Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday New DanceBody on Periscope

Today's DanceBody link available for 24 hours

just paste it on the PeriscopeDown site to download the TS file

or paste the url on Firefox and download the MP4 stream with the newest version of Download Helper.  I prefer the TS file because the audio seems to be more in sync.
Unfortunately their camera was not placed well this morning and some of the upper part of the screen gets cut off.

I use Freemake Video Converter to edit the TS file on Windows.
(if you download any Freemake product, be sure to always choose custom options and uncheck any unwanted extra software.  I just accept the desktop icon)

This morning I did an edited Leslie Sansone on the PROBounce then some other files.
I especially liked the Shine Dance Fitness video:

Also Jessicasmithtv has a new walk!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Still doing KPOPs from youtube!
Remember KPDancebody on Periscope on Saturday!

Also check out this Clubz channel:

As a spark, I tried some of their moves with my homemade XCO sliding filler weights and really liked the effect!  I do not even know if the actual Clubz have a sliding filler or not.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fit Mit Anna and KPOP

This morning I did an edited *Fit Mit Anna* routine while sitting on a large stability ball.

original on youtube:

The moves worked great on the ball with little tweaking and the music was fabulous.  Since the workout is in German, replacing the audio does not lose much in cuing.

Yesterday, I started revisiting some Susan Tuttle dvd files as sparks.  Her Latin Dance routines have a music only option but I cannot find the option on her Standing Pilates so may edit them

Last evening I slept really well and woke up more pain free than I can ever remember being in years.  I am hoping my peripheral neuropathy is starting to heal and/or whatever auto-immune condition I have is at peace.

I started doing this youtube video as a spark and loved it on the bungee!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another KP

This morning I did the standing segments from another Katia Pryce Periscope sculpt class after warming up with Kat Musni.  All cardio was on the PROBounce and then I used the Miracle Miles band for the band and Fitstix for hand weights.  I finished with some edited Leslie Sansone.
Yesterday I squeezed in an edited Jessica Smith walk as sparks on the den JS370 before and after meals as well as some freestyling on my JS 550 in our living room using music from an inactive smart phone with tunes on its sd card and ear buds.
My energy level and blood pressure seem to be much better throughout the day so will continue to do these sparks and walks outside when weather permitting.  Weight loss is very slow but at least is not weight gain.

I stumbled on to another use for WellVideo since I do have limited storage space there.  I noticed files I upload to WellVideo for streaming fill my den laptop screen nicely, even better than the original file does. So I may be using Wellvideo for my sparks throughout the day.  Of course, the laptop is now attached to an old pair of power speakers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Still Bouncing

I am very happy to see that my blood pressure has been getting lower since cutting back on empty carbs and taking a short walk after dinner, weather permitting.  Also after lunch I try to bike gently on our patio and get some Vitamin D  (my old recumbent bike now resides there).

Today I started a new workout routine.
Just one piece of equipment a day and today it was the ibounce hexagon bungee.   I just wanted to see how it would be if just one bouncing surface were used instead of all three each day.  Anywho I started with the edited Jumping Fitness video which I had posted yesterday then did some of an edited towel dance by Keaira:

original youtube video:

also did some of the edited Pure Cardio HIIT with Kat Musni:

original youtube:

Tomorrow I plan to continue the Kat Musni on the PROBounce bungee.

ETA:  Before lunch I did 12 minutes of an edited Jessica Smith Walk on the PRO JS370 in our den after hooking up power speakers to the den laptop.  Hope to do the rest before dinner LOL

Monday, April 25, 2016

Some Great Edits for Bouncing

This morning I started with some edited youtube videos:

original David Hall Cellercise

original Jumping Fitness

Then I did some Tracy Anderson while sitting on a stability ball and finished with some Christy Sanchez including this routine:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Country Music

I am not into Country music but do like to move to it.   Beachbody will be releasing a Country themed workout series soon which may be great for bouncing.  Meanwhile, I have edited the Kathy Smith Matrix Power Walk with country music and did some this morning and really enjoyed it.
Here is one file of three:

I also did some of the new jessicasmithtv knee friendly barre.  It is not my kind of routine but it may appeal to many others.  I prefer her fusion routines with more movement.

