Monday, November 17, 2014

Revisiting Caribbean Workouts and FIOS

Yesterday I started to revisit the Caribbean Workout Chiball routines which were broadcasted on FitTV several years ago.  These routines were also available on dvds which are now Out-of-Print.  However amazon and a few other vendors may still have some available.  Target sold all of theirs a couple of years ago, putting them on clearance.

I like these so much that I decided to embed them from DailyMotion.  You can hold any light ball like a playground ball.

Caribbean Chiball On the Go by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball A New You by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean Chiball Sculpt that Body by POMBarb

These are all full body feel good routines.

I wanted to mention something about our FIOS internet which may help others who are having similar experiences.   Before we upgraded to 50/25,  My laptop was getting 22/22 on our 15/5 plan.  My speed actually went down to 17/17 after the upgrade but was good enough so just assumed one day when we had a new pc hardwired it would be worth the extra $5 a month since most laptops need a newer router to achieve higher speeds.  Hardwired, my laptop was getting the faster speeds and I didn't want to shellout over $100 to FIOS for a new router.
Now I believe Verizon offers the new routers with speed upgrades!  So when I was agreeing to a new 2 year bundle, I reduced our supposedly 50/50 internet speed to 25/25 which is their current lowest.  It didn't seem to affect our laptops.
More recently our internet and VOD connections were dropping a couple of times a day so I finally bit the bullet and decided to try to do something like change the channel on our router.  Before doing this the hard way, I downloaded their new In Home Agent app which made this change much easier.  There is an important password for the router which may be its serial number.  I believe Verizon can get the password for you if you cannot find it.

Here is the way to change the channel without the In Home Agent

Anywho, my laptop is back to 22/22 and son's laptop is better than ever as well as our old hard wired den dinosaur pc which was actually showing lower speeds when 50/50!

Well changing the channel did not stop the random disconnections so Verizon is sending us a new router FREE.
I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

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