Sunday, November 16, 2014

Leslie and George

Pretty much the same combo as yesterday:
First some of Leslie's edited 5 Mega Miles which didn't have as many interesting moves as the 3 Mega Miles but the music I added kept me moving (and singing).   I did about 20 minutes on the bungee while wearing a weighted vest but skipped the bands since I did them yesterday.  Then did another 10 minutes on the ball without the vest.

Finished with some of George Foreman's Champion Walk on the ball while holding Fitstix.  My quality on this video is poor because copied onto a VHS from another VHS.  I got my copy from a gal who was in a special trial group who were trying the routines before they were officially released.  Originally just two were released on DVD in a set at retail stores but I found two of the other dvds in a dollar store.  Champion Walk has a focus on options to increase intensity.  A few DVD copies are still available on Amazon.

I wore the vest to increase the pressure necessary to pump lymph in the hopes it would help my ear buzzing.  As usual the ear buzzing was less after moving but returned to full blast afterwards.  Online,  high impact is not recommended for Tinnitus but a Tinnitus expert put rebounding on the top of the list for recommended exercise.  Guess it depends on the condition causing the Tinnitus.  I enjoy rebounding way too much and appreciate its other benefits like having a great immune system to give it up even if it may be aggravating the condition.

This was my main spark today

and why did I wait so long to revisit this routine???

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