Yesterday Dancebody had some technical difficulties recording their Periscope routine so I edited out all of the corrupted segments.  I doubt I would pay for streaming if they cannot offer better quality.  There is no way I could do their Periscope Live routines without an actual file to edit because my laptop just does not handle it well.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wasps and Exterminators

So yesterday I called the company that eliminated our den yellow jacket nest in July 2014.    Unfortunately, they no longer do house infestations and gave me the number for another company to call.    Fortunately, the Apache owner told me that the wasps we were seeing inside this time of year were paper wasps so I did some online research.   Paper wasp queens (inseminated females) hibernate over the winter and love attics for their hibernation.   In the spring on sunny warm days, they try to get outside to start a new nest.    Their visit indoors is temporary.   Ace-Welco sent a salesman this morning who was totally unimpressive in his knowledge of stinging insects and tried to sell us a one year contract for 3 times what Apache cost for the yellow jacket nest extermination.  Um No Thank You!

I will be patient and wait.  If there is an indication that our *infestation* is worse not better,  I will find another exterminator who exterminates nests instead of selling annual contracts.

Anywho earlier this morning I did a workout which included a bunch of files by Yin.

KP DanceBody on Periscope today

Friday, April 22, 2016

Today Being Friday

Remember that tomorrow there should be a new KP DanceBody on Periscope.

Today after working out, I will be doing a marathon of the first few episodes of the Cinemax Banshee final season before tonight's episode.  We had lost our access to Cinemax VOD when our FIOS service was reset after having a bad wire connection outside during the blizzard.  I was too angry to start paying for Cinemax and will cut back to their most basic TV line up when our contract ends.   Even though I have proof that the free Max and Starz VOD was guaranteed on our 2 year contract, FIOS claimed they could not technically enable that offer again and we were offered just one of those channels for free for 6 months after which our contract ends anyway.

I believe my nerve damage is reversing a bit!  The burning sensation in my feet has become way less intense.  Since cutting back on empty carbs, I think I am starting to lose weight instead of slowly gaining.

Wishing a real Sweetheart much happiness in her future marriage!

Most of this morning's workout were edited files from Meghan Henderson's channel:

I really enjoyed her moves and mostly my music.
However this one also had music!

We have a new pest problem in our house:
paper wasp queens
Expecting an inspection and estimate with a pest control company tomorrow

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Still Baladea Plus

This morning I did some of the edited files of Baladea Slim and Power.  I loved the music I used in the first half of Slim.  The second half had the same soundtrack I had added to Boost!
I liked Power but other than the warm up, it is really not any better than most other band routines. I may record myself bouncing to the edited Boost and Slim files eventually.

I also did alittle of my edited JessicaSmithTV Barre Lower Body to which I had added Celtic music and started a very good chair routine found on youtube.

I plan to try this one in my bedroom in front of the laptop
Since I read that using the upper body aerobically can lower blood pressure, I have been making an effort to use my upper body more and have seen my BP go lower.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baladea Revisited

In my usual MO, I edited the two Baladea cardio routines and loved both results.  This morning almost 2 years later, I revisited some of the cardio on the bungees and really loved them!  However, I also revisited Flow and am mad at myself that I let it collect dust for almost two years.  It is one of the best feel good whole body routines I have tried.  OK the music sux LOL
But the cuing is helpful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Just like the scene in *When Harry Met Sally*
I am ecstatic.

Our older son landed a new job and will be staying in NYC in his apartment.

This morning I did some of another KP DanceBody then some of a new LB Kass.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Somebody Pinch Me!

I love simple to follow workouts with decent music and no cuing.
This morning I found the KPop videos by sarahkaypop:

This morning I did some more routines by Tori (Alchemy of Motion).   There were some repetitions and some songs that did not click so I may edit these to include just the routines I want to revisit.  Finished with some Tracy Anderson while ball bouncing.

Also, Dailyburn has a new free weekly 365 workout posted:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Words to Live By

This pretty much expresses what I have been trying to express to anyone who will listen:

The only thing we can try to change is our own attitude.

This morning I did a youtube plyojam which was great and some of a DailyBurn free Monday workout.

