoning after which all of the weight returned immediately when eating resumed.

Will be adding my workout breakdown later in the morning.

ETA: I warmed up on and off the ReboundAIR with Fitstix to a cardio routine with Anna (& Ravi) then did some of Supreme 90's Cardio routine, fast forwarding past the moves I prefer to skip. The moves I did do worked well with homemade XCOs and Kettlebells. Did miss the bungee's petal mat for some of the wide legged higher impact stuff. Never realized how narrow the diameter of the ReboundAIR mat was by comparison. Will probably switch to the YogFlex till my strap repair job fails. Finished with the Tai Chi warmup from Chi Yoga (same instructor as the Chiball workouts but no chiball). Will try to do even longer bungee sparks in the living room throughout the day. Maybe even pop a rebounding workout in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday & Ready to Rumble with the fuel company

This morning I did the Kukuwa Teen workout then some of Shaun T's Rock It Out, mostly with Fitstix and finished with Classical Stretch.

Expecting one of the top service guys from the fuel company today to replace any radiator valves that need replacing for free this afternoon. Would have had him come this morning but it is our son's birthday and didn't want him woken up cuz one of the hissers are in his room. If too much water is released as steam from a radiator valve and not dropped back into the system, more fresh water needs to be used to refill and fresh water is more corrosive to the system.

Next week am expecting a call from a top executive of the oil company to discuss our differences. Our contract is missing the back/reverse side that lists materials as well as Terms&Conditions. We have found some stuff on the front that implies we are being charged extra for standard items that are included in the system. Also they finally delivered a thermostat over 48 hours after the system installation but it was a different brand than listed. So we have plenty of reasons to contest the contract. Of course, that doesn't include several false verbal promises made by the sales rep. Meanwhile, DH found an advertisement claiming Buyers Club customers get $250 off of equipment. We had joined the Buyer's Club for $25 to pre-pay for oil this winter and have yet to get the second delivery, much of which is still pre-paid so they should honor that $250. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating at stake to satisfy us. They had 2 claims in the last 36 months which had been resolved. Worse they can do to us is take out the system and ruin our credit rating. I'll just have my plumber install gas if they are that dumb.

Then there is my blog :) I noticed because it is a google blog, almost anything searched on google that is mentioned clearly in my blog shows my blog on a search. If they satisfy us, I will not mention their name. If they do not satisfy us, no customer who checks the internet will have anything to do with them. Most oil companies are struggling to keep customers and gas heat is much preferred in our area.

We have never fought before though we had good reasons:
Had a new paint job on the house which was followed within 30 minutes by an intense storm and the paint job streaked alot from rain.
Had the roof replaced with holes in their plastic sheet which allowed tar spots all over the paint.
Had those windows replaced in the den which then leaked because of the ice damn in the gutter and will be reroofing the den and getting a new gutter.

This was the service straw that broke the camel's back and I am ready to rumble

ETA: Actually the executive calling me next week is the OWNER of the fuel company! The engineer who came today is ordering alot of radiator adjustments next week. Vents will be free but one radiator's valve is leaking and will need some real work. The engineer was shown our two copies of the contract and couldn't believe the errors made. For example, the first one called for over one and a half million dollars deposit (kid you not!). Don't know what that sales rep was eating or drinking those days.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This morning I did the 2nd, 3rd and 4th songs from Kukuwa's Tween workout then did the coreball part of Susan Chung's Rapid Fire and some of her Shadowboxing with Fitstix. Did some of the above on the YogFlex. Finished with Classical Stretch and more workout reorganizing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


This morning, I warmed up with the 3rd and 4th songs on Kukuwa's Kids workout. Third song on the YogFlex with Fitstix but the 4th song without the YogFlex and Fitstix cuz it was a core and abs killer. Expecting DOMS tomorrow from it.

