Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks to Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith and her generous spirit of creating so many wonderful routines on her youtube channel jessicasmithtv kept me moving  for more than a whole year when my mind and body were resisting.  Her simple to follow moves enabled me to add MUsic and make her routines about as perfect for me as any can be.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited version of her Power Interval Walk on the bungee and ball.  Also did some of the edited Bootcamp Boogie on the ball with Fitstix which I will finish tomorrow.

Here's more about Jessica

Original Power Interval Walk:

Our older son had lived a few years in London and now lives in NYC and all of his employers have medical insurance benefits.  He has taken his health seriously and quit smoking, joined a gym and lost a few extra pounds.  I was almost afraid to ask him today how his cholesterol was and if he was on a statin because it was alittle elevated when he was a child.  He said he never cared what his cholesterol was and would never take a statin.  What a relief!

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