There is a new DailyBurn 365 workout offered weekly but older ones become private

Last but not least some of a Tori routine from Alchemy of Motion,  I am wrestling with the notion of ordering some new DVDs but know I will only do them once and already have many similar routines to visit and revisit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today should have a new KP DanceBody class on Periscope

This morning I greatly enjoyed a few edits including a routine with Denise Austin and her daughter.
Denise Austin original from youtube:


Also enjoyed the Fitness by Soma routine with new music.
The original Fitness by Soma music was blocked on youtube but I had replaced the audio.

ETA: DanceBody Downloading tips today
(keep in mind this is what my two laptops found but your devices may be different)
Freemake Video Converter (for Windows only) could convert both the MP4 file produced by Firefox DownloadHelper and the ts file downloaded directly by the PeriscopeDown site
by pasting the link for the video
but the Chrome extension was not working for me.
Windows Live Movie Maker worked well with the PeriscopeDown ts file but just did not seem to like the Firefox MP4 file and converted without audio.
Overall, I prefer the ts file from PeriscopeDown because the audio is in better sync than the MP4 file from Firefox Download Helper.

Friday, April 15, 2016

No Worries

I am feeling so much better since the muscle spasms which plagued me for years have disappeared and the tingling in the hands and feet is now minimal that I can move more throughout the day and keep empty carbs at a minimum to avoid becoming diabetic.   We got a free fancier BP monitor through our insurance and it seems to show numbers close to my Aldi's wrist monitor so I am pretty sure I am not hypertensive even though I always am at the doctor's office and fear metabolic syndrome.  My husband's BP was also elevated when taken by the assistant (soon after hopping up on the table with feet and arm dangling) but was fine when the doctor took it for the free monitor information.   Now I wonder if husband even needs a diuretic to keep his BP lower?  Then again both of his parents had hypertension so guess I will let him have his placebo effect.  His blood glucose was so low that diabetes is not a threat even though his Hemoglobin a1c was also pre-diabetic.  A few years ago, my blood glucose was actually over 99 once so will not take the Hemoglobin a1c too seriously.  However, I am determined to reverse this tendency to gain weight and take off a few pounds.

This morning I enjoyed several routines while bouncing.  The star was a cardio dance with Tracy Anderson starting with Big Fat Bass.  I really liked it around the 18 minute mark!

Great freebie on youtube from Leslie Sansone:

Tomorrow being Saturday, there should be a new KP DanceBody class on Periscope!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wake up Call

Over the years, I have cheated more and more eating empty carbs and weight has snuck on.  Even though my fasting blood sugar was still under 100, the new Hemoglobin a1c indicated I was pre-diabetic so I am definitely going to cut back on empty carbs and try to be more active throughout the day.  I am not going to let insulin resistance develop into diabetes.

This morning I enjoyed a Crunch Live athletic cardio routine and some Tracy Anderson cardio.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today is D-Day

Today I go for my annual medical exam.
My stress coping methods seem to be working because my BP at home was fine.

This morning I did some of an edited Ilyse Baker Sweat Fusion, youtube Hood Towel Dance, CrunchLive Pilates and a Christy Sanchez combo including Boogie Shoes, Eye of the Tiger and Lion Sleeps Tonight, all available on her youtube channel.
Christy Sanchez Gentle Fitness Studio vids:

Here is my edited Hood Towel Dance if interested

I may eventually record myself bouncing to the edited files that are private.

Off I go to the Wizard of Oz

The doctor was wonderful.
No bullying and totally sociable.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Stress is a killer.
My husband, younger son, and I do all we can to keep it minimal.
Unfortunately, our older son thrives on it.  He has a very bad attitude and this attitude has affected all of his relationships, professionally and personally.

Last time he was inbetween jobs and stayed at our home till he had a new job and place to live, the stress was building and becoming harder and harder to control.  He may be needing a place to stay if inbetween jobs again.  He hates to live here but now we dread to have him here.

If it happens, this time he will be presented with the rules of the house in writing.  I no longer care more for his mental health than my own and my husband's.  He is the only one who can change his attitude but I refuse to let his negative personality control our home.