Then I did some more of Brook Benten's Butt & Guts which became very monotonous. Next time will start at the 29-30 minute mark where the music is better since it is pretty much the same few moves throughout. Started doing a Classical Stretch but got distracted by my workout reorganizing LOL

I have been doing alot of high intensity intervals on the bungee in the living room cuz the higher ceiling enables more intensity. Since the bungee is upstairs and I happen to have a convenient vcr there, I may be using some rebounding vhs there as sparks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday and everything is looking better

This morning I did a warmup with the Kukuwa Tween workout on the YogFlex with Fitstix then some of Brook Benten's Butt & Guts with the Kathy Smith 5 lb Kettlebell then some Classical Stretch.

Felt great to move again and oddly, I am well below my plateau numbers??? Guess moving around all of the stuff from the basement then returning the stuff to the basement and reorganizing my workouts was a workout!

The supervisor of the service department for the oil company called me this morning and resolved some of the conflicts. One of his top service people is coming to the house earlier next week to check for water leakage cuz we are using too much water and will be changing radiator valves as needed for free :) The sales supervisor will be away till the following week but will be contacting me to try to resolve my issues with their sales rep. The Asbestos Removal company sent us a bill and will take $100 off if we pay by check instead of credit card which was a nice surprise.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday & still stress

Well I finally got a good night sleep but still no new thermostat installed as stated in our contract after speaking to several employees Tuesday and Wednesday. So started investigating and found a couple of double charges and unfulfilled promises from the sales rep to the point of deciding not to pay for the installation after we receive the bill till they satisfy us. Sent them an email listing our complaints then printed the email and sent it registered mail. They just lost an oil customer cuz after next winter, I will be having our plumber convert to gas and have the underground tank removed. Even if I love our heat next winter, will not consider switching to an indoor oil tank and dealing with these (snake oil) sales reps again.

All I did was some bouncing on the bungee and alittle Classical Stretch, feeling too wiped out for more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yes, we have heat! A bit stinky till the dust burns off of our radiators though. The new system is faster and more powerful. Heart sunk when I first woke up and realized the system didn't fire but saw the water level was too low. New system is much easier to refill with water so don't think our son will have a problem when we are away.

Still not completely sleep refreshed so instead of doing a workout, I started reorganizing my collection. Part of the Asbestos removal project was cleaning out the oil boiler room and I realized I now had lots of empty cubbyholes and shelf space! All at eye level with good lighting. So I'll be reorganizing my whole collection so I can find what I want more easily. Even figured out where to put some of the stuff I removed from the room for the cleaning.

Of course, I am confirming I have way too many workouts to ever do again in my lifetime! I began collecting almost 12 years ago when I worked out 7 days a week and am away from home much more often visiting AC now so will not be home enough days a week to ever revisit everything and of course, will be adding more as I go.

Also realized 2 of my electric spaceheaters can also be fans without heat so will keep one of them in my workout area and move my workout fan elsewhere. This way I can have heat when workingout and the basement feels chilly or air circulating when it feels stuffy.

Added bonus, we confirmed our new smoke alarm works when the burner was first fired and threw off smoke which was totally expected by the installation guys.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today the old burner is being removed so the new burner will not be installed and running till tomorrow and it is supposed to be really cold tonight and tomorrow with snow :(

The stress of this whole thing is interfering with my sleep so today is yet another rest day cuz sleep deprived :(

ETA: Hurray! There were as many as 6 guys here from the oil company and I now have heat! They said they did 2 days work in one and I believe it. The heat is coming up with all windows opened to dilute some the smell that happens when the burner is first used.

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


The guys are here removing the asbestos from the oil burner and pipes. All I have done so far is some healthbouncing and jogging on the bungee cuz was up at 4:30 to give us a last shot of heat before the burner was going to be dismantled. Glad I did it cuz the temp is dropping in the house with the side door being opened alot as they carried equipment into the basement. Still chilly outside (even snowed a bit!)

