Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Last night I had a terrible thigh spasm (Thank God for Arnica gel!) and the peripheral neuropathy was really intense the rest of the night and this morning.  The thought of living with this condition the rest of my life was downright depressing.

I figured I would try to workout anyway and sure enough, once the music started and I started moving, I felt much better physically and mentally.  The MUsic I added to several Dakidissa files was great and she had plenty of simple unique moves to try on the bungee and ball.

I think my favorite was this one:

Of course I preferred it with my MUsic.  If you do not like the music in the original, just play your own (or visit Bouncin Barb on

Since the neuropathy feels very different, higher into my thighs but not as bad in the feet, I am hoping that is a sign that the nerves sheaths are starting to heal and not a sign of it progressing and getting worse.  Time will tell.  Silver lining, I may be asking for a medical marijuana script. LOL

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jessica Smith Gave Me a Shout Out!!!

I just ordered Jessica's new double dvd set and her other new dvd and got free shipping.

On her announcement about her new dvds

This is what she said about the music:

What's the music like?
We spent hours searching for the best licensed music available from our our amazing fitness music provider, Power Music, for these new walks. If the music didn't make us want to get up and move and groove, it didn't make it into the mix! Power Music worked with our requests to custom create each walking mix just for us (Barb S., I sure hope they get your stamp of approval! ;-).

Just to clarify, there is a new Walk On double dvd set 
Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

and another third  single dvd add-on
Walk On: 15-Minute Fast Fat Blasts

Great MUsic!!

I did a few more edited files this morning after finishing the TA Rebounder started yesterday.  I liked two files for their moves and MUsic alot!  One was an edit of  a Moms into Fitness routine:


Another was an edited version of a Norbi routine


My edits are on
Please use my invitation link if you are not already subscribed
(see Favorite links to the right side of the blog)

ETA spark:
I just did a couple of chapters from a Les MiIls BodyVive routine and lurve its music.  I sat on a stability ball for the warmup then held a weird ball I have with spikes which helps massage my hands.

Freemake Products and Malwarebytes Revised

I just downloaded the newest (gold) Freemake Video Converter version and (blue) Freemake Video Downloader from
There were several times I chose *custom* options and unchecked all of the other offers, except on the last offer, I did accept a desktop icon.

You can even do the installation offline by downloading the offline version at

Just take your time unchecking unwanted offers
No worries if you goof!
Download the FREE malwarebytes anti-malware program from
to remove unwanted objects.
(only get their FREE program because their free trial program for their upgraded program will run out)

Check my other Freemake links for tips on how to use these programs for editing, etc

a few people mistakenly got the free trial period of the Premium Malwarebytes program which can cause some frustration when the free trial period ends.

The completely FREE Malwarebytes version is manually opened when you want to run it.
The Premium is running all of the time which I prefer not to do because I do not want to waste my laptop resources.   The FREE version has kept my laptop running well without adware.  Only once did I have to run it in safe mode for a very nasty infection (see below).

If you want to use Malwarebytes:
After installing the Malwarebytes FREE anti-malware program,
(do not get the upgraded Malwarebytes program with a free trial)
do a *Scan Now* for a quick Threat scan (takes about 10 to 30 minutes)
When done, choose to remove all suspicious objects
If suspicious objects are found you should do a custom full scan which can take a couple of hours

You may even want to use malwarebytes BEFORE as well as AFTER installing Freemake Video Converter
It did a nice job of removing malware and didn't mess up any of my other programs.
Malwarebytes came highly recommended to me by a pc professional
(I personally distrust Norton, Mcaffee and SpyHunter.  Also another highly recommended program slowed down the startup cycle on my laptop)

Always accept updates from Malwarebytes.

If a Malwarebytes scan freezes your Windows PC,   you can use the Windows built in check disk tool to find and fix errors on your hard drive which usually solves the problem.
Check Disk will give you the option of scheduling the task the next time you turn on your Windows PC.
It took about 15 minutes to complete on my laptop.

Using Windows Explorer
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

alternative to using Windows Explorer
click Start lower left corner then computer in the right column
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

For more information about Windows built-in Tools

If there is a stubborn suspicious object detected by Malwarebytes, try running Malwarebytes with all Custom options chosen including root kits after starting in Windows Safe Mode to remove it
To run Windows in Safe Mode:
Turn on pc or restart pc and keep tapping the F8 key
When screen shows Windows Advanced options, scroll with arrow key to Safe Mode and click enter
(do this only when you will not be needing your device for several hours)

Monday, December 29, 2014

BooyaFitness and TapnPow{her}

Some new content online to share!

Previously I had visited with their free membership which enabled just the streaming of one video a day so it really didn't interest me.  However, they recently redesigned their website and now, not only can I view several but I can also download them!
(I used the Download Helper on Firefox)

Also there is a sample class available on vimeo called TapnPow{her}:

Their website is

and in case you missed my previous posts
the free Hamelin video can be accessed at
(right click then scroll down to *save video as* to download it)

All of the above is also available on but remember to use my invitation link for karma
where you can subscribe, follow me (Bouncin Barb), friend me and perhaps become part of the growing Fitness Community if you want to upload content.

This morning I did some of Yoga for Real Energy

and  some of a Tracy Anderson rebounder cardio workout with the audio replaced.
I cannot believe how the music I added brought it to life!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Mixing and Matching

This morning was the rest of Yin the Zone #6, my edited Mad Cool Cardio and a couple of more recent Jessicasmithtv edited routines.  Unfortunately, the jessicasmithtv files were just ok and the only treason why I did them was because of the awesome music I had added.

Yesterday I did a wonderful spark, a file combining two  Amy Bento Kettlebell routines to great music.  I also did a pleasant ballet style routine sitting on a chair to which I had added Broadway musical tunes.  Both made me feel really good.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Really Lurve Dakidissa!

This morning I did different segments of the routines I did yesterday in a different order.  Started with the second part of my edited Mad Cool Cardio on the bungee then did Yin's weighted section from her #6 routine using Fitstix and finished with the rest of Dakidissa's cardio, mostly sitting on the ball.

  While doing the edited Dakidissa, it struck how much more creative it was than the retail cardio workouts.  So many more simple moves than Leslie and the music I chose was just about perfect. It worked standing on and off the bungee as well as bouncing on the ball.
Even if you have no intention of subscribing to through my invitation link, you can still visit this routine for its music and unique moves.

Friday, December 26, 2014


I started a burned dvdr from September that I never really visited and it was amazing.
First I did the first part of Yin the Zone #6, mostly on the bungee while healthbouncing but am anxious to try it on the ball next time.
Next I did I did the first section of my edited Mad Cool Cardio, mostly on the ball but I am anxious to try it on the bungee next time LOL
Last but not least, some of an edited Dakidissa Fast Cardio on the ball then bungee.

All three routines had unique moves and great MUsic.
Tomorrow I will visit all of their second parts.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 in Review

Overall, 2014 was darn good to me.

