Monday, January 31, 2011


We got home early today after hearing the bad weather was coming earlier than previously expected. Also our car developed a new weird sound and smell which is probably the fan belt. We had planned to trade that car in for a new car this Spring so will use our smaller car for AC till then.

Waiting for me was the Elle Cardio Body dvd from a trade. I liked these 2 routines on Exercise TV and wanted the dvd for better sound. Then the new version of the bungee petal mat arrived shortly after we did. It is a completely differently made mat. No webbing and the padding in the petals is stiffer so more supportive over the bungee cords. It does make alittle more noise than the skirt mat but music easily drowns the noise out. Think it may truly make the mat space feel larger. Just did alittle of the Elle cardio on it with no problems.

I have sooo many new things to try, I don't know where to begin or end LOL

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I warmed up to the Energy Wakeup chapter on one of the Golds Gym dvds being sold at Walmart and did most of it on the bungee with Fitstix since it includes jump roping. Then I did the first 20 minutes of the 60 minute Jazzercise Dancin Abs workout, some on the bungee and some with Fitstix. Finished with some Chiball and Classical Stretch. Thought the Gold' Gym dvd which cost only $6 was not all that impressive during its first visit, it sure became more impressive when compared to the Jay-Lo Fitness dvd at $25! Energy Wakeup had as many moves with a reasonable number of reps in its 10 minutes than Jay-Lo Fitness had in its whole 45 minutes!

Am still hoping Mary from Total Fitness Dvds will be able to offer Kukuwa's new dvds but they may not reach a price offering both enough of a profit.

ETA: WOW Besides the Speedbody kit arriving today, I just found out I won a Corball through Susan Chung!

Friday, January 28, 2011


This morning I warmed up with Ana (white boot) cardio on the bungee then did the second Jay-Lo Fitness chapter which was just as repetitious in movement as the first. Think there was over 70 cross punch lunges on each side. The lack of variety in movements in the first two workouts is a huge disappointment even though the music is great. May use it for freestyling only unless the 3rd chapter has more variety. Finished with some Lee Holden Qigong then Classical Stretch.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Jay-Lo Fitness Express Workout dvd

The Jay-Lo Fitness Express Workout dvd just delivered in spite of 17 inches of snow so Johnny Loper has already brought some sunshine into my home..

Here are some very quick impressions cuz haven't done it yet.
It is a pressed, silver backed dvd.
There are 4 female background Exercisers in a well lit gym.
Music is nice and loud and clear.
Most of the moves are TaeBo/kickboxing.

There are 3 separate chapters and no Play All or options to combine them
Body Blast 15 minutes looks like cardio (knee raises and kicks)
The Attack 14 minutes slow punching with weights, plyo squats, jumping jacks
The Combo 16 minutes a combination of the above and ends with 5 minutes of mat abs

Though not too many *unique* moves upon preview, I believe the music will keep me moving and am hopeful that Johnny's funkiness will be more present in future endeavors. Then again, this was a very quick preview so there may be more there than caught the eye with alot of fast forwarding. The length of each express workout makes them perfect for sparks!

ETA: Way too many knee raises and kicks in Body Blast but some fun moves near the end on the bungee and I can modify the rest.

Way too many weighted cross punch lunges in second Attack workout.

Way too many knee lift cross punch lunges in the third Combo chapter.

After doing all three chapters, I found all repeated a movement on one side continuously for well over 70 reps which is not fun and could even invite an injury. Buyer's Remorse on this one. Only positive was the loud music.


This morning I did the first half of Masala Bhangra volume 2 on the bungee and was relieved it played fine on my newest dvd player. When the dvd was returned after a loan to another VFer loose in its case and badly scratched, it froze during the warmup. No problem today :) Then I did the last 20 minutes of the Core Transformer routine and Classical Stretch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This morning's workout was similar to yesterday's, finishing Shaun T's Rockin Body Dance Party and Booty Time with Fitstix, on and off the bungee then some standing chiball cardio and Classical Stretch.

I am really getting sick of snow and canceling AC reservations!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This morning I did about 30 minutes of Shaun T's Rockin Body Dance Party on the bungee with Fitstix then 10 minutes of his Booty Time then some Chiball while sitting on a chair then sitting on a stability ball and finished with Classical Stretch.

Yesterday my spark was Jane Fonda's Walking workout on Exercise TV on the bungee with Fitstix

Monday, January 24, 2011


This morning I warmed up with some Massala Bhangra on the bungee then did the Elle Beauty Sculpt on Exercise TV, using my homemade XCOs and the bungee for higher impact moves then the last 20 minutes of the Core Transformer workout. Finished with Classical Stretch.