May do a workout later but probably will take a nap instead :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

uh oh

I brought the bungee upstairs to use because I will not have access to my basement workout area the next two days. It is nice having it in a room with a higher ceiling and I'll be bouncing alot throughout the days to keep warm. BUT now my son is liking it alittle too much since his feet hurt less using it and if my husband finally gives it a go and likes it, it may not be returning to my basement :(

Oh well, I can always do a gentler healthbounce and athletic cardio on the ReboundAIR in the basement as I did for years.


This morning I did 11 rounds of Speedbody, using the bungee, medballs, Fitstix and homemade XCOs whenever, whatever felt right. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Am using an electric space heater by the puter and earlier in the basement workout area. May gamble and go for some radiator heat tonight and just watch the burner in case the water starts to gush out. Tomorrow, the asbestos guy will be disabling our burner to remove asbestos from it so will not have the radiator heat option till the new burner is installed Tuesday.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This morning I started with the second Elle Make Better Cardio workout on the bungee then did some balletcise (a freebie vhs from the thrift store cuz I had a $5 coupon and was spending only $4) then 2 songs from Kukuwa's Kids workout and Classical Stretch. I really like the older Classical Stretches I had recorded on to vhs from their broadcast several years ago because the audio is better than her newer stuff.

In spite of higher temps yesterday, my basement was chilly since heat rises and the burner hasn't been on since Weds night to warm the area so I used a little space heater and in less than 10 minutes, it was very comfortable :) I am confident with the electric heaters, we can warm the house room by room as needed in just a few minutes then let our well insulated home keep it comfortable till Tuesday. Think tonight the temp is dropping as low as 28 :(

2 things to note fitness-wise. I think my endurance has improved because I could handle yesterday's Jumpsport Cardio and this morning's ELLE better than previous visits. Also I think my hips are measuring less than they ever have since starting this fitness journey almost 12 years ago. Pretty neat since I start collecting Social Security next month.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday & some revisiting

I started my workout this morning with the 16 minute cardio chapter on the dvd that came with my bungee rebounder. Think this is the first time I did the whole routine cuz usually pooped when trying it after doing the Basic warmup and cardio first. It is about the best straight cardio routine for a rebounder out there. The instructor is pleasant, the music decent and the moves are all rebounding type moves but tweaked with syncopations that make them more interesting. I am really surprised that nobody else who got the Jumpsport 370 Fitness Trampoline which came with this dvd has mentioned it much. Next I did about 20 minutes of Yodates and about 20 minutes of Shaun T's Rockin Body Rock It Out with Fitstix and homemade XCOs and finished with Classical Stretch.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday & burner headaches continue

Good thing I canceled our night in AC tonight because the burner water started leaking again early this morning probably after the heat turned on and put more pressure on the system. There was no leaking since we had ordered a new burner on Monday so thought we would get to next Monday without anymore leaking if I kept the water level low. Heat had been coming up once a night with no problem. The thought of me checking and seeing there was a leak again before leaving for AC would have been even more stressful! Anywho put the thermostat down to 50 and doubt I will be putting more water in to start the system even if it dips below that. Thankfully, it is supposed to be warmer today and tomorrow and our home is very well insulated. Can always wear more clothing layers, put on the oven or use small electric heaters my mom had used that had been collecting dust (figuratively cuz been in a suitcase staying dust free) . Would make a fire in our fireplace but I had the gas line there sealed off and don't want to bother trying without the gas helping for its initial ignition, even though I still have a log to use. Also had the outside gas line that fueled our BBQ grill sealed off. My fear of a gas leak is what is making me stick with oil for now.

