Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Update

Just got back from 2 nights in AC and have to say I am feeling  better than I have in years.  The ear buzzing didn't bother me at all in the casinos or in the room when sleeping.  Plus my legs and feet really felt good!  I am attributing it to being off statins, on CoQ10 and ALA plus eating a load of prime ribs, steak, salmon and veggies  :)

It is VERY upsetting to see that new guidelines are attempting to put twice as many people on statins in the US, including those with normal levels of cholesterol!  Just say *No*, especially if you are a woman.

I refuse to go back to daily brain fog, morning headaches, bouts of fatigue, and just feeling unhappy to make pharmaceutical companies richer.  Feeling clear-headed, energetic, more comfortable in my own skin,  and happy are priceless.

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