Even the bad events like adverse side effects from statin induced deficiencies opened new windows for me.  I stopped taking statins and am feeling much better than I have for the past decade.  Also changed my focus from low saturated fat to low empty carbs and made the scale switch directions.

I kept MUving in spite of twinges and avoided serious injuries and illnesses.  I have really learned to listen to my body and avoid moves which can trigger problems. Very thankful for the immediate healing properties of Arnica gel for when I did make a bad move and the protection from colds by administrating some Hydrogen peroxide to my ears.
The JumpSport 550 enabled lots of movement and the 370 PRO mat and Hopper Ball also kept me moving.

Moving to MUsic in enjoyable ways is my magic bullet to feeling good.  I took edited routines and adding music to a whole new level making me more excited about working out than ever, especially since I now have more energy.  Anything annoying whether a specific move or voice is GONE creating dread free routines.

Finding online content other than what youtube allows can be challenging. opened up new doors for me enabling the storing and sharing of my content as well as offering me more content to explore.  I even dabbled a bit with bit torrents from Russia LOL

Most importantly, instead of focusing on how much time I have left, I am focusing on enjoying what time I do have left and feeling as well as possible.  If I can bring some joy into other people's lives that is a great bonus.

Things I have to work on in future years:
Appreciating myself and those who appreciate me
Avoiding toxic people
Learning to say *No* without guilt (very tough one for me)
Not worrying about stuff over which I have no control

That being said, the routines done this morning were edited Cours Gym danse and sport routines and a short visit with one of my favorite online instructors Manuel.  Tomorrow I plan to spend time with Dakidissa.  I love adding MUsic to routines not in English since I cannot follow the cuing anyways.  There is a whole world out there and MUving is the universal language.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

More Cours

This morning I did a few more edited Cours routines on the bungee then ball.  I really like the Sport cardio routine so will edit the others LOL

Have a Merry Christmas  or whatever you prefer to celebrate.
I will be celebrating that stopping statins was the best gift I could give myself.  Next best gift was discovering
and here are my gifts to y'all
Invitation to WellVideo from Bouncin Barb


Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 1 by POMBarb

and here is a temporary filemail for a Hamelin D'abell Freebie
filemail link for Hamelin free video
The video can also be accessed at
(right click then scroll down to *save video as* to download it)

Ho Ho Ho

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cours Revisited

This morning I started revisiting my edited Cours files from

Here's a previous blog post about them instead of repeating the same initial impressions.  The time flew by which is a very good thing to say about them.

Before visiting a new burned dvdr for the next week, I figured to revisit a series I previously liked.
I burn ~ 8 hours on a dvdr of mostly edited routines so a single dvdr keeps me MUving for a week or more.  I  really want to visit all of the virgins once so the only way to sneak in a revisit is to do it before I start a whole new burned dvdr.  I'm not just lazy about switching dvds in my player but know its tray days may be numbered so the less I open and close it, the better.

Found another great German exercise site
Unfortunately, their website is difficult for an American to understand.
Anywho my spark was some of their Drop A Size routine.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Where did today go?

Today is passing me by!
So before I totally forget to blog today's routine, this morning I did some cardio with an edited file of Amy Bento Fatblast Intervals from the 10 minute Solution 5 Day Get Fit Mix then the edited file of BBX Burn3.  Finished with a short revisit of the edited Denise Austin Shrink your Fat Zone Pilates file I did the other day (12/15).

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I have been so busy sharing stuff on WellVideo that I forgot what I did this morning LOL
Two dvd uploads had corrupted files, one I had to upload the second part after the corrupted file and the other I had removed the corrupted file before uploading because I became aware of the glitch. It's much more work to have to do this reconstruction.
I think a Windows update may be interfering with ripping separate VTS files with both Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter.    Too much of a coincidence that both breaks were right inbetween two separate VTS files.  Once I am sure that it is the problem,  I will report it to Freemake so hopefully they can eventually fix the glitch.

OK I now remember I did another Leslie Walk with Holiday MUsic.  Loved the music but Leslie was just her usual self so I mostly freestyled.

ETA: I forgot to mention I fixed the clogged low water cutoff on our oil burner!
Saved us $425 for an unneeded replacement.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 2014 Windows Updates

I have received 3 huge Windows updates the past two days so leave yourselves lots of extra time for shutting down and starting up your Windows pcs!

This morning I did an edited Amy Dixon Kickbox routine and edited BBX Burn Level 2 and lurved both!

This evening's spark was an edited Chris Freytag Walk and Sculpt.

Just a reminder ...
I store my favorite routines on
Here is an invitation link which will gain me karma points there towards enabling direct downloads.
Follow and Friend Bouncin Barb for my stuff
If you like what you see, be sure to register to see even more.
If you would like to become more active on WellVideo,
(you can store both video files and embedded content there for streaming and can download most of these items whenever you want)
ask for an invitation code to their Fitness Community Club.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unzipping a Filemail

Here are just a two options of what to do with a zipped filemail on a Windows7 laptop

(1) Open the zipped folder and Play the video while it is still in your download folder
I download the zip files using Chrome.
After the download is completed, I click on the options menu to the right of the downloaded file on the bottom of the Chrome screen and choose to *Open* the zip file by double clicking on Open
then double click any of the video files to Play.
You can also access the zipped folder by looking in your download folder or whatever folder is designated for downloads and if worse comes to worse using the Windows Start menu search for *filemail* to find the zipped folder from filemail.

(this is what I prefer to do)
(2) Move the zipped folder to where you want the videos located on your device before extracting the files there.
After the download is completed, I click on the options menu to the right of the downloaded file on the bottom of the Chrome screen and choose *show in folder* (if you do not have this option check your download folder or whatever folder you had designated for downloads from your browser)
and  right click mouse on the zipped folder and choose to *cut* the whole zipped folder then paste it in another location, usually a video folder in the library or a newly created folder. 
(create a new folder by right clicking in the library video folder you want it to be and choosing *new* then *folder* then right click the new folder and choose paste. You can rename this folder with a right click whenever you want).
After the zipped folder is pasted where I want it, I right click on the zipped  folder and choose *extract all*   One by one the videos start getting extracted in the designated folder where I wanted them much quicker than when I try to move and extract each file one at a time.
I eventually delete the zip folder because I do not need it anymore with its contents already extracted.

BBX, LS, KettleBody

Here's this morning's routine:

Edited to remove moves and add MUsic
BBX HardCore Burn Level 1 which was outstanding on the bungee!!
IMHO this routine offers much more interesting moves and combos than the new Insanity Max 30s!

Edited to add Holiday MUsic
Leslie Sansone Booster Mile which was ridiculously boring. Everyone was holding different toys but the toys were hardly used!!!  So after my fingers started tingling like crazy, I freestyled on the ball using different toys, including my home made walking XCO trainers (Pringles/Lays cans partially filled with rock salt and held with a wrist band wrapped around the can and my wrist)
Wound up trying some of the BBX moves on the ball and found they worked well too.

