Monday, October 29, 2012

Today's Highlights

This morning after failing to get FIOS to connect to youtube for me (think a java update fouled up Media Manager), I retried the Vizio Internet App on our new Vizio TV.  I signed into my youtube account and was very pleased with the videos I could access.

First I warmed up with my newest creation, Leslie Sansone's 2 Mile Walkaerobics with African music

Then I did some of Violet's Martial Arts bar stuff from my Violet Playlist:

Then I did some of the videos from my Radiant Heart Playlist.
I was so enjoying youtube on our HDTV that I didn't switch to using the bungee with a dvd.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wonderful New Stuff

This morning I warmed up with Leslie Sansone's old Walkaerobics 4 Mile Weightloss Walk to which I added Holiday music

Then I did some more of the Bellicon class to which I had added music
Then I did some of Violet's wonderful Martial Arts bar routine but used my large Walmart bubble wand partially filled with rock salt as my *sword*:


Last I did some of the Barre3 Standing Slim routine on vimeo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Persian Zumba!!!

New Persian Zumba 2 youtube video has been uploaded!!!

Happy Camper Here

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to

then did 2 of the Bellicon videos with music added

then did a nice lower body by Petra holding a weighted ball.

then alittle more of Nia's Awareness of the Pelvis which is also on my youtube channel.
Being listed, it will come up on a search for Nia Plevis.

and finished with CS 830

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Youtube on our HDTV

Just couldn't get completely into the workout groove this morning though a few times it felt like I was on my way.  First I made the mistake of trying to warm up on the bungee to a *real* rebounding workout I had on vhs before I decided whether to try to trade for its dvd: Champion Supersets.   Obviously, I now have no interest in getting the dvd version.
Next I started muving a bit more on the bungee when doing the youtube Jessica Smith Cardio Blast to which I had added music but started running out of steam so switched to some Classic arms with Hamelin D'abell (youtube) and liked some of the moves but not all of the reps so was fast forwarding alot.  Next I did alittle bit of a bunch of clips playing on our HDTV now that I have it synced with Verizon Media Player.  Our Vizio HDTV did come with Web apps including youtube but they often froze. Watching youtube through the FIOS system is much more reliable.

I did a few short clips which were saved on my laptop then did a few minutes of various videos on youtube including  a Classical Stretch and the Janis Safell - Scott Cole warmup. This is definitely the way to go if I want to workout with youtube!  Will still download youtube clips if I want to add music to them and/or use the bungee in another room with a dvdr.  I do have to open Verizon Media Manager on my laptop first to view youtube on the tv but that is no biggie.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another great combo thanks to Freemake

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some of Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk to which I added music.  Again adding music pumped new life into an old routine.
Then I finished Unplugged and really enjoyed the cooldown.  Chaptering Unplugged made a real difference for its revisit.
Next I revisited the rest of MeltItOff Progressive Strength's upright segment and some of the MeltItOff Core standing ab but used a weightless chiball because the 2 lb smartbell aggravated my shoulder during a previous revisit.
Finished with some CS barre.

I used Freemake Video Converter for ripping titles from dvd, trimming them into chapters, removing audio from clips that I want to add music to, and/or to rip a routine that I want to save on my hard drive like the Unplugged Cooldown.
Thanks to Freemake, I am also trimming videos I want to load to FIOS to play on our hdtv because Verizon Media Manager will only sync clips under 10 minutes.

Friday, October 19, 2012

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some Mom's Cafe Cardio (youtube) with music added then some of Kathy Smith's Rejuvenation Walk to which I added music and really enjoyed that, both on and off the bungee while holding homemade XCO trainers.
Next I did the third quarter of Unplugged, alittle Tiffany Rothe Pregnancy workout (youtube), and the Body Balance youtube workout to which I had added music. The Body Balance video is the one done in a store with African music uploaded on 

Finished with CS.

