Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Today I did a bunch of online videos, some of which I had edited to remove moves I didn't want and add MUsic I did want.  I am going to get pickier about what I actually upload to WellVideo.ru because I already have way more available to me online and on my laptop than I will ever revisit.  That being said, I will continue to share some OOP content like the 2 Caribbean Workout Dance Stretch routines which I uploaded today and some more Body Gospel.

The routines I did this morning included the German Dynamic Pilates, Holly's Sweat from Exercise TV, a couple of Zumbas and 2 combined IFit Speed and Power routines.

I am expecting several packages today, one with the Vitamin B12 pills which I hope will remove more of my feet tingling and ear buzzing.  Also the new router from Verizon.

and I want to give another  Shout Out to RunHundred
Many of my favorite workout songs were suggested by RunHundred:

I had ordered the benefit package which included a CD and a variety of teas.
By mistake, I got 3 orders instead of one!
Its owner Chris told me to keep the extra orders so I am enjoying tasting a bunch of new teas on these very cold Autumn days.

Here are the Caribbean Dance Stretches:

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Beach Pilates by POMBarb

Caribbean WO Dance Stretch Fit TV by POMBarb

(The Body Gospel routines are available to residents of WellVideo.ru)

Our new router is up and running and I can now download twice as fast as before!  I am getting the same speed as when hard wired and much faster than we were getting when paying for a faster speed than our router could handle.

I urge all FIOS customers to get the new in-home agent app

It enables alot of fixes and a live chat.

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