Edited to remove moves
GoFit Kettlebody by Brook (Benton)
Actually liked this one enough to want to revisit it but with MUsic next time.

Last night I had a very big Windows automatic update which took a long time to download before shutdown and then a very long time to configure this morning upon startup.
Just wanted to warn other Windows users to be patient when shutting down or starting up.

ETA: Strange spark indeed ...
Insanity Max Cardio Challenge with the planks removed and music added.  Worked both standing and sitting in a swivel chair.

Reviewing 2014 and Previous Years

Since it is December, I think it would be a good time to review this year, previous years, and hopefully, propose some expectations for the next.

My workouts have been great as well as my leisure activity of replacing soundtracks on just about all of the workouts I do (while removing all unwanted moves like burpees, etc. LOL).  I love the option of using to store most of my videos I want to revisit to have them at my fingertips without having to do a treasure hunt for the dvdr backup.

Each day I bounce on the bungee then ball for at least 40 minutes.  The combination of bouncing and MUsic just keep me moving and happy. Stress is the source of most serious ailments so I really need to get more diligent about sparks throughout the day next year.

Here's where a blog comes in handy.

2014 has been much kinder to me than the previous years.  Even though I became more aware of other adverse effects of statin use, I was able to reverse the severity of most of them.  It is such a relief not to suffer that terrible fatigue and brain fog I got each morning.

2013 was the battle with Plantar Fasciitis which led me to my wonderful Jumpsport PRO bungees so there was a sliver lining

2012 was when a bad knee and hip had me ready to move to a home without stairs.  Never expected to be using stairs without pain again but our bodies have an amazing ability to heal if we keep moving and listening to what feels good and more importantly, what doesn't feel good.

2010 and 2011 marked the battle of the golfer's elbows.  The silver lining here was that I stopped trying to do planks and other moves which aggravated my elbows.  I do miss shoveling snow which I really enjoyed but our son loves it.

Never would have made it this far without Arnica gel and the internet.
My workout obsession kept me finding ways to move enjoyably.
Plantar Fasciitis, Golfer's Elbow, and joint problems were probably all triggered by Lipitor induced deficiencies.  Imagine what my current condition would have been if I had not kept moving.  I believe I would have been suffering full-blown Metabolic Disease.  Metabolic Disease is becoming the current epidemic because of our unsuccessful attempt to limit Coronary Heart Disease.

I still have some remnants of statin induced deficiencies but overall, feel so much better than I have in a decade (started Lipitor over 15 years ago).  I believe we will see a huge revolt against the pharmaceutical companies and medical profession in the next few years.  Not just in the US but world-wide.  Too many people, especially women, have become ill from what is supposed to be a preventative treatment.  I dread ever developing a serious enough condition demanding real medical treatment because I have lost all faith in the medical profession.
Sadder yet because I used to be a part of that community.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

LS and DA

Again I enjoyed the edited Leslie Sansone Mix and Match Walkblasters followed by an edited Denise Austin routine.  As usual, I did 25 minutes on the 550 bungee  and 15 on a large ball.  I just wanted to mention that if you want to give bouncing and dancing on a stability ball a try, make sure it is a large enough size so it will not aggravate your knees.

If I hadn't discovered replacing sound tracks on workouts, I doubt I would be enjoying Leslie and Denise as much as I have been.  Probably would have switched to just freestyling to music because so few workout soundtracks appeal to me.
I have uploaded longer MP3 files from previously edited routines to my Google Drive and will share them so anyone wanting to add a longer MP3 file to a workout can have some available.  If you use Freemake Video Converter (gold) you can easily replace the audio of a video file.
For more information:

These longer MP3 files are accessible here:

I hope anyone not motivated to move will try adding MUsic.

just a quick rant
3 years ago (March 2011) we paid a small fortune to replace our home oil heating system and had several misgivings about the decision.
Well today's annual maintenance visit exposed that the low water cut-off was not functioning.  Service guy said it was probably because I didn't flush it often enough.  With our previous system, I flushed weekly but was told by the head engineer of our oil company which replaced the leaking system that I should only flush once a month because adding fresh corrosive water should be avoided,  WRONG!!!!
Today's service guy showed me an instruction card from the maker of the low water cut off part and pasted it to our burner.  The low water cutoff was supposed to be flushed at least once a week after installing a new powerful system!  A new more powerful system has much more to flush when first installed.    We have decided not to replace this part since I keep an eye on the water level regularly and we have been using very little water.  Why should I pay to replace a part that is no longer under warranty after being given bad advice?  I have little faith in a replacement part not failing as well.
Worse case scenario, our system destroys itself and our plumber will then replace it with a gas system.

ETA: Just read that my flushing technique was all wrong!!
Should have done it in short bursts.

ETA:  It worked!!!
I fixed the clogged low water cutoff on our oil burner!
Saved us $425 for an unneeded replacement.
This morning when I flushed a huge amount of sludge came out.
A few minutes later the heat went on so I flushed again and it shut itself off.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

Monday, December 15, 2014

LS Mix and Match and DA Pilates Great Combo

I visited more of the edited files of Leslie Sansone Mix and Match Walk Blasters and really enjoyed them on the bungee and ball.  However I think I will try the MUsic from 6 with Walk 7 and vice versa LOL

Last but not least, I really enjoyed my edited file of Denise Austin's Shrink your Fat Zones Pilates
full original video of Denise Austin's Shrink your Fat Zones Pilates

Here's a sample of my file:

This combination of bouncing then standing Pilates to great music left me feeling wonderful, mentally and physically.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mix and Match with MUsic

This morning was a real treat for me.

I am not a Leslie Sansone fan, especially with her original audio.  Even her option of louder music on some DVDs does not click for me. Since her moves are easy to follow and tweak, replacing her audio almost makes me a fan LOL
So I immediately got to work on her Mix and Match Walk Blasters, adding just the beginning tunes from some of my favorite workout soundtracks.  The result was magical!

The time flew by and the routines made me feel great.
Cannot ask for more.

Currently the Mix and Match WalkBlasters are half priced ($7.49) on Amazon!  Found the same price at Best Buy too

Statin Side Effects

 A few years ago, I had really bad bilateral golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) after doing some biceps curls which still mildly affects me.  Summer before last developed Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. totally ruining walking for me for the whole summer (thank goodness for bouncing on a large stability ball).  Just read that statins can trigger both conditions!  For as long as I can remember, I also have had many weird twinges especially in the feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, back, hip, etc.  I didn't go to the doctor for these acute strange twinges and tendon flares.  Thankfully Arnica gel made most go away if not tolerable.  However, it wouldn't have mattered because I complained plenty to the doctor during each quarterly exam, mostly about feeling hypoglycemic (light headed, weak. dizzy) which he just ignored.  This hypoglycemic feeling hit me every morning before lunch and sometimes was debilitating.  It made me afraid to go to stores with bright lights which seemed to make it worse.