Both the right hip and shoulder seem to be much improved, especially after trying this stretch last night suggested by Loren Fishman, MD.:

(Note: I did it with the other leg back and felt relief in my right hip)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nia Awareness of Pelvis

The most recent Nia online class has been uploaded!
Awareness of Pelvis

Started out Strong but Pooped

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some Classical Stretch cardio to which I had added music (the kickboxing and athletic cardio worked well on the bungee) then did another 1/4 of Nia Unplugged and really got into it.  Unfortunately, I pooped cuz Carlos exhausted me LOL
I try not to over-visit Unplugged to keep it fresh and each time I do, it feels new.
Kept muving (barely) doing alittle lower body with Cindy Whitmarsh on Exercise TV then alittle CS.

Full Original Bellicon Class video at 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nia Unplugged

After warming up on the bungee to some videos to which I had added music, I started to revisit Nia Unplugged Dance to Drums and have to say it may still be my favorite dvd in my whole collection.

I then did alittle more of Kit and RefitRev Zumba songs from youtube before finishing with some CS.  This was one of Kit's I enjoyed this morning:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leela Francis Radiant Heart and ViviDance online

Here is a complete list of the youtube clips from Radiant Heart  (VividExistence dance)  and ViviDance by Leela Francis:

Radiant Heart Intro

Radiant Heart Sense

Radiant Heart Ground

Radiant Heart Mobilize

Radiant Heart Harness

Radiant Heart Express

VivaDance Wind

Lesser Known Nia Instructors Online and dvds

One of the best Nia videos I have ever seen

There are also some decent Nia routines on youtube:
Kendra Howard Planet Motion

another excellent Nia Instructor Holly

Clips from Radiant Heart
a dvd by another Nia instructor Leela can be found on
also check my label for vividance

Remember to check the Nia blog each month for a new online class as well.  Most recent video was Awareness of Thighbones and the next one will be Awareness of the Pelvis but all of them can be accessed by scrolling down the blog at

here's alittle taste of Yoga Play, a vhs/dvd by a Nia instructor who is involved in Nia training classes Winalee Zeeb:

Yoga Play is available at

Leela's store is

For more info about Leela's Radiant Heart links or a Winalee's Yoga Play's review

The Planet Motion World Dance dvd can be purchased from Kendra Howard at
(or at TotalFitnessDvds)
for more info about Planet Motion

another Nia routine on youtube by Casey Berstein with *Feeling* songs

Still Loving Music

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to the third Jessica Smith Sunset Walk with music by Queen then did her 10 minute Toning Walk with Broadway music while holding homemade XCO trtainers.  Next did some youtube clips by Kit holding Zumba Stix. Finished with some CS.

Kit's Zumba routines can be found at

I really liked this one:

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to download and add music to a video file

I prefer to download/convert/edit/burn with Freemake Video Converter using a Windows operating system.

If the video site is not compatible with Freemake Video Converter, I use Freemake Video Downloader.
If the video is not compatible with either Freemake product, I use Download Helper on the Firefox browser.
When downloading any Freemake product from
I do not recommend getting the toolbar or any other extra software offered with Freemake products which you can avoid by choosing to customize the download and installation.  Be very careful which boxes are checked or unchecked.

Freemake can download youtube files and burn the files into a movie file onto a dvdr in a single swoop but I store these video files on my hard drive in MP4 format till I have a couple of hours to burn onto a single dvdr with Freemake.  Sometimes I edit these files and/or add music.

If I want to add my own music, I can choose *no Audio* when converting the file to make a muted MP4 file or I can add one long soundtrack using the dropdown audio menu.
If I have a soundtrack available (several songs already joined into one MP3 file), I can add that file to replace the original audio instead of muting the original.
(if ripping a DVD with more than one soundtrack or language, this audio dropdown menu may offer those additional options)

Sometimes before converting I trim out parts I do not want to do and/or break long videos into smaller segments or chapters, each saved separately

For music, I rip cds and more recently, online video files (youtube, amazon freebies, etc.).
RunHundred makes excellent song suggestions
Youtube has a zillion videos with music.
I just download with Freemake Video Converter by *Pasting the url* of the song on youtube as the source then convert to MP3.

To add music to muted video files, I use Windows Live Movie Maker.
I could add the music with Freemake but would be limited to one MP3 file. Plus it is easier to find the exact spot to change the song on Windows Live Movie Maker.   I save the movie for email which makes the file smaller cuz visual quality isn't worth more space to me.

