Saturday, February 26, 2011


This morning I did the Kukuwa Teen Instructional then the Tween 3rd and 4th songs then the Teen first song for a nice 24 minute routine, mostly on the bungee then did some GI Jabb Warrior with Fitstix on the bungee and finished with Classical Stretch. Think I am actually liking the Youth dvd more than the Adult!! Hope to finish the Teen workout as a spark later.

This eating even healthier now that DS wants to lower his LDL and my enthusiasm for Kukuwa getting me to move my boombsey more with sparks has gotten me below my plateau weight and measurements a bit! Think I'll even get some real walking in soon too.

ETA: just found out I won the Bob Harper Body Rev Cardio Conditioning from Collagevideo through the Fitness For the Rest of Us blog giveaway with lucky comment #13. Happy Happy Joy Joy :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


This morning I did the rest of Kukuwa's Advanced Adult workout and the rest of the Kids workout and the instructional for the Tweens workout on the Youth dvd. Cannot predict yet which will become my favorite workout dvd, the Adult or the Youth! The Youth dvd seems to have alot of variety in the moves and really good music. I sweated doing the Tween Instructional!

The Adult Advanced is actually 37 minutes long, not just 30 minutes! So if you do the Instructional as a warmup or cooldown (13 minutes) you can make it a 50 minute workout.

I then did some Kettlenetics Flow Motion with the Kathy smith 3 pounder then some Classical Stretch which was all barre.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday & nothing to fear

The saying that there is nothing to fear but fear, itself, proved true for me this morning. At first, my fear was reaching for the Kukuwa Youth dvd but then my curiosity won and I reached for the Adult dvd to try the Advanced workout. A real Party in a Box workout!!! The only thing Advanced about it was more fun and some new moves. One move in particular is now my favorite move cuz it affected my abs as well as a similar Core Transformer move but without equipment. Cannot even try to describe this move but it is effective and fun and didn't aggravate any joints. Who can ask for more? OK I only did half of the workout BUT if the second half is as good, it will definitely surge right up to being my favorite workout of my collection. Plus the Advanced workout may be much longer than the expected 30 minutes, more like 45 minutes.

After Kukuwa I revisited the Gold's Gym dvd I had bought at Walmart and did some of the lower and upper body circuits, mostly with the Kathy Smith 5lb kettlebell. When I didn't like what they were doing, I jogged on the rebounder with my Fitstix which was most of the upper body routine LOL

Finished with some Classical Stretch. Plan to do more of the Kukuwa Youth dvd for sparks and the rest of the Advanced Adult tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kukuwa Kids workout

Even the kids workout kicked my boombsey!

Again great music, simple to follow music but plenty of intensity.

The Kids music and moves seemed very rebounder/bungee friendly cuz very little footwork. Ok I only did 13 minutes of it cuz I got pooped but it will definitely be one of my favorite rebounder sparks! The kids are adorable. One little girl just started to bounce and if I wasn't already bouncing on my bungee, it would have made me get on the bungee and bounce. I did do some of the moves on the floor and they had big feel good whole body movements which means intensity without impact. Next spark will be the Kids Instructionals and its last song and maybe some of the next workout to hit a minimum of 12 minutes. I try to do a spark for 12 to 20 minutes, once or twice a day.

Weds and more Kukuwa Love Flowing

This morning, I warmed up to the Kukuwa Adult *Move your Boombsey* Intermediate Instructionals 4 to 6 then did their dance routines, hopping onto the bungee when the mood struck for a perfect 20 minutes. Didn't do any of the turns cuz like to face forward and watch myself in a mirror once I got the moves, especially when on the bungee. Plan to try some of the Youth dvd as a spark and some of the Adult Advanced tomorrow morning cuz have way more energy in the morning. After Kukuwa, I did the Smartbell Fusion dvd which was similar to a slow chiball and Classical Stretch in its effects.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new Kukuwas

At first, I was going to add my initial impression to the new Kukuwa series I received in the mail today to my other post but then decided these are so darn special that they needed a new post of their own.