Then in the few months before making the statin connection, the bouts of weakness became longer, endurance when exercising dwindled, daily morning headaches and brain fog developed.  Last but not least, a tingling in the feet spread to my calves then thighs.    Then the news hit about how many women got type2 diabetes because of a statin.  My fasting blood sugar had been higher than 100 at least once and my Triglycerides always on the high side but ridiculously high at least once. Also, it didn't seem like eating less and exercising more affected my weight at all, eating a low fat diet.  So I started digging on the internet.  Once I made the connection of all of my adverse conditions to statin use and avoiding saturated fats, I starting taking Lipitor every other day and added CoQ10.  Almost immediately, the brain fog lifted and all other conditions seemed to improve.  My next blood tests were ok except the LDL crept upwards a bit but was still in the acceptable range.  Again my doctor shut me down when explaining what I had been feeling and doing.  Called CoQ10 a placebo.  Soon afterwards I was also diagnosed with cataracts which can also be a statin induced condition.
So after more reading online and not finding any sound evidence that Lipitor prevented heart disease or a first heart event in women, I decided to just stop Lipitor altogether.  I did it slowly though but could have done it cold turkey.  My next blood tests were bad (rebounding effect from stopping Lipitor) so my doctor prescribed 5 mg of Crestor every other day and to keep taking my CoQ10 which was no longer considered a placebo.  I found the study online that my doctor probably read about taking Crestor less often and CoQ10 to limit side effects.   Just one dose of Crestor kicked in the extreme peripheral neuropathy, vertigo, and ear buzzing which had improved after stopping Lipitor. So that was the final nail in the statin coffin for me.

Since then, I have added Alpha Lipoic Acid which has given me much more energy and have started to lose weight slowly.  I now eat more saturated fat and avoid carbs without fiber.  More recently, I have added Vitamin B12.  I don't care what my cholesterol or LDL values are.  My heartrate is still considered very fit for a woman my age.  The stress of dealing with my doctor and letting bad science control what I eat and what drugs to take are over. I fear diabetes much more than the mythical benefits of a statin.  Since then I have read that statins increase the risk of breast cancer.  Thankfully, bouncing on a rebounder without a bra may have protected me from that path and Arnica gel kept me moving.  Has anyone ever been recommended to try Arnica gel by a medical professional?  For that matter, how many statin users were recommended CoQ10 by their doctors?  Doctors are no longer healers.  They fill their offices with people aging before their time coming in for quarterly blood tests, ready to add drugs for diabetes and hypertension as the metabolic disease progresses. Not only do statins not prevent a first heart event, but more patients with higher cholesterol survive that first event. Eating healthier and moving more is much more beneficial.  Statin users may not be as careful about their diet and the fatigue and aches from statin induced deficiencies may prevent moving more.  Also statin users avoid sunlight so may be Vitamin D deficient. Of course, cholesterol, itself, is an essential element!  Aging slows down the process of making essential elements by our bodies.  Adding a statin to these aging bodies and minds is criminal. Congestive Heart Failure debilitates and kills many patients , most of whom are on a statin without CoQ10. Congestive Heart Failure is not included in the statin studies as a heart disease.  Also anyone who shows an immediate side effect to a statin is excluded from these statin studies.  The stress of paying for prescriptions and doctor visit copays is not healthy either.  If someone does have a heart event, hemorrhaging from a blood thinner can be even more deadly than another heart event. Prescribing drugs becomes a vicious cycle.  Even my doctor takes a statin so he can have an occasional Chinese meal (his words, not mine).

OK here is irony at its finest....
most of the time when I complained to my doctor about vertigo and various aches, his response was I feel that way too.   Maybe one day he will make the statin connection himself.  Who knows, maybe he is now taking CoQ 10!   I wonder if he put his 20-something son on a statin as he tried with mine?  
(I never contacted my doctor about not taking Crestor after one dose and canceled my next quarterly. I did schedule my next annual in the Spring with the young new partner on my doctor's day off LOL)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lurving the MUsic

This morning I did the rest of my second edit of the Next Move video files then then the rest of the edited Greggains Holiday workout (embedded on this blog on 11/23/14) then started some edited Leslie Sansone files.  I really enjoyed the MUsic I had added to Leslie's Mix and Match walks which all came from previous workout soundtracks so I decided to copy the longer MP3 files onto my unactivated Tracfone Smart phone to use as an ipod when bouncing to youtube in the den on the 370 PRO.

One of the many reasons I love both the Jumpsport 550 and 39 inch PRO mats is that my bare feet love them,  OK I now believe the squishier 39 inch mat as the 3 year old cords loosened contributed to my Plantar Fasciitis.  As the 39 inch Jumpsport cords became looser, I found I had to wear shoes for extra support and stability. I was even on the verge of ordering the handlebar because of the instability.  I just wanted to warn others with foot ailments to consider a JumpSport PRO instead of a Bellicon and to remember if you do decide to go Bellicon to get Ultra cords and possibly not the largest 49 inch which may still cone more.  The older we get, the more we must protect our feet. I,literally, wince when I watch some Bellicon videos, knowing how the mats would make my feet and ankles feel.

I finally successfully removed a file that kept returning in Malwarebyte scans.
I started Windows in Safe Mode then ran Malwarebytes.
To start Windows in Safe Mode, just keep tapping the F8 key after starting or restarting the pc.
When the Advanced Options screen appears, scroll down with the arrow key to Safe Mode and press Enter

Friday, December 12, 2014

Next Move with Movie Soundtracks

This morning I did some edited Michelle Dozois Next Move files but edited a second time with different music.  The MUsic I used was mostly from soundtracks of movies and musicals.
I love working out to the Theme from the Lone Ranger
(AKA: William Tell Overture) LOL

Anywho, I have made the mistake of letting some people push my buttons so
Stress being the killer it is ....
I finally started to use the Ignore option on VF to avoid dealing with people who give me stress.  Now where is that option for my son and husband????
I do have to give kudos to my son for recommending the ignore option and the photo below though.

This has happened all too often
Actually, I like to help people but not everyone accepts help even if they ask for it!

Windows Tools

I think there may be some confusion about a couple of built in tools for Windows:
Check Disk will scan and repair errors on the hard drive
Search for the directions depending on your Windows version
Here it is for Windows7

Windows Disk Cleaning tool removes unnecessary stuff from the hard drive
Search for the directions depending on your Windows version.
Here it is for Windows 7

and remember, if you want to remove any programs, use the Windows built-in uninstalling/removal tool.  Don't just try to randomly delete the program from your hard drive.
here's a walk through for Windows 7

Personally, my pcs run much faster without an intrusive viral program.  All I use is Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, and the common sense not to click randomly on links to keep my devices running smoothly.
I use alot of caution when downloading and installing Freeware too.
If I goof, it is Malwarebytes to the rescue
(one of my worse infections came from what I thought was a reliable source, an Adobe Flash update)
If a suspicious item keeps returning, run Windows in safe mode (restart pc and keep tapping F8) then open Malwarebytes

Highly recommended anti-virus programs have slowed down my pcs instead of keeping them churning.