So I did workout in spite of everything!! Did the warmup then workout #3 from the Tribal Energy dvd because it had the least TIFTTing and was very bungee friendly. Then did the cardio from the best of TamiLee Webb with Fitstix. Then the chair in Mallett's Renew You Sleek and Lean which worked the abs and finished with a very nice Classical Stretch from near the end of its first televised season. Yesterday I got excited about a *new* Tribal Energy African workout on totalfitnessdvds till I realized it was from 2009 and I already had it LOL

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weds & JayLo Fitness revisit

This morning I did the core and lower body shorter workout on Bob Harper's Rev Cardio dvd and afterwards, actually felt like working out for the first time since coming back from AC to a water leak from our corroding oil burner so decided to revisit my largest disappointment Jay Lo Fitness. First I visited the last chapter that was supposed to combine the first two chapters and again was very frustrated with the endless repetition of knee raises so then switched to the second chapter *Attack* which started with a knee raise and pivot to a lunge with a simple punch while holding a dumb bell. Instead of dumbbells, I held my homemade XCOs and was surprised I didn't mind the repetitive reps and felt a good burn afterwards! So I think I am actually going to keep the dvd and revisit just this 15 minute 2nd chapter as a spark or miniworkout when I do not want to think much, just exert. Then I did a few band upper body moves and finished with Classical Stretch.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This morning I mostly kept moving on the bungee with Fitstix. First to the Firm Cardio Dance Express then some Scott Cole Disco Dojo and finished with Classical Stretch.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday & burner headaches

Well yesterday I noticed our water seemed to be disappearing from our oil burner glass gauge and then this morning saw alittle seeping under the burner so had the oil guy come out to check it out. Unfortunately, our water tank is corroded and leaking so need a new burner. Have Asbestos removal guys coming to remove our asbestos around the pipes and once it is done, the oil company can install a new burner the same day or next day. Just do not want 40 gallons of dirty water spilling out in my basement! Decided to stay with oil heat so we can have more time to install an indoor tank and remove our underground tank instead of having to have the underground tank removed almost immediately ruining our Spring and Summer plans.

So I attempted to workout while waiting for the oil guy but he came about 10 minutes into my workout and am now waiting for their sales rep to bring by a contract for the new burner.

Not a happy camper today :(

ETA: well, I got in a functional workout as did the rest of the family cuz we had to move everything movable out of the burner room so the Asbestos removal guys could do their thing. After we started, we heard they were not coming till Monday but already had our motors going and finished moving everything to our garage. We will be without a burner that Monday night because there is asbestos to be removed inside the burner as well and it is an all day job so no new burner will be installed till Tuesday. Sunday will be another functional workout removing everything in the path from the side door to the burner room.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

catchup to Sunday

I walked plenty Weds through Saturday, even got some sunshine on the AC boardwalk :)

This morning I did a gifted dvd: Your Best Body Circuit. It had plenty of good bungee cardio, bands and dumb bell stuff that worked with my homemade XCOs, bands or Kettlebell/medball. Finished with Classical Stretch.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tues & Bob's Rev Cardio

After warming up with DTour cardio on the bungee, I tried the long workout on Bob Harper's Body Rev Cardio Conditioning which I had won through the Fitness for the Rest of Us and Collagevideo giveaway.

I liked it! I really liked it! much more than I thought I would. Didn't care for the music which is usually a key factor for me BUT the moves enabled me to use most of my favorite toys/equipment and I could easily skip over the parts I did not like (planks, excessive reps, etc.). Instead of the single dumb bell, I used a kettlebell (5lb Kathy Smith) and instead of light weights, my precious Fitstix. Did all athletic cardio on the bungee. Instead of all of the press ups, I added in alot of other upper body with the Fitstix to work my biceps, triceps and rear delts.

Will just blast different music next time. Also have to try the shorter workout on the dvd. Finished with alittle Classical Stretch.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday OWN workouts first day

This was the first morning that Oprah's new channel OWN was going to broadcast 2 Gaiam workouts from 6am to 7am ET Mon through Friday. I dubbed the Firm Zero to 10 and Tanya's Cardio to vhs and gave them a whirl, even though I already had Tanya's. I fast forwarded through the commercials, of which there were many. I liked that the sound and video were darn good even from a vhs dubbing (no dvr yet in this house) so will keep my eyes open for workouts new to me, especially the newer Firms. I did the above mostly with the bungee and homemade XCOs and Fitstix.