The Adult dvd has two separate 30 minute workouts on it (Intermediate and Advanced) plus short instructionals for each workout.

OK I have only done the first song from the Adult Intermediate workout which was supposed to be a warmup. Well if this is an intermediate warmup, I best follow the modifier for the rest if I want to survive to collect my first social security check next month!

The music is amazing: African with vocals.

The moves are simple to learn and lots of fun but very intense. Many moves are bungee friendly but doubt the upper body will work with Fitstix because the moves are fast.

The instructional chapter goes through the moves slowly with Kukuwa and even has music playing so you can do the instructional as a warmup or cooldown.

If the rest of these songs are nearly as good as the first, Nia's Unplugged may be facing a demotion as my favorite workout. However, I am not going to rush through all of the songs so I can savor each and every one of them.

ETA: just did another spark starting with the 2nd and 3rd instructionals from the Intermediate workout on the bungee then the second and third songs on the floor. Very sneaky ab work!! The dvd is chaptered beautifully for my sparks.


This morning I did the rest of Kukuwa vol2 then the rest of the standing part of Smartbell Strength then some Classical Stretch. Kukuwa vol2 had many good moves for the bungee and fitstix.

My new Kukuwas just delivered so will be sparking this afternoon :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


This morning I did most of the standing part of the Firm's Transfirm Your Trouble Zones with the Kathy Smith 5 lb kettlebell and cardio on the bungee. Then I did some of Smartbell Strength and finished with Classical Stretch.

Almost every afternoon, I have been doing a Kukuwa spark on the bungee with Fitstix in anticipation of receiving her new dvds :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday and Family Health

This morning, I warmed up on the bungee to Kukuwa then did the standing part of the Firm's Express kettlebell workout but afterwards skipped around the whole standing routine and saw it included alot of stuff I like to do that weren't in the Express version so will do the whole standing routine tomorrow. Then I did the rest of the standing routine from Smartbell Basics and finished with Classical Stretch.

When I was avoiding the UR and my HDL went down a bit, I think I was avoiding all higher impact and intensity because of lower joint pain. So it may not be just rebounding, itself, that helped increase my HDL but having a comfortable bungee that enabled me to workout harder. I have read that more intense exercise affects the HDL moreso than just walking so will try to get the whole family doing more intensity than we have been. Even though the doctor said DH's cholesterol tests were ok, I saw a real rise in his total cholesterol and LDL as well as a lowering of his HDL and if he continues on this path may need a higher dose statin. So in a way, Marc's elevated LDL and fear of starting a lifetime drug may make the whole family eat and move healthier.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday & HDL

I revisited some older stuff this morning. I think being into exercise for such a long time has enabled me to acquire some great workouts and equipment that were never mainstreamed much such as the Smartbells and Smartbell workouts because they were too darn expensive.

First I did most of the standing part of Kettlenetics Cardio Balanced then some of Flow Motion Basics, using whichever of my light kettlebells felt best for each move. I do prefer the slower speed in the Flow Motion Basics and more reps of feel good moves. Really don't get why Michele couldn't do the Cardio Balanced warmup with slower moves and more reps like the Basics warmup, making it feel very hectic and rushed for a warmup. Both warmups and workouts are different enough from one another to be worth doing.

Then I revisited Smartbell Basics and again the moves seemed very similar to medball and Kbell moves so that is why I can easily use whichever toy appeals to me. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I was double checking my HDL levels over the past year and noted an obvious raise in HDL (58) in November and February compared to August (51) when it was at its lowest. The only difference I can detect in my workouts was more rebounding since getting my bungee in October!! Previously, I was rebounding less and less because of my YogFlex fraying straps and the UR aggravating my joints and feet. So whether scientifically proven or not, I definitely think the bungee and being able to rebound more often has raised my HDL :) Now I have to check my older logs to see what I was doing in the past when my HDL was as high as 78. Wouldn't be surprised if it was mostly using my YogFlex during colder months. Since I walk huge amounts in the summer when in AC more, it has to be the bouncing motion making the difference.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Haven't worked out yet because our oil burner again failed to stay on.