To stream faster without advertisements, try an Adblock program

and clear your browser cache regularly:

If video is not playing or loading well, refresh or reload the page.

If you want to download a video without special software, I like this site:

For more tips from Google

and Tips for Chrome

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jessica's Power Walks

This morning I revisited the edited version of a Power Walk on jessicasmithtv then a Quick Power Walk.  Since I already shared Power Walk Intervals recently, I decided not to share these.

Here's a list of her Power Walks:
just play your own music with whichever appeals most to you

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Routines Today!

This morning I did a bunch of short routines which can also be done as warmups or sparks.
Here are the routines I visited this morning:

My edited Dance It Off Spark which was great on the bungee

Petra Kolber's 1700 Steps from Fitness Glo which was a nice walking routine with decent MUsic.

A spark I had edited from David Haye's Box & Tone which worked great on the ball with Fitstix.

and last but not least an edited Essentrics Full Body routine which was on Befit's youtube channel

(all of the above can be found on my wellvideo Playlist for Sparks)

Well this morning I think I discovered that some of the hormones previously suppressed by statin use have returned along with the need for me to have to start using deodorant again.
At least my body is recovering, even less feet tingling and ear buzzing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Walk On DVDS

Jessica Smith's 3 DVD Walk-on Set just $20 on Amazon
These dvds may soon become totally unavailable:


I love replacing the audio of videos by Dakidissa which have simple to follow but unique moves. Since they are not in English, the cuing isn't needed.

This morning besides finishing the Chris Freytag and Jessica Smith combo I started yesterday, I visited the edited file of this one

The combination of her moves and my music selections clicked well for me.  Much of it can be done sitting on a large stability ball!  My version has been shared on
To add to my Karma (Bouncin Barb), please start with my invitation link

Become a resident by subscribing if you would like access to more private routines.

I just did one of Leslie's Mix and Match routines (Brisk Walk) muted while playing MUsic from another routine I had edited. I think I will mix and match routines and music for sparks on the laptop!
(of course, I will burn the combos worth burning to do in my basement)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bounce with Me!

This morning, I literally worked out with myself!
I bounced to the Holiday MUsic I had added to clips of me bouncing

Bouncin Barb Christmas MU by POMBarb

I also did some of an edited cardio combination with Chris Freytag and Jessica Smith which I hope to finish tomorrow if not later today.


Women after menopause will be given a statin prescription after losing their estrogen protection against coronary artery disease.  Statins are a placebo for women, not offering anything but a fake sense of protection from heart disease while promoting heart failure, dementia, and metabolic disease by preventing exercise, enabling insulin resistance, and enabling weight gain.  Good luck in finding a doctor who doesn't insist on all of their patients taking this toxic substance which creates all sort of deficiencies in an otherwise healthy body.   At least, I think I got my doctor on the CoQ10 train after initially implying it was a placebo then he wrote me a script for Crestor!

Most of my side effects from deficiencies have been reversed but many other victims have not been as fortunate.  Doctors ignore the complaints so most adverse side effects go unreported.  It took me 15 years on Lipitor to connect the dots that most of my discomforts were statin induced.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Even More Daniel Plan LOL

This morning I did my other edited version of the Daniel Plan Total Cardio without religious music and really lurve the sound tracks in both versions.  I also did some of my edited Joanie Greggains Holiday workout available on Daily Motion plus created a new Holiday routine featuring the Leslie Sansone and AHA walk that was on Exercise TV.
Here is my Holiday Playlist:

My feet felt alittle different this morning and my left ear has less buzzing so I am hopeful that the last of the statin induced deficiencies are being reversed.  Thankfully, the vertigo is gone for now which was the most annoying of the lingering conditions.  I'm also having alittle red wine with dinner since the hot flashes from alcohol are finally gone.
Time will tell.
I was lucky compared to many other statin users whose lives were ruined.

Besides causing many deficiencies, statins may interfere with the benefits of Omega3 Fatty Acids.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Daniel Plan

First I did the Daniel Plan Total Cardio routine to which I had added Christian music from playlists suggested by the Faithful workouts F3 plan which clicked well for me on the bungee and ball.  This free plan also gave access to their workouts online:

Then I did some of the Total Body with an Upper Body focus with MUsic mostly from the RunHundred benefit CD which included tea samples.  I was surprised how much I liked the music with this routine but I ran out of steam because I did a couple of anaerobic spikes during the Cardio routine.

One of the songs near the end *Shutup&Bounce* came from  youtube!

Last evening I did an awesome low impact spark

Of course, I had replaced the soundtrack LOL

Friday, December 5, 2014

Edited Daniel Plan

I had bought the basic Daniel Plan package before they jumped the price up 50%.  I only wanted the standing cardio portions of the 4 original workouts and didn't want to pay double for the deluxe set to get just 2 more routine since the other two were Pilates and Stretching.  Since I am Jewish, I fully intended to replace the Christian themed audio.  Who am I kidding?  I would have replaced the audio even if it were Jewish themed LOL

This morning I finally started visiting the files and really liked the moves!  I started with the standing segments from Cardio Abs and really enjoyed the moves and found them easy to tweak to work with my MUsic on the bungee.  Then I did some of Hucklebee's Total Body with a lower body focus which was quite good but I started to run out of steam so will try to revisit it when I am fresh.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

More JS

This morning I visited my edited files of the Barefoot Fusion Walk and some of the Stride&Strength Walk from Jessica Smith's Walk On: Strength & Balance DVD.  The first routine was mostly on the bungee and the second on the Hopper ball.  Also just got back from an outdoor after lunch walk with our son.

I am not sure if this DVD is sold separately anymore but the Digital downloads are available in sets or individually.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Downloading vs Streaming

Some workout fans prefer streaming to downloading and even pay for streaming content.

I much prefer downloading to avoid buffering delays when actually doing the routine and to sample some of it before wasting a workout session on a streamed routine that may not click for me. I also prefer to edit then burn most routines to use in my basement workout area,
Some routines available online may not be available in the future for a revisit, especially if there is a conflict with music copyrights.    Downloading has saved me from losing a favorite routine many times, especially the second Dance Party routine by Jessica Smith (AKA: Cardio Dance Party).

This morning I revisited a couple of downloads which were burned on a dvdr in March 2013.  The first time I visited them was in August 2014 so it took alot of detective work to find the specific dvdr.

I knew I had the original Linda Edler Latin Beginner class which disappeared from my Dance Playlist on a dvdr and it was worth the time and effort to find the dvdr with the video file because it is a true Party in a Box.  Her replacement Latin Dance Fitness Beginners 2 video just doesn't have the same feel but I will eventually try it.  Also liked the Purple Store tube warmup with the audio replaced.

again MUsic makes a huge difference!