You can also edit a video file on a dvd workout in the same way, ripping the video from the dvdr with Freemake.  Use the DVD as your source.  Freemake will give you a choice of titles to play, trim and convert.

ETA: when downloading and converting video files, make new folders as needed so you can find the files and delete files you no longer need.
For more tips, check the labels for Freemake Video Converter Tips or Freemake links

To add MUsic while keeping the original cuing voice, do not mute the video before adding music with Windows Live Movie Maker.  If the original music is soft, you should hear just the cuing with your new music.  You can adjust the volume of the music files you are using with MP3Gain.

Here's a brief walk through for adding music with Windows Live Movie Maker:

Love Downloads

Everything I did today was downloaded from the internet except CS which was recorded from tv.
Editing and adding music to online workouts is definitely more motivating for me to keep muving than retail workout dvds.  Now believe my best piece of workout equipment has been my laptop with its dvdr burning drive.

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to parts of Jessica Smith's Sunset Walk, first of which had music from *Once on this Island* and the other more Broadway music (JC Superstar, Joseph, and Hair).  Then I did some of the online Buti videos but had edited out the mat stuff I wouldn't have done.  I did modify the moves, not going as deep or fast but thoroughly enjoyed it.  My hip even seemed to like the new movement. All of the above made me sweat.  I then tried some of a Jessica Smith download without the music added which was on the same burned dvdr and felt my enthusiasm waning so skipped it and muved on.  Next I did an online Zumba chair routine while sitting on a stability ball and then an online Zumba Toning Stix routine.  Finished with some CS.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost forgot to check in and hope I can remember what I did early this morning.
I warmed up with the Jessica Smith Cardio Barefoot Flow which was more like an Ellen Barrett than walking cardio so was on and off the bungee alot.  The Oldies music I added kept me muving though and it was longer than my first workout segment usually is.   Then I did some Janis Saffell band stuff and finished with CS.

Just did a spark with the Jessica Smith Sunset Walk with music from the Broadway show *Once on this Island*

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Body Balance

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Jessica Smith's Interval Walk to which I had added Broadway music from the Secret Garden and Bollywood Dreams.

Next I did a few short BodyFlex (Body Balance) routines found online.

Then I did some of Grace Lazenby's warmup and ballet barre style lower body from her Rockin Model dvd which had been on youtube but unfortunately, I didn't bookmark its link and can no longer find it on youtube so decided not to upload the edited file I have of it, leaving out the mat stuff.  There are preview clips on youtube and TotalFitness Dvds that show some of the warmup and barre lower body.

Finished with some CS.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Vids Today

First I warmed up on the bungee to another file of Hamelin D'abell cardio with Reggae music added.  Then I did a new Jessica Smith download:

Next I did some of a clip by Janis Saffell which was uploaded quite awhile ago using the band and bar contraption but it worked quite well with my Body Gospel bands and could be done without any bands:

Finished with some CS.

I will probably add music to Jessica's new vid because the moves worked well on the bungee and with Fitstix.     Also will add music to her new Cardio Blast video because it has the same audio quality.
May add music to the Saffell file as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Know til I Try

I notice many mornings when I think I feel energetic, my workouts do not always go as well as expected.  Ironically, on other days that I doubt a real workout will happen, something kicks in and I feel great.  This morning I almost skipped working out, not feeling well and having a scratchy throat.  Once I started muving, I felt so much better!  Again music was the key to make me muve.  Also notice this on days when I have an injury.  Always feel better to muve than let the injury derail me and actually radiate even more to surrounding areas, trying to avoid using the injured area.   Injuries happen.  Some of the worse happen without a result of a workout move like from a sneeze or a cough or just reaching for something too suddenly.  Muving helps to heal injuries and to prevent new injuries from otherwise happening.   All joints have to be loosened and  lubricated.  All muscles have to be used in contractions and extensions   A painful injury doesn't mean you cannot work other parts of your body.  Even if all you can wiggle is a toe, just do it!
During previous decades, I remember so many extended periods of pain from back and shoulder  injuries which would have healed so much faster if I had kept moving instead of becoming a vegetable afraid to move.  I heal so much faster at 63 than I did at 33.