Finally! Finally had an oil service guy take our oil burner problem seriously and really tried to fix it while previous sevice men just bled the line and replace parts that seemed clogged. He checked everything and had determined the problem was sludge/dirt in the nozzle and the nozzle size was too small.

Not sure if and when I'll workout today cuz just had to eat something.

ETA: got to workout and try the rest of the Kathy Smith Kbell dvd and some older Kukuwa. Really like the Kathy Smith Kbell workouts because of the music only option and the moves are fun. I revisited Kukuwa on the bungee with Fitstix and really liked the feel of this combination. Yesterday I ordered her new Adult workout and the dear woman included the kids dvd as a bonus because of our history. Clips of her new workouts are at

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It felt really good to workout again but the moment didn't last :(

After being very stressed out because of our son dumping his stress on me since our doctor wanted him to start a statin medication to keep his LDL in check because of our family's history of high cholesterol and heart disease and winter related home repairs (new den window still leaking and oil burner still needs reseting after a service call), I really felt sooooo much better after doing some of Kathy Smith's Kettlebell set with music only. BUT the endorphins wore off and the stress is back and I am just tired of everything.

I did get away from the snow, winter related home repair problems, and our son's constant stressing but our son kept texting me while in AC, putting a damper on the much needed minivacation. He has undiagnosed Aspergers' Syndrome and OCD. Worries about things sometimes irrationally and I am his sole sounding board and am reaching the end of my patience after doing this for so long. At first, my main motivation for being healthier was to be there for my son as long as possible and my main worry was what would happen to him after I am gone. Now, I really don't care anymore cuz I am totally burnt out being his mother.

Oh I'll keep moving because I do enjoy it and how it makes me feel but know now it is just a bandaid and do not not see any light at the end of the tunnel for this situation. I am tired of trying to keep our son's stress at a minimum and from affecting me so am just giving up and will let him stress himself and try to ignore it as much as possible.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday through Weds

I spent last last fews days in AC with a mild cold, walked plenty, ate and slept well and brought home more money than I had when leaving home :)

The QVC Kathy Smith Kbell set was waiting for me so I did the warmup and half the Fatburning chapter as a spark. At first, I was disappointed that the music was low but then remembered there is a music only option! The moves are more like Kettlenetics than real Kbell moves which is fine with me. Will try all of the chapters tomorrow morning.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday revisiting Speedbody

This morning I did the whole Bob Forcelli Contenders Club Full body Speedbody workout! All 45 to 50 minutes of it, except the earlier stretching cuz I do not stretch during warmups. I haven't done a workout from beginning to end in a very long time and usually switch when I start watching the clock. The rounds make the time fly and sweat was also flying. The simple to follow moves were great with Fitstix, XCO trainers instead of dumb bells, or the speedbody ball. Most were bungee friendly. I may try the much heavier Corball as a spark with those rounds using a medball. May also try the Shadowboxer belt with the punching rounds as a spark. Speedbody is definitely my favorite boxing workout because it is doable at whatever intensity I want to do that moment, uses my favorite toys, um equipment and the music is nice and loud. Absolutely no dread factor, well except the annoying UR music in one round LOL

Still did some Classical Stretch afterwards :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


This mornings workout finished off the bonus on Disco Dojo as a warmup on the bungee then I did some of the 3rd shadowboxing combo with Fitstix and some of the kickboxing on Rapid Fire and the first cardio routine on Ballerobica. Finished with Classical Stretch.

Rapid Fire kickboxing was ok till she started kicking and pivoting more than I like so will stick with the shadowboxing combos and Corball chapters when revisiting.

The Ballerobica was ok (mostly ballet lower body) but the second chapter looks much more like my kind of thang (whole body movements).

ETA: This afternoon's spark was more of Ballerobica, including its second low impact cardio, higher impact and legs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well after the Buyer's Remorse from the JayLo Fitness dvd which would have been overpriced even if for free, let alone $25, I have finally caved and ordered something new: the kettlebells and dvd by Kathy Smith. I really like Kettlenetics and would love to try a softer kettlebell with a wider grip and the video looked and sounded good to me on youtube and QVC's price seemed reasonable.