ETA: I just did some of my edited version of  Unleash with Bipasha Basu and the MUsic I used was awesome!  The original can be found on youtube.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

JS Gliding

This morning I did one of my edited jessicasmithtv gliding videos.  I had previously shared the file with Holiday MUsic but this morning I did the one with more current MUsic and loved it!  It worked on the 550 as well as on the carpet with gliding disks and also some moves worked well on the Hopper Ball.  I also did some of it with the Holiday MUsic. Having the same routine but with two different soundtracks makes the two routines feel completely different.

I did some searching online about my dizziness especially when still, peripheral neuropathy, and tinnitus.  Unfortunately, even though there are dozens of other people with similar symptoms who have seen many specialists and had many tests, there doesn't seem to be a tangible diagnosis or successful treatment so I will just try to move on and stop hoping to feel what I perceive to be normal.  Focusing on it probably makes it feel worse so will just ignore it best I can. Actually, I have had this light-headed dizziness for most of my life, especially in stores with bright lights.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Costco 550 PRO Sale

If you have been waiting for a great deal on a Jumpsport 550 PRO,
this is it!  Costco even tosses in a handlebar for a total of $399
This offer is good till 12/21 as long as supplies last

Plus if you don't love it, you can simply return it.

(Unfortunately the best JumpSport CYBER codes have expired)

Metabolic Syndrome

This is a wonderful source for The Metabolic Syndrome and Atherosclerosis:

I believe the use of statins, my doctor's arrogance, and my ignorance had me on the road to developing advanced metabolic syndrome (AKA: Diabetes).  The main potential benefit of a statin is to prevent Atherosclerosis but a statin and a low fat diet may actually contribute to the condition and diabetes  For me, exercise was becoming more difficult because of various statin induced deficiencies plus the emphasis on a low fat diet.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Still Jessica

I am still MUving to edited routines by Jessica Smith.  I have way too many routines to ever visit/revisit so I am starting to do just the warmups on many and moving on if the rest of the routines don't immediately click.

Here are the originals of my favorites this morning which I will try to revisit:

These worked great on the bungee and ball with the tunes I had selected.


The new MUsic versions are available on
Here's my invitation link again:
Look for Bouncin Barb and register if you want to see even more routines for residents.

Friday, November 28, 2014

2 More Jessica Revisits

This morning I did the edited files from Bootcamp Boogie and Fusion Band.


Done mostly on the bungee

Done standing with a band then sitting on the Hopper ball

As usual, it was mostly my MUsic that kept me MUving.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks to Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith and her generous spirit of creating so many wonderful routines on her youtube channel jessicasmithtv kept me moving  for more than a whole year when my mind and body were resisting.  Her simple to follow moves enabled me to add MUsic and make her routines about as perfect for me as any can be.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited version of her Power Interval Walk on the bungee and ball.  Also did some of the edited Bootcamp Boogie on the ball with Fitstix which I will finish tomorrow.

Here's more about Jessica

Original Power Interval Walk:

Our older son had lived a few years in London and now lives in NYC and all of his employers have medical insurance benefits.  He has taken his health seriously and quit smoking, joined a gym and lost a few extra pounds.  I was almost afraid to ask him today how his cholesterol was and if he was on a statin because it was alittle elevated when he was a child.  He said he never cared what his cholesterol was and would never take a statin.  What a relief!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Fitness

Last year, Jessica Smith did a Black Friday Fitness series for Shape.  I had edited them to remove the talking, etc.  Since I am starting our Thanksgiving preparation today, I decided it was time to revisit them.
Here is a list of the original videos:

I will also be revisiting other edited jessicasmithtv routines which I had burned to the same dvdr.

The past few days, I have added a few routines to my DailyMotion Happy Holidays Playlist:

It gets harder to get into the holiday spirit after most of our family have either passed on or moved away.

Stop the Insanity

This article describes how minimally a statin gives protection against a heart attack for those at risk:

Besides providing little benefit and putting financial stress on people to afford them, the side effect incidences go mostly unreported and people eat poorly and do not exercise as much, thinking the statin will protect them. For me, Lipitor greatly interfered with my ability to exercise, leaving me in pain and easily fatigued and miserable.

It will take several more years for the medical community to see the damage they have done to their patients. Insurance companies will eventually wake up as well and realize these drugs are causing them more of an expense than saving them in hospital stays and extra doctor visits to monitor blood. Hopefully, most pharmaceutical companies will face so many law suits that they will stop trying to poison the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nice Routines

I did a few nice routines this morning especially my edited version of KCM's TrimDown which worked great on the bungee and ball.   Also liked the Just Jhoom Flash mob

and a few different ballet inspired lower body cardio routines, including those by Alex McClean, Tracey Mallett and Petra Kolber.  I have so many ballet type routines that I doubt I will revisit or add MUsic to the routines by Petra and Alex

Monday, November 24, 2014

Peripheral Neuropathy

There are new sensations going on in my feet and I am hopeful that these indicate recovery from the statin induced peripheral neuropathy thanks to B12.   Plus my left foot and right inner thigh cramped last night before bedtime so I hit both with Arnica gel and took a new night time leg cramping tablet found at Rite-aid and thankfully slept well.  It was a relief that the cramping didn't happen during the night.  Ironically, it is probably a good thing that my doctor was focused only on cholesterol levels because otherwise, he could have sent me to a bunch of specialists who may have done lots of inconclusive tests and put me on even more unnecessary meds.  I will learn to live with the ear buzzing and occasional vertigo if they do not resolve.

This morning I started with a bunch of Marina Kamen routines which worked well on the 550:

Then I did an edited P90 Saturday Special, removing planks and adding MUsic and the final clip worked great on the Hopper ball!

Finished with my edited version of Zula Hawaii which I really liked!
(the shorter version of this had been shared on but this morning I did a longer version with more cardio which I may share in the future)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Online Visits

This morning I did a bunch of different videos found online and think the best was an Asian routine titled *strectching 1* (typo needed for search on

There were some youtube rebounder workouts I may try again with our HDTV youtube app one day.
Otherwise nothing really felt different enough to revisit.

Again the workout seemed to stop some ear buzzing for awhile.  I may try bouncing throughout the day more.

starting off the Holidays with

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 1 by POMBarb

Greggains Holiday Party Songs MU 2 by POMBarb

Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 minutes of Bliss

I just enjoyed about 30 minutes of shear Bliss because I actually had no ear buzz for the last 30 minutes.

This morning I got hit with the ear buzz and vertigo even before my workout and think it got triggered by having too much coffee.  I had been avoiding hard bouncing and higher intensity in an effort to prevent the buzz and vertigo so I figured since they were already there to throw caution to the wind.  I did an edited version of *Dance It Off & Firm It Up*.  I was doing some of the repetitive moves, tweaking, and even freestyling to the MUsic till its last 15 minutes when suddenly the MUsic I added started clicking as well as the moves.   Then I realized after the workout, no ear buzzing and no vertigo!  Unfortunately the ear buzzing returned about 15 minutes later but I have hope that hard rebounding is more of a help than a harm.