My sparks yesterday were Starbound bouncing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Starbound then did the rest of Celebrity Fit Club on the bungee with Fitstix, freestyling during mat stuff then some Chiball then some Lee Holden Upper Back Qigong and finished with Classical Stretch.

My body said *no* to the Core Transformer. My joints are not enjoying the very cold weather so I stuck to the bungee and feel good stuff

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This morning I did some Cardio Pilates then some Harvey Walden's Celebrity Fit Club on the bungee with Fitstix then some Chiball and finished with Classical Stretch.

Am very excited to hear that Kukuwa is finally releasing new dvds, one for adults and one for kids but I'll wound up with both probably LOL Just waiting to see if I can save on shipping if Mary at Totalfitnessdvds can get them. Kukuwa did tell me that she is returning to her roots and just using African and Caribbean styles since Zumba covers the Latin style.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday & The Core Transformer Kit

This morning I did half the reps of the rest of the Core Transformer dvd BUT switched to my Shadow Boxer belt because my lower body DOMS refused the Core Transformer band. I wore the Shadow Boxer belt upside down so I could cross the cords over one another and was able to do bungee cardio inbetween the excessive reps. The last/3rd 20 minutes repeats all of the moves faster to louder music so I will probably just use the last 20 minutes and cooldown from now on, alternating days using the Core Transformer on the floor for lower body resistance and the Shadowboxer belt on the bungee for upper body cardio.

Finished with much needed Classical Stretch.

and earlier this morning, I caved and ordered the Johnny Loper Jay Lo Fitness dvd cuz I have a gut feeling he may become my new favorite fitness dvd star down the road. Check out his clips on youtube if curious.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This morning I did the Basic rebounding workout from the dvd that came with my bungee then did some jump rope dancing using Fitstix instead of a jump rope on the bungee. Got to say I really prefer the skirt mat over the petal mat. The only disadvantage is that if I want to use more of the frame's full diameter, shoes would probably make the contact with the unpadded bungee cords more comfortable and safer. Then I did some Chiball and finished with Classical Stretch. Keep wondering why I waited so long to revisit the Chiball routines????

Hoping my Core Transformer kit prize arrives today or before my next AC adventure. Been avoiding band workouts so I could try it ASAP after arrival.

ETA: It came!!!! The Core Transformer kit arrived alittle while ago and I'll give it a whirl after my lunch digests :)

ETA: Only did the 20 minute short workout on the Core Transformer dvd and only half the reps cuz was feeling the burn and want to be able to walk tomorrow without intense DOMS. The Core Transformer band packs quite a wallop! Didn't expect the band to be so effective.

ETA: As much as the moves intrigued me on the clip, the moves with the Core Transformer gave me an immediate burn using my muscles in a different and more effective way. Glad I did less than half the reps cuz I am awfully sore with DOMS this morning! Best of all, the moves didn't aggravate my vulnerable lower back and hip at all. I think this could have been done with way less reps and released as an effective timesaver routine like the Powerfits. I plan to continue with just half of the reps and freestyle to the music on the bungee inbetween moves. The band will enable my bungee freestyling.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Haven't worked out yet and just canceled this week's hotel reservations because snow is again in the forecast. I am getting quite sick of seeing this stuff. Very unfair to receive so much so early in the season and have it there for the rest of the season with fresh coatings. Well a few days ago, we finally had our oil burner problem fixed. It wasn't going on without pressing the reset button because of some dirt clogging the oil flow even though I had a cleaning before the winter. Then we needed our kitchen faucet replaced. Now we will need our new den window installation resealed because we had a leak along the whole top of the frame. Hoping bad things like repairs happening in 3's means this is the end of this nuisance.

At least, I am starting to lose weight (I think??) being home more or losing some of the couple of pounds I may have slowly accumulated thanks to AC buffets. No matter how I try to not overeat at buffets and fill up with salads, guess eating smaller meals at home just works better for me than 3 larger meals a day.

Looking forward to the arrival of my skirt mat today which is on the truck for delivery and hopefully, the arrival of the Core Transformer kit I won through the Fitness For the Rest of Us blog. The more it snows, the more I may cave and order the Jay Lo Fitness dvd cuz Johnny Lopper looks amazing in some of his clips.

ETA: This morning I did Turbo Jam Fatblaster which was great on the bungee with Fitstix then the self massage from Qigong for Energy and finished with Classical Stretch.

