Monday, July 8, 2013

DailyMotion Downloads

I have downloaded alot of great workout videos from Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos  but lately none of my download methods seem to work on that site.  Finally found a download site that did work with less tricky advertisements to avoid clicking by mistake:
Free Download from Rapidshare, FileFactory. Free Download Videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe -

Just copy the url of the video and paste it into the dialog box on the top of the website and click on download right next to the box then choose your file format size and done.  The video file will appear in your download folder.  Ignore all of the other advertisements.  You do not need to download anything else.

There are all sorts of ways to copy the url.  Usually the easiest is to click on *share* or *export* and the url will appear in a dialog box.  Sometimes it will automatically get copied into your clipboard ready to paste.  If not you can right click the video's url and copy it or right click the video and copy its url.  Some programs and sites will automatically paste from your clip board as well.  If not, right click will give you a paste option.
Keyboard shortcuts:
for *copying* a highlighted link onto your clipboard hold the [Ctrl] then also the [C] keys
for *pasting* whatever was last copied onto your clipboard hold the [Ctr] then also the [V] keys
Clipboard will just hold the last copied characters
Note: I use a Windows Operating System so the above may not work the same way with others.

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