Then I did the whole Core Transformer 3D 1000 Calorie workout but fast forwarded after doing the right amount of reps for me so wound up doing many 15 minutes of the hour workout LOL

Finished with Classical Stretch.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This morning, I did the second half of Kukuwa's Adult Advanced then the first song of the cardio from DTour with music only, most of the above cardio on the bungee. The DTour cardio will be great for warming up and sparks on the bungee and will probably work well with Fitstix too. Then I did some of the DTour strength. Much of it felt like Ellen Barrett's style. I used my homemade XCOs with alot of tweaking. Next time, when she uses a single dumb bell, I'll try a kettlebell or medball. Also want to revisit the same instructor's South Beach Diet dvd which I liked previously. Then I did Kathy Smith's lower body chapter from her Kettlebell dvd and really loved it with music only. Finished with Classical Stretch.

Before my workout, I felt very tired. Afterwards, I felt so much better. I must remember on low energy days how much workingout will help me.

I have now used the Kukuwas everyday and visited the workouts twice. Have to fiugre out a way to keep visiting and at the same time, not ignore my other workouts!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This morning, I did the first half of Kukuwa's Advanced Adult workout, on and off the rebounder then the non-medball rounds from Speedboy with Fitstix, on and off the rebounder. Did alittle of Kathy Smith's Bodylift and finished with Classical Stretch.

Am arguing with myself which to use as a spark later:

the second half of the Kukuwa Advanced


the walking cardio on a newly received dvd DTour

decisions, decisions, decisions

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday:Kukuwa wins top honors & giveaway

This morning I did Kukuwa's Teen workout, on and off the bungee then some of the Core Transformer 3D 1000 Calorie workout then Kathy Smith's Kettlebell workout for the upper body with music only and finished with Classical Stretch. Enjoyed everything but was smiling the most during Kukuwa. Cannot choose which of her new dvds I prefer so will declare it a tie for now.

and it is official: Kukuwa's new dvds are my favorite workouts in my collection of over 1000 dvds and vhs and tv recordings. They were fun the first time round and even more fun on the second visit.


Lindsey's Fitness For the Rest of Us blog is having a giveaway for the Kukuwa Youth dvd!


Thursday, March 3, 2011


This morning I did Kukuwa's Tween workout (first 2 songs on the bungee) then Kathy Smith's Fatburning Kettlebell workout with music only. Also did the warmup and legs from Kathy's BodyLift and finished with Classical Stretch.

So now the rotten hackers have compromised Kukuwa's email account! It really stinks.

ETA: just did 1/2 of the Kukuwa Intermediate Adult workout as a spark. I swear these are even better second time around!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This morning I did the Kids workout from Kukuwa's Youth dvd , mostly on the bungee with Fitstix then the medball rounds from Speedbody and finished with Classical Stretch.

I believe I was clickjacked on Facebook. I do remember clicking on a facebook video I believed was safe but obviously wasn't. This sort of thing happens alot on Facebook and several other sites. Sad that there are so many people out there who will ruin the internet for others. Same sort of thing seems out of control with scam phonecalls. Would think the internet and phone companies would have better security measures. No wonder older people, especially, are afraid to trust computers and the internet

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday through Tues

AC was good. Walked plenty. Good food and even a free *Beatlemania Now* show. Last but not least, we even came home with more $$ than what we had taken. Granted we are going less often this year because of the weather but it is nice to see us in the plus column after 2 months :)

However, checking email at the Apple store became very frustrating because a FaceBook hacker made it look like I had won an Ipad to phish for credit card info from my *friends* who fell for the scam. Changed passwords and increased my security options and will not be clicking on any links in Facebook emails or even on Facebook applications, etc. now that I know their security is so weak.

Then to add insult to injury, my husband's Borgata account became compromised. Somebody had his Black Label card and was eating our comp dollars! Yeah they claimed they checked his ID but we know for a fact they do not always look at the name on the ID, just the picture. So hubby's account is frozen till they figure out how many comp dollars should be there. Now that we know this sort of thing happens, it makes me less motivated to play there. I do not want to play accountant to their poor security system!