ETA#2 LOL: My skirt mat delivered about 90 minutes ago and I have already replaced the petal mat and took a maiden voyage. It is definitely a different bounce! Much firmer and faster. If my joints don't complain, I think I may actually prefer it because I feel more stable and safer on it. No sinking in sand or mud feeling.
No claustrophobia from the petals and my feet feel more comfortable on the seam than they did when hitting the webbing connecting the petals so even though smaller in diameter, I feel less restricted! The firmer bounce covers a shorter range of motion so I don't go up as high and seem to have more space above my head with my low ceiling.

Am looking forward to trying a real workout on it tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday I had a bus trip to a racino we had never been to and probably will not return to because of too many smokers.

This morning I did workout in spite of keeping my ears open for the call or arrival from our plumber to replace our kitchen sink faucet so I was a bit distracted. Still expecting him any minute LOL I did some Exercise TV stuff: Amy Dixon's Advanced Bootcamp and Jennifer Gagliardi's Standing Abs then some Fitstix Fusion and Classical Stretch. Amy's cardio was bungee friendly as was Fitstix Fusion. I forgot how great Fusion was even though I only did 2 chapters today! Made me reconsider ordering anything else on my growing wishlist till I totally revisit some of the great stuff I already own.

ETA: well the plumber came and did his thing but meanwhile we saw our newly installed den triple window was leaking around the frame because of the snow, ice and now rain :(

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Brrrr and Grrrrr

Well our oil burner isn't automatically going on as it should so I asked for a service call early this morning and was told I would be called later with an approximate time. Just as I was getting into Turbo Jam 3T and felt I was going to have a great workout session, the serviceman appeared unexpected at the door halting my workout :(

Sadly this was my first home morning workout in 4 days and I'll be gone on a bus trip tomorrow so really needed it! Will try to pick up where I left off later but usually cannot get as into it later in the day.

ETA: Just finished 3T then did th 3rd circuit from Fighting Fit on the bungee with Fitstix so had a quick total body band workout and some cardio intervals. Had too much to do to get in any Classical Stretch so did a quick stretch routine.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I walked plenty and am home the rest of this coming week, looking forward to the deliveries of my bungee skirt mat replacement and the Core Transformer set I won in the Fitness for the Rest of Us giveaway :) Will be caving sooner or later for the Speedbody set at the Contenders Club website unless I can get it in a trade. Or maybe if I stall long enough, it'll be a giveaway prize LOL

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This morning I did the warmup and first two circuits from Walden's Fighting Fit, mostly on the bungee with Fitstix then finished with Classical Stretch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This morning I started with the Flow Motion Kettlenetics workout using its red kettlebell then did some Jump rope Dancing on the bungee holding Fitstix then the 4th mile of Power Walk with a homemade XCO instead of a medball and finished with Classical Stretch.

ETA: I did the Power Walk mile 3 on the bungee as a spark before dinner

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jumpsport Rave

Not only do I absolutely love the bounce of my bungee Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 370 in spite of the first petal mat and replacement petal mat stitching defects, I am in awe of their customer service. I just received an email that they are sending me a skirt mat immediately and will be sending me a new and improved petal mat in a couple of weeks soon after they receive them. They became aware the petal mats stitching needed improvement and had already ordered a newly designed mat with improved stitching.


This morning I did the Cardio and Strength Interval workout from Denise Austin's 2 week Bootcamp dvd and really liked the cardio on the bungee. Yes, my petal mat has a rip BUT it doesn't really affect its performance because the bungees are securely attached to a different part of the mat. For the weighted intervals, I used homemade XCOs. Then I did some chiball and finished with Classical Stretch.

Glad I took a long hot bath last night cuz I woke up with mild DOMS in the inner thighs and quads from Jazzercise's band workout yesterday that could have otherwise been very uncomfortable DOMS.

Snow is in the forecast yet again this week which may mean another AC cancellation and more home workouts. Sort of nice to see my pile of workouts to revisit going down slowly instead of piling up higher.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well I just cut my morning workout short after finding a tear on the replacement petal mat of my jumpsport bungee in the same spot that the original petal mat had. I have not used this rebounder all that much being in AC so often and even then, not too intensely preferring healthbouncing.

How can a company offer a lifetime warranty on such a poorly made mat????

Anywho, I have emailed their customer service cuz no phone business hours today to try to find out if a skirt mat will work with this model's bungees and if so, to try a skirt mat instead. Actually I am requesting both mats as a replacement mat.