This morning, my numbers were all at the low end of my plateau so as good a place to be and stay as I have seen in 11 years.

For my workout today, I did the rest of Scott Cole's Disco Dojo with Fitststix on and off the bungee, on being way more intense. Then did the MELT 10 minute low back foam roller (on youtube), alittle Tracy Anderson Punch routine and arms (both on tube) and finished with Classical Stretch. I did the MELT first because it preceded the TA's on my videoCD and my right hip can always use a shot of it. LOL

ETA: today's spark was from the video CD I had burned: a cute dance routine by older Asian women and some of Joy Bauer's Slimdown on the Acacia free preview

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weds HAES & Rapid Fire

Quite a few thoughts came together for me recently thanks to some threads at VF and reading about an alternative healthy lifestyle approach called *Healthy At Every Size*. It made me realize that my plateau was my actual goal weight and I may as well just accept it fully and enjoy the journey towards wellbeing without the fuss, focusing on the positive result I personally seek, to enjoy eating and moving to feel good. I am promising myself not to allow a number on a scale or BMI chart drive me crazy ever again! Also promising myself to continue to avoid all posts on VF and any other sites that focus on weightloss.

Now when I say eating for enjoyment and to feel good, I do not mean overeating, eating mostly high calorie non-nutritious food, or eating when I am not hungry. I mean choosing food that satisfies me and tastes good, savoring every bite. I do not like feeling bloated or overfed yet had a tendency to eat that way many times in my past. Also had the clean the plate mentality and still hate to waste food so have learned to take smaller portions. As soon as I hear counting out portions according to calories, I shutdown and lose interest. As soon as I hear totally avoiding any of my favorites foods, I shutdown and lose interest. Dieting is simply depressing and unrealistic for me.

Anywho, I did have 2 casino bus trip choices today but skipped both because of the chill outside which was a very wise choice since we had a small oil burner malfunction last night and were able to slept in this morning, instead of rushing out to catch a bus. Also, I was also looking forward to trying some new workouts that recently arrived. Yes, I have more workouts than I will ever manage to revisit BUT variety and the excitement of finding another enjoyable way of moving really motivates me to keep moving. As I recently posted on VF, any of my workouts can be revisited 24/7 whereas $$ spent on a gym membership are gone for good.

That being said, this morning I visited some of Susan Chung's *Rapid Fire*, the clips of which didn't interest me till I won a 6 pound CorBall through Susan's website. I liked the warmup and shadowboxing which were very Fitstix and bungee friendly but especially liked her standing core routine using the Corball because she had some moves I have never seen in the dozens of medball workouts I already visited! Just a 7 minute routine but very intense. I also liked the chaptering of this dvd so it can be used as a long workout or sparks or add-ons. Music was good and loud too. Then I revisited some Chiball (Awaken Your Spine standing routine) and finished with Classical Stretch (709).

ETA: Just did the heavy bag stuff from Rapid Fire as a spark. Did some of the punching while on the rebounder but did most of the kicking off the rebounder, letting its frame help to keep the standing bag in place :) Also just flipped a couple of bed mattresses while waiting for the linens to dry.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tues, vcd wos &Disco Dojo

Yesterday afternoon as a spark, I did some more snow and ice relocating. Again no new complaints from my elbows, etc. :)

The bulk of todays' workout was stuff I had downloaded online: from Exercise TV All Systems Go warmup, 2 Tracey Mallet warmups, and Michael Carson's medball workout. Also from youtube Dance Dance Dance and a Zumba routine. Some stuff was done on the bungee, alittle band and alot of medball. Then I did some Qigong and Classical Stretch to finish.

I do not have anyway of burning a dvd but I have gotten my dinosaur of a computer to download some stuff online using a FireFox browser plugin Download Helper which also converts the videos to mpg files making them playable on MS Media Player which in turn burns a video cd of them. My cheap Craig dvd player from RiteAid can play these files :) Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Having a frugal lifestyle has made me into quite an inventor.