Anywho I warmed up on the bungee to the three songs that I had uploaded to my blog (and filemail) with Reggae music added to Hamelin D'abell cardio.  I didn't always do exactly what he was doing, tweaking moves to what I prefer to do on the bungee and to my own beat.  Really enjoyed it and had to fight against doing the next combination of songs LOL
Next I did some of his online upper body toning.  I dropped even the light weights because my shoulder twinged and did half the reps slower and isometrically and really felt them.  Then I did a couple of Classical Stretches to catch up a bit since my trip to AC.  Was feeling really good till I did a hip stretch which actually made my hip worse so I rolled on a tennis size ball to release the knot.  All is well now.  Everything feels better than it did before the workout, including my throat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Took off for a couple of days to our home away from home (AC).   Spent most of the time playing penny slots and walking indoors since it was drizzly.  Out of the blue, the Borgata had offered us a comped suite so I jumped on it. Really enjoyed the bath I had last night in a huge bath tub in the suite.  The hot bath stopped a cold from taking hold and cured my shoulder DOMS or whatever was causing me pain from my last workout.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reggae and Hamelin

I didn't like the music and background noise on this long Hamelin D'abell cardio clip and love to bounce to Reggae so added some Reggae to it :)
Here's the original clip:

Christi Mitch Mindy Hamelin and Miranda

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with the rest of the Christi Taylor videos that I had downloaded  which are located at
The songs I did this morning included She Bangs :)

Then I did the first half of the Progressive Strength Mitch Gaylord and Mindy Mylrea weighted ball dvd routine.  I used my 2 pound Smartbell instead of a ball but this would work with any light weight or even a weightless playground ball/chiball.  In fact, it was much more like a chiball routine than anything else.

Next I did some Hamelin D'abell which has music only online (Vimeo) which I prefer to his retail dvdr with verbal cuing.

Hamelin D'abell Method workout1 from Hamelin D'abell Method on Vimeo.

 Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Persian Zumba!

Just did a nice spark courtesy of youtube called Persian Zumba.
Just the first 3 songs produced sweat and energized me.

Enjoy :)

The Power of Exercise

Exercise definitely helps mentally as well as physically.
Discovering exercise at home with TaeBo drew me out of a deep depression.

This article sends a similar message:

Moms Cafe Cardio

The first routine I did this morning on the bungee was Moms Cafe  Cardio to which I had added music.  This really worked well and was easy to tweak to avoid planks. The original routine is on youtube.
Next I did Jessica Smith's first toning Walk but with my Broadway music added. Held Fitstix throughout and did some on the bungee.  Then I did a Cindy Whitmarsh Exercise TV clip for the thighs.  Finished with CS813.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Revel is Sinking

The new AC Revel resort which happens to have a casino is supposed to be modeled like a cruise ship and is sinking like the Titanic.  They opened with alot of flaws in their design and service, reflecting a lack of experience in both the hotel and casino business.   People who wanted Revel to succeed and stimulate the economy in AC were very nasty towards people who saw its flaws realistically.   Even the positive reviews mention these flaws over and over.

Now the gamblers who were offered free play and comped rooms during the summer have seen their offers dwindle since the summer season is over.   Most are returning to their previous local and/or AC casinos.

Basically, this 2.4 billion dollar monstrosity was built to keep 20-somethings drunk.  However, some 20-somethings may prefer places with easier access to smoking areas and cheaper drinks.

HeavyHands Panaerobics

This morning I warmed up with Christie Taylor youtube songs on the bungee then did Amy Dixon Beginner Bootcamp which had been on Exercise TV but holding Fitstix the whole time.  Next I did some HeavyHands Panaerobics while holding  Zumba stix.  This is a wonderful workout but I cannot share even a clip of it cuz the vhs is copy protected when running it through Easycap and I never tried to overcome any vhs copy protection.  I was able to rip its unique soundtrack though which I may use with other workouts. Next I did 2 other Bodyvive youtube clips but they weren't nearly as good as the one I embedded the other day.  I finished with some of CS812.

