Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kept MUving

I kept MUving this morning in spite of trying a disappointing new workout routine Zula Fitness volume 1 by Zula Hawaii.  Now and then there would be a move I liked but those few moves were done just once and not repeated.  Many times the beat of the music didn't match the beat of the moves. Terrible cuing, camera angles, and bland music.  It may be fun for teens to try but not recommended by me for most vidiots.
I also did some of Paul Katami's Band Camp which I had edited since I already started using a band in the Zula Hawaii routine.

My feet tingling and ear buzzing seem less intense.  Energy level has been great. I may have dropped a few pounds this week as well.  Still have aches which seem to get better the more I move.

ETA: I just did a great spark!
half of John Abdo's Fatblaster Walk with its audio replaced.
The moves work well standing, sitting, or bouncing on a bungee or ball.

Really kept me MUving some more :)

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