ETA: just did a spark using Scott Cole's Disco Dojo and really liked it!

I only did 14 minutes cuz that is how long I like to spark so only did the warmup and first combo. I did use my Fitstix which probably added to the intensity and actually sweated and am still sweating. The movements are all pleasant, some actually unique and no dreaded moves, repetitions or TIFTTing. The music is loud enough to keep me moving and though not anywhere as good as it could have been, good enough thanks to the moves and flow of the workout and Scott's familiar voice. Tried it on the floor and not sure how it'll work with the bungee but eventually will try it bouncing.
Overall, really liked it. Could have been a love it if better music but still a perfect workout for sparking, no dread factor, and perfect intensity.

Monday, February 7, 2011


This morning I warmed up with the rest of the standing portion of Bellyfit Earth, some on the bungee then used the Fitstix with some of Keeping Fit Cardio, off and on the bungee. Also did some chiball and finished with Classical Stretch. Most amazing of all, nothing bothered me from the hour or more of snow shoveling I did yesterday. My elbows are just about completely healed :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This morning I warmed up with some of Bellyfit Earth, doing its warmup as a healthbounce on the bungee and some of the cardio on the bungee with Fitstix. This was my 3rd visit, totally not having any lasting impressions from the first two, and it was nice but not worth the raves it is getting on VF IMHO, especially compared to Nia. The biggest criticism Nia gets is being too New Agey and having a *whoo whoo* factor yet this workout is over the top with the same. Then I did the second 15 minutes of Katami's kettlebel Drills. Will not be doing its last routine because it involves all movements that can aggravate my elbows. Then I did some of an old medball routine of Katami's with my 6lb corball but stopped when my upper abs cramped! Finished with alittle Qigong for Healing and Classical Stretch. Over the past few evenings, I have been busy reviewing a bunch of older Classical Stretches I had recorded from seasons 2 and 3. Assuming there are 30 episodes each season, only missing 4 of season's 3 but missing as many as many as 9 from season 2 unless some I thought were repeats because of clothing and locations were actually different. Oddly, I saw 3 episodes of season 2 literally disappear when I re-recorded it at another time!

ETA: almost forgot to mention, I am still seeing a slow weightloss and tape measure loss so am hopeful if I continue what I have been doing and do a spark more regularly before dinner, it will continue and I'll have to rename my blog :)

ETA: My *spark* today was shoveling snow for over an hour since it warmed up enough to move it so guess my morning workout was my spark today LOL

Saturday, February 5, 2011


This morning I warmed up with Getting Fit Cardio on the bungee with Fitstix cuz missed my favorite cardio song, not having done it for awhile. Then I did half of Katami's Kettlebell Drills till my butt felt well cooked and didn't want to burn it to a crisp. Then I used a band for the upper body in the Getting Fit Pilates warmup and finished with Classical Stretch.

Son is here for his last trip before leaving for the UK till August.

Both of our cars had almost simultaneously serpentine belt problems. Nephew came by and wants our car with the broken serpentine belt and figured the problem was the ac compressor freezing up. Checked our other car and said it just needed the new serpentine belt which had become brittle and everything else seemed fine. He advised us to get a Honda when we want a new car, saying it was the most reliable brand from a mechanic's point of view.


I was doing research for the new car online and actually am now leaning towards a Ford Fiesta LOL
Since this will become our only car, I wanted something good on mileage and safe. Its smaller size will be alot easier to drive in parking lots, park in our tiny garage, etc. than the midsize Hyundai Sonata which is the safest and best mileage of the midsize cars. The Fiesta has the best mileage and safety ratings in its class.
So next is the seat and seatbelt tests cuz I hate when a seatbelt isn't comfortable. Our nephew the mechanic had suggested a Honda but the Fiesta and Sonata are the new stars of 2011 so he hasn't had to work on them much, being out of work for quite awhile because of back problems.