ETA:  Here is a recording of the first Heavyhands Panaerobics song using the laptop webcam.  May try more using a larger tv.

Here's the second song on a larger tv screen.  Maybe if I try it at night there would be less reflections but those annoying horizontal stripes will still be there unless I try to record on our HD TV screen.

Still may try recording more off our HD TV screen if I remember one morning while it is still dark outside for less reflections.
I did record successfully off our HD TV

Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Scott!!!

Just found this routine by Scott Cole on youtube done to *Knights in White Satin*!!!
(Can anyone guess what my next spark will be?)


I think I found a new way to motivate myself to keep muving throughout the day with short routines or sparks.  From now on, I am not keeping a streaming workout unless I try it on my laptop first and really like it.  It is just so much easier to choose a downloaded or streaming video without looking for and playing a dvd.  Easier to go right to the segment I want to try too.  If I love the video, I can eventually store it on dvdr for future visits away from the laptop.

Hey I'll spend more time actually doing a routine instead of fiddling with the video file!
(This in turn will mean way less sharing through filemail.)

ETA: I should mention I just did the rest of the standing part of the Scott Cole and Janis Saffell workout which I had embedded the other day.  It was wonderful and streamed beautifully, right from my blog with a full screen.  I may start using my blog for embedding videos instead of bookmarking the streams or even downloading, converting, filemailing, and burning most video files.  Only will burn what I want to do on the bungee being too lazy to lug my laptop from room to room.  
Just as I broke the habit of buying workout dvds, I have to break the habit of burning the freebies.  Have more workouts than I'll ever do and the trainers have been uploading wonderful workouts with better music than their pressed dvds.  Plus I can simply play my own music if I the music doesn't click for me.

Another Day, Another Workout

So many trainers have been uploading such great workouts with good music that I may never buy another dvd again!  I enjoyed the Scott Cole and Janis Saffell youtube video I did as a spark more than Scott Cole's recent Disco dvd (plus he has hair again LOL).

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Christie Taylor (youtube) then did more Buti (vimeo) but used a chair instead of sitting on the floor. Then I did more Fitstix Cardio Praise with 3Dog Night but got chased upstairs back to the bungee because of a mosquito in the basement. Finished with some of CS 810 and 811.

That mosquito had a banquet on our younger son yesterday.

33 years ago, I gave birth to our older son who now lives in London.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crazy Combo

I may not even remember everything I did this morning.

First I warmed up on the bungee to some you tube clips (Firm samplers, TA Inspired cardio and alittle Christie Taylor).  Then I did some the Pop Pilates Lady Gaga routine.  Next tried some Buti and liked it more than I expected!  More importantly, my joints didn't seem to mind the strange new movements.  Then I did the rest of Nia's Awareness of Thighbones.  Finished with CS 809.

Buti videos are on vimeo:

ETA: I just did the warmup from the Scott Cole and Janis Saffell video I embedded yesterday as a spark and really liked it!!!

This one just got uploaded by Tiffany Rothe and looks good too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A new Filemail offer

Since I really like her songs and moves, I created a new filemail link for youtube routines by GoddessErna:

Enjoy :)

A Scott Cole and Janis Saffell workout was just uploaded to youtube.
Of course this one got added AFTER I had just finished burning downloads Grrrrrr
Oh well, next time or maybe I 'll do some of it as a spark off the pc.

here's another with a ball warmup!

I uploaded the warmups to these new Saffell videos to my most current filemail link:

Another nice combo today

This morning I warmed up to Jessica's Toning Walk II holding a band on the bungee (music mix had one of my favorite Pitbull songs) then I did alittle bit of a Firm mix of short clips then a Les Mills Body Vive (youtube) while holding Fitstix then TA Inspired Arms and finished with CS 808.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Nice Combo

After warming up on the bungee with a band to another music selection for Jessica Smith's Toning Walk II, I did a nice routine just added to youtube:

Next I did some of Fitstix Cardio Praise but with 3 Dog Night music I had added :)
Finished with CS 806 which helped my hip alot and alittle chiball which was found on youtube.