I will be sharing the shortened edited routine with Residents.
To visit and give me karma for your visit:
(subscribe and look for me Bouncin Barb)

Statins are the Enemy, not Cholesterol!

They want to put just about everyone on a lifetime drug which really hasn't been tested for long term use.  Heck the doctor tried to put our 26 year old son on a statin too when his cholesterol numbers weren't really bad and since are quite good after changing his eating habits.

Having too much faith in the medical community, I was on 20mg of Lipitor for over 15 years for almost as long as Lipitor has been available with no other risk factor except high cholesterol and it wasn't even that high before starting Lipitor!. The deficiencies causing side effects crept up on me so I wasn't even aware of the symptoms as being statin side effects.  As we age, our bodies naturally make less essential substances.  Add to that the many artificial deficiencies that statins create, especially CoQ10 and Vit D.  Even cholesterol is an essential substance!  The focus on a low fat diet and avoiding saturated fats can cause a Vit B12 deficiency and so on.   (margarine may be the worse artificial nutrient man has ever made)

Exercise is critical yet statins causing a CoQ10 deficiency create a body resistant to exercise because of muscle aches and fatigue.  All of this lifetime of increasing deficiencies and statins really do not substantially reduce the risk of initial heart events or deaths from a heart event.  Besides ruining the daily quality of life by interfering with our natural processes, a statin can cause crippling muscle diseases, including heart failure and/or diabetes. STOP the insanity!!!!

Just say *No*
Eat balanced and move more.
Get out into the sun whenever possible.

ETA: just do your own research and Google for women and statins
 a few suggested articles:
last but not least. the man who may save many lives

I just wanted to add that most side effects go unreported.  My own doctor ignored my symptoms for years and never bothered to take any of my complaints seriously including light-headed fatigue which felt like hypoglycemia, brain fog, morning headache, vertigo, increased tingling in my lower limbs starting with my toes, hot flashes while postmenopausal for 2 decades, muscle spasms and joint pain,  Instead of healing or improving my daily quality of life, my doctor was solely focusing on my Cholesterol levels. Most of the medical profession share the same attitude so I had to try to heal myself.  Most of my symptoms have been resolved except for the buzzing in my ears 24/7 with an occasional bout of vertigo and lower limb tingling,  Oh yeah, I now have cataracts too :(

Friday, November 21, 2014

This and That

So it has been a rather stressful week and this morning my peripheral neuropathy was in overdrive.  Luckily, the vitamin B12 pills have arrived so will give them a try.  Also am trying  the less (?) potent Alpha Lipoic Acid (R & S combined) which right now feels stronger than half of the more potent RALA??  My heartrate is faster but not as fast as on the full RALA capsule.  I intend to continue ALA after breakfast and CoQ10 after lunch daily indefinitely and just try the B12 after breakfast till the bottle is empty since I am eating more meat again and off statins.  Otherwise just Magnesium at night, occasionally with Vitamin D if I don't get out in the sun or drink much milk that day.  The ALA kept my blood sugar and energy more level throughout the day and contributed to my recent weight loss of about one pound a week.  Our bodies make less ALA and CoQ10 as we age.

This morning I did a bunch of routines on the bungee and Hopper ball and my favorites as usual were those with replaced audio but probably will not share most if any of them because I prefer to upload routines I can do in my bedroom while streaming and my favorites this morning needed a bungee.  Mostly it was the MUsic that made me move and when I didn't care for the moves in the routines, I tweaked or free-styled alot.

ETA: I believe I was on my way to developing Diabetes because of Lipitor and avoiding saturated fats.  The peripheral neuropathy in my lower body is similar to that of diabetics and I obviously was becoming more and more insulin resistant.  My Triglycerides were higher than what I would have preferred and even my fasting blood sugar was occasionally too high.  My midsection kept growing in spite of not over-eating and having regular exercise.   After just a few weeks of stopping statins, changing my food choices and adding RALA, I am starting to lose weight and seeing my waist measurement go downwards instead of upwards.
Since I no longer have hot flashes after drinking wine, I am starting to have a glass of wine a day too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 to 11/20

Blog 11/18 to 11/19
After enjoying a few hours of an outstanding internet connection with the new router, our FIOS service including our landline phone went completely dead. No phone, tv or internet.  I wasted over 50 units on my tracfone trying to get a live Verizon tech and about another 60 on my husband's tracfone trying to connect with a person then following their instructions to determine if we needed a service call which we do.  Unfortunately the soonest they can come is tomorrow morning 11/20.
Then while seeing if the router would magically return to life this morning in our den, I backed up in the dark to see if the green lights all went on (they didn't) and tripped onto the 370 bungee smacking my right thigh, calf and foot against its frame.  Thankfully Arnica gel immediately stopped the pain and bruising.  Yesterday morning during my workout, my right hip/butt problem got triggered and Arnica gel immediately resolved that as well.  Again, I urge everyone to have Arnica gel on every level in a home plus in your pocketbook, car or whatever when leaving home.  It will save you lots of pain and help healing.

In spite of being really stressed out, I still worked out this morning and enjoyed the routine: Total Cardio from The Daniel Plan.  I liked the simple to tweak moves on the 550 bungee which were each done for a do-able number of reps but will replace its audio. (Got nothing better to do this afternoon after a routine dental visit)

OK so I have been using our tracfones more since our landline and internet are disconnected.  Verizon may have slit their own throat letting us go so long without a landline because I am realizing we do not need one.  The only time I need a landline is when on hold and the only time we have been on hold the past few months was last night waiting for a live Verizon tech!  Why am I paying $30 a month for a landline just to screen telemarketing calls??

What is really neat is that I am using a cheap Tracfone feature phone surfing the net for an average of 5 units an hour using the mini Opera browser.  Yeah texting is taxing but better than nothing.  Thankfully we do have one tv on a converter so I will not miss Survivor tonight.

Before bed I did a great spark Angela's DanceMix but with new MUsic.

Blog 11/20

This morning while waiting for our FIOS service call, I did a bit of a workout revisiting some files previously edited but since I had left the cuing on the audio, I just didn't get into the moves as much.

OK now the FIOS update:
This is hysterical!
The Verizon repair guy kept getting us confused with another customer when calling us.  Then I see a Verizon truck go past our house and turn around thinking he was looking for us but he was looking for the home across the street because they were expecting service yesterday and got postponed.
He said a wire had ice in it and was affecting both of our signals.  Hopefully, everything will be fine for both homes once he replaces the faulty wire.

ETA: Yup all is well and working after fixing the outside connection.
We even got the guy's contact info in case we have any future problems.
He did think the dropped signals for the previous week were because of the faulty connection so we will enjoy our new router because of our inconvenience.  Luckily I had it hooked up and working just before the big crash.