Friday, February 4, 2011


This morning I warmed up with more Tracy Anderson on the rebounder. Really do not understand why her fans want to buy a rebounder just to do this routine but different strokes for different folks. IMHO, I do many more creative fun moves on my own when I freestyle to music.

Then I did the some of Katami's Kombo Core then the upper body and core from Michael Carson's Get Sexy Body Quick Sculpt using the new Cor-ball. WOW did my core feel that! Did some of the arm band stuff too. Made a notation to try the lower body with the Core Transformer band next time. Then I did some running on the bungee using a belt and band contraption from Fast 10 and some of Biggest Loser Power Walk with the cor-ball. Then I did some Qigong for Healing and Classical Stretch.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


First, I found out this morning that our son's working VISA came through so he can now return to the UK for 6 months and meanwhile, try to get the tier one VISA which will enable him to stay there as long as he wants.

Then while workingout, my new 6 lb Cor-ball which I won through Susan Chung (the instructor of Rapid Fire) arrived. I vaguely remember submitting my email address, never expecting to really win it! It is really a nice piece of equipment with comfortable handles. I even used it for some of the kettlebell moves in Katami's Kombos workout this morning.

My workout this morning started with some of Tracy Anderson's rebounding workout from youtube. Had no trouble doing most of the moves on the bungee if I kept the bounce small. Most of the upper body moves are picking up your pants and making other clothing adjustments. Then I did most of Katami's Kettlebell Kombos and some Classical Stretch.

Here is Susan's website and blog link in case anyone is interested in Rapid Fire, etc.

ETA: just did a spark: The ELLE Cardio Body first workout on the bungee with Fitstix.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This morning I tried to warmup to JayLo Fitness Combo chapter but had to *Jonni O* it which in VideoFitness lingo means eject it. Definitely the worse workout I ever tried, let alone overpaid for, and just don't expect Johnny Loper to develop into a fitness dvd superstar as I thought from his video clip entered into just such a contest. If he wins that contest, I will not purchase his dvd no matter how good the clip may seem. He, obviously, doesn't get what a home exerciser wants and is so far off base, I just do not see him evolving enough. Kudos to his background exercisers for doing his tedious workout but I am just neither masochistic enough to make myself do it nor sadistic enough to watch them endure it again. But hey, they do sort of deserve what they got for letting Johnny's *choreography* (and I am using that term very loosely) go to press without giving him some feedback.

So for a warmup, I did Contenders Club Speedbody 18 minute workout which has great loud music plus a variety of moves in short sets of reps so the time flies by. Cannot avoid seeing the differences in these two workouts dvd styles since I received them on consecutive days. The only thing they have in common is loud pumping music.

Then I did just the Clinic from Paul Katami's Kettlebell Combos/Kombos. I liked this much more than other kettlebell technique dvds I have tried. Wish the music were louder but probably was focusing on Paul's tips moreso this way. His first tip of wearing wrist bands to cushion the wrists really helped! Only used my little red Kettlenetics kettlebell instead of the 8lb one but got a nice workout without aggravating my elbows. Expecting butt DOMS tomorrow :)

Finished with Classical Stretch.

I am thinking of doing bungee and Fitstix cardio for a warmup then a chapter of Paul's Kettlebell stuff and finishing with Classical Stretch or even barre/ballet for the next week or so.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This morning I shoveled the coating of snow we got then did Speedbody Full Body from its 4th Round, having done the first 3 rounds as a spark on Saturday. Much of its cardio is bungee friendly. I like the 2 pound ball which didn't seem to aggravate my elbows but am worried the 6 lb cor-ball I won through a Susan Chung giveaway may be pushing my elbows a bit too much. I haven't used my 6 lb smartbell with handles or my 6 lb ballero for quite some time because of my bum elbows. Of course shoveling snow was taking a risk as well with my elbows but I wanted to clear my buried from our last big snowfall clothes dryer vent and once I was outside and saw how easily the coat was moving, I continued cuz it could refreeze or be much heavier after freezing rain before our son got to it. After Speedbody, I did some Classical Stretch.