ETA: Before the sudden stop, I had done mile two of the Biggest Loser Power Walk wearing my Shadowboxer belt instead of holding weights then the warmup and band routine in Bodysculpting with Jazzercise. I only did the first 5 minutes of Power Walk on the bungee and noticed the rip in the mat when doing pushups on the bungee with Jazzercise. Actually, my hand felt the rip. Later on in the day, I did the abs using a band from the Jazzercise vhs then some of Cher's Fitness a New Attitude.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This morning I did mile one of the Biggest Loser Power Walk, mostly on the bungee with Fitstix then did the Athletic Cardio (Kettlebell Inspired) Denise Austin workout on her 3 week Bootcamp dvd, using my homemade XCOs. Then I did some of Exercise TV Incredible Abs (#2 warmup then first half of #3). When I tried to do Chiball, my upper back had uncomfortable DOMS so I switched to Classical Stretch and Qigong for Energy. Cannot figure out what gave me the upper back DOMS except maybe Chiball yesterday.

Yesterday's spark was some rebounding to Body Blitz (youtube) then some Qigong for Energy.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I started with the rest of Gotta Sweat vol5 , some on the step, some on the bungee and all with the Shadow Boxer Belt. The did some of TaeBo Advanced Live 4 with the belt on the bungee then switched to Fitstix for the warmup in TaeBo Advanced Live 5. TBAL5 though mostly floorwork has a great warmup. Then I did some more Chiball and finished with Classical Stretch.

Got a new Qigong for Energy vhs from an amazon vendor delivered today and hope it isn't identical to my Qigong for Healing vhs. It starts out the same so won't know till I really try a few chapters.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This morning I started with the Walmart Gold's Gym Bikini Bootcamp dvd which had cardio (some bungee friendly) and kettlebell circuits then did the second circuit from Exercise TV's Amy Dixon Beginner's Bootcamp which was very Fitstix friendly then did some Chiball (really forgot how great these workouts are!) and finished with Classical Stretch. I tweaked most floor stuff to standing versions in the Gold's Gym and Dixon workouts. Chiball is like doing a Nia and light medball fusion.

ETA: Last evening, I did a spark with Exercise TV's ELLE Make Better toning using homemade XCOs

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I warmed up on the bungee with Fitstix to Keeping Fit Cardio's warmup and first song which plays in my head 24/7. Luckily I love the song LOL Then I did the Core Transformer clip several times with various toys to see which of mine work best with it and the ShadowBoxer belt was the winner. Since I had the belt on, I visited a recent thrift store find Gotta Sweat Vol 5 cuz they use a similar belt with step kickboxing and I did SWEAT. Did most of it on the step but some on the floor as well when needing a break. Finished with some Classical Stretch

ETA: I forgot to mention that since I broke through my plateau but on its upper end, probably following a day of having too much salt and resulting water retention, I have since moved downwards in my measurements to being on the bottom end of my plateau.

Also wanted to mention that I just found out the weight of an XCO walking weight is only about 12 ounces so I can use my Fitstix as a substitute :) May still make a homemade set with Pringles cans using way less rocksalt and having much more slide than what I have already made.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This morning I did most of the Martial Fusion Rockin Body cardio, on and off the bungee, some with the Shadowboxer belt and some with Fitstix. During repetitive parts, I freestyled. Then I did the rest of the standing chapters of Keeping Fit Strength, some chiball using the stability ball, the rest of Qigong for Healing and finished with Classical Stretch.

It was a bit ambitious but it seemed like my body was ready for the challenge.

Monday, January 3, 2011


This morning I warmed up with the last 3 chapters of Keeping Fit Cardio with Fitstix, some on the bungee. Then did the warmup and first 3 chapters of Keeping Fit Strength with homemade XCO trainers. Most of the Keeping Fit chapters worked the lower body aerobically. Then did the sitting on a chair routine from a Chiball tape which was really nice. Then alittle Qigong for Healing and Classical Strength. Even tossed in a healthbounce during some Classical Sttretch when I didn't want to do all of the moves or reps.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I warmed up with some chapters from Keeping Fit Cardio then did some Chi Yoga which had a segment that seemed to work the lower body aerobically then did some abs from Exercise TV's Barre 3 then did the first 8 minutes of Amy Dixon's beginner's Bootcamp which was a tough lower body cardio routine then some Qigong and finished with Classical Stretch. Some of Keeping Fit and Amy Dixon were done on the bungee.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Saturday 1/1/11

This morning I did the 3rd and 4th miles of the Biggest Loser Power Walk. Third mile was cardio intervals great on the bungee and 4th was a medball walk but I used a homemade XCO trainer. Then I did some Chiball Awaken Your Spine which I really enjoyed and finished with some Classical Stretch, first of the series from Mexico. Feel well worked and well stretched, especially in the core and upper body so will focus more on lower body tomorrow with Keeping Fit and some Barre3. May do a TaeBo spark later since it's January 1st and TaeBo started me on my video exercise habit.

I felt much better this morning, less pain and more energy than yesterday.