Another Verizon truck just pulled up to restore service to the third house that shared the same connection as us!!!  I told the guy that it is probably already working since the other two houses were restored.  So 3 houses on the same short block that shared the same pole lost service and 3 different repair orders and appointments were made????!!!!  Is Verizon really that inept?

My B12  pills finally delivered.  I am hoping for improvement in either my ear buzzing or feet tingling.  Otherwise, these conditions may never resolve.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Today I did a bunch of online videos, some of which I had edited to remove moves I didn't want and add MUsic I did want.  I am going to get pickier about what I actually upload to because I already have way more available to me online and on my laptop than I will ever revisit.  That being said, I will continue to share some OOP content like the 2 Caribbean Workout Dance Stretch routines which I uploaded today and some more Body Gospel.

The routines I did this morning included the German Dynamic Pilates, Holly's Sweat from Exercise TV, a couple of Zumbas and 2 combined IFit Speed and Power routines.

I am expecting several packages today, one with the Vitamin B12 pills which I hope will remove more of my feet tingling and ear buzzing.  Also the new router from Verizon.

and I want to give another  Shout Out to RunHundred
Many of my favorite workout songs were suggested by RunHundred:

I had ordered the benefit package which included a CD and a variety of teas.
By mistake, I got 3 orders instead of one!
Its owner Chris told me to keep the extra orders so I am enjoying tasting a bunch of new teas on these very cold Autumn days.

Here are the Caribbean Dance Stretches:

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Beach Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Fit TV by POMBarb

(The Body Gospel routines are available to residents of

Our new router is up and running and I can now download twice as fast as before!  I am getting the same speed as when hard wired and much faster than we were getting when paying for a faster speed than our router could handle.

I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Revisiting Caribbean Workouts and FIOS

Yesterday I started to revisit the Caribbean Workout Chiball routines which were broadcasted on FitTV several years ago.  These routines were also available on dvds which are now Out-of-Print.  However amazon and a few other vendors may still have some available.  Target sold all of theirs a couple of years ago, putting them on clearance.

I like these so much that I decided to embed them from DailyMotion.  You can hold any light ball like a playground ball.

Caribbean Chiball On the Go by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball A New You by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Sculpt that Body by POMBarb

These are all full body feel good routines.

I wanted to mention something about our FIOS internet which may help others who are having similar experiences.   Before we upgraded to 50/25,  My laptop was getting 22/22 on our 15/5 plan.  My speed actually went down to 17/17 after the upgrade but was good enough so just assumed one day when we had a new pc hardwired it would be worth the extra $5 a month since most laptops need a newer router to achieve higher speeds.  Hardwired, my laptop was getting the faster speeds and I didn't want to shellout over $100 to FIOS for a new router.
Now I believe Verizon offers the new routers with speed upgrades!  So when I was agreeing to a new 2 year bundle, I reduced our supposedly 50/50 internet speed to 25/25 which is their current lowest.  It didn't seem to affect our laptops.
More recently our internet and VOD connections were dropping a couple of times a day so I finally bit the bullet and decided to try to do something like change the channel on our router.  Before doing this the hard way, I downloaded their new In Home Agent app which made this change much easier.  There is an important password for the router which may be its serial number.  I believe Verizon can get the password for you if you cannot find it.

Here is the way to change the channel without the In Home Agent

Anywho, my laptop is back to 22/22 and son's laptop is better than ever as well as our old hard wired den dinosaur pc which was actually showing lower speeds when 50/50!

Well changing the channel did not stop the random disconnections so Verizon is sending us a new router FREE.
I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Leslie and George

Pretty much the same combo as yesterday:
First some of Leslie's edited 5 Mega Miles which didn't have as many interesting moves as the 3 Mega Miles but the music I added kept me moving (and singing).   I did about 20 minutes on the bungee while wearing a weighted vest but skipped the bands since I did them yesterday.  Then did another 10 minutes on the ball without the vest.

Finished with some of George Foreman's Champion Walk on the ball while holding Fitstix.  My quality on this video is poor because copied onto a VHS from another VHS.  I got my copy from a gal who was in a special trial group who were trying the routines before they were officially released.  Originally just two were released on DVD in a set at retail stores but I found two of the other dvds in a dollar store.  Champion Walk has a focus on options to increase intensity.  A few DVD copies are still available on Amazon.

I wore the vest to increase the pressure necessary to pump lymph in the hopes it would help my ear buzzing.  As usual the ear buzzing was less after moving but returned to full blast afterwards.  Online,  high impact is not recommended for Tinnitus but a Tinnitus expert put rebounding on the top of the list for recommended exercise.  Guess it depends on the condition causing the Tinnitus.  I enjoy rebounding way too much and appreciate its other benefits like having a great immune system to give it up even if it may be aggravating the condition.

This was my main spark today

and why did I wait so long to revisit this routine???

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lurve MUving!

Great routine this morning!  I had edited Leslie Sansone's 3 Mega Miles, removing her older repetitive moves which tightened my hip flexors, turning it into 2 Mega miles LOL
The MUsic I added made it lots of fun.
The Moves were easy to intensify upwards on the bungee and the bands worked while sitting on the Hopper ball.

Finished with the rest of George Foremans's Ab Walk.
I noticed my ear buzzing lessens after moving so will try more sparks throughout the day.

ETA: from FitSugar

Friday, November 14, 2014

More and youtube

First I did some of Martial Arts Fusion found on youtube which was a nice bungee healthbounce accompaniment after editing:

Then I did some of my edited version of Buti Shakti Sweat I am Strong which was surprisingly good on the Hopper ball!  It reminded me alot of the second version of Yodates Cardio.
Originals found on WellVideo
invitation link is

Then I did some of Walk It Off with George Ab Walk while sitting on the Hopper ball holding Fitstix.  This walking series is so pleasant that I shared them everywhere LOL

Oh and I wanted to recommend a supplement store with free shipping on orders over $20 and reasonable prices plus a first time customer code PLC892.

If anyone would like to request an OOP workout uploaded to
send the request to me
(If I have the routine, I will try to share it)

My before dinner spark:

It worked great on my 370 PRO and using our den HD TV youtube app.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Stuff on

Again if you visit where I am Bouncin Barb.

You can check out my channel or use the search engine to find most of these videos.

This morning I did a few things already uploaded to by other residents as well as a couple I just embedded from Yin the Zone vimeo freebies which were also on her Facebook page and more Steve Cotter edited uploads.

First I did some of the Essexercise from which had a nice warm up but then had too much choreo for my preferences.  Then I visited the rest of Z 47 which is now one of my favorite Zumba classes online.  Great moves and MUsic on the bungee.  I really like the instructor Steve Boedt!

Next I did a few sparks:
Yin Standing Abs and Yin Freestyle Cardio
then some of Steve Cotter's stuff:
Steve Joint Mobility MU
Joint Mobility 2 MU
Steve Cotter Gigong MU

Finished with an initially unimpressive chair routine which came to life on the Hopper ball with my MUsic!
Chair Senior MU