Friday, November 14, 2014

More and youtube

First I did some of Martial Arts Fusion found on youtube which was a nice bungee healthbounce accompaniment after editing:

Then I did some of my edited version of Buti Shakti Sweat I am Strong which was surprisingly good on the Hopper ball!  It reminded me alot of the second version of Yodates Cardio.
Originals found on WellVideo
invitation link is

Then I did some of Walk It Off with George Ab Walk while sitting on the Hopper ball holding Fitstix.  This walking series is so pleasant that I shared them everywhere LOL

Oh and I wanted to recommend a supplement store with free shipping on orders over $20 and reasonable prices plus a first time customer code PLC892.

If anyone would like to request an OOP workout uploaded to
send the request to me
(If I have the routine, I will try to share it)

My before dinner spark:

It worked great on my 370 PRO and using our den HD TV youtube app.

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