Tomorrow my husband and I have our annual medical exams which is very stressful because my focus is not that of the medical status quo.   At least the younger partner we see is less of a bully.  I am not concerned about my cholesterol or even blood pressure.   Just want to make sure nothing is brewing like diabetes.  Last year he talked me into an unwanted bone density which cost me an unexpected $150  copay and alot of stress just tracking down its results.   Osteopenia is a made up diagnosis to push drugs.  At least, this doctor did not try to push those drugs on me like my previous GYN and just advised Vitamin D and more foods with Calcium.  Ironically, the script my GYN wanted me to take to improve my bone density is now known to cause brittle bones!  Same can be said for Lipitor which causes all sorts of adverse effects with no benefit for women and can cause heart failure in women with MVP which I have.

Anywho I greatly enjoyed my workout this morning which were an edited youtube Power Walk with Christy Sanchez and an Ilyse Baker Sweaty Fusion routine.  I ended with a short Nia routine which was great till the *WHOO*s so will edit it LOL

Monday, April 11, 2016


This morning I did some of another Saturday KPDanceBody Periscope recording.  The bouncy moves are becoming more familiar to me so I am enjoying each of them on the bungees and ball.  I really like the audio with minimal cuing and loud music so I can get into the music.  My recording did have some glitches so totally understand why Katia Pryce wants to keep control over her property and not have these Periscope recordings posted publicly.  I am hoping her future website streaming performs well on my laptop and much better than the Periscope LIVE feeds did.

Also I started doing some of the videos by Caribbean Flavour
Some of these faster routines worked better on the PROBounce with ultra cords.

There was an article claiming that Trump has not made charity contributions from his own pocket, only with other people's money.  He donated gifts with inflated values like golf course rounds and hotel rooms which promoted his own brand.  I have to question whether these *gifts* were used as income tax deductions.

When we went to a stock board meeting for the AC Trump casinos, he did give out vouchers for a free meal at his gourmet restaurants.  However, the stock owners did lose their total investment which did not risk money from his own pocket.  He arranged terrible bank loans for his AC casino hotels without risking any of his own money.  Do we want him doing similar deals with our tax money?

Bill O'Reilly claimed he bought all of the vanilla milkshakes consumed by Donald Trump when they attended ball games.  (Careful Bill because you may get sued if Trump develops a metabolic disease).

Trump is definitely more of a Taker than a Giver.
I prefer being a Giver.

One other thing, how much of a Republican is Trump if two of his kids who are campaigning for him did not register as GOP in time to vote for him in the NY primary?  I remember how disappointed I was that I could not vote for Hillary against Obama back when I was registered as a Republican even though I stopped supporting the Republican party for almost 3 decades  I was against the Democrat party because of small town politics in the 1960s and 1970s.  I finally made the effort to switch my party registration officially to Democrat.   Having a gay son, I am proud to be a Democrat and grateful to President Obama for enabling equal rights.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Great Routines

This morning I started with an edited Christy Sanchez routine which had simple moves and worked well modifying its intensity upwards while bouncing.


Then I did some Cathe lower body and finished with some bungee and ball bouncing. The Cellercise routine demonstrated some new stability bar moves to me which actually have been around for over a decade.  Also some good moves for the abs.

On Monday March 21st, I mentioned a chair routine by Natalie which I had edited and revisited this morning while sit-bouncing on a large stability ball.  It is about the best sitting workout I have found.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Saturday, Another DanceBody

This morning I did a bunch of files.

An edited public youtube file I enjoyed was from the Popsugar Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance
However, I removed the instructional part and just included the two routines, both of which were great on the bungees.

Also did some more KP Dancebody cardio and sculpting.
There is a new class scheduled for Periscope today.

The Dancebody folks did not do that rotational view thing again but had a bit of a reversal between the cardio and sculpt segments.  I believe these periscope streams will give them the experience needed so when they have streaming directly from the website, the recording angles will have less of a learning curve.
Both recording/downloading programs seemed to work great!
I recorded LIVE on Firefox DownloadHelper newest version with a bit of a late start even though I was ready to record.  I believe the LIVE stream was delayed a bit because the recorded stream after it was over had some earlier views.  This footage is being edited and converted to avi for my dvd player with Freemake Video Converter.

The completed workout downloaded nicely with the Chrome PeriscopeDown.  I am going to use Windows Live Movie Maker for editing that file into two files.  These I will store online because will be much larger.

Periscope link for next 24 hours:
(that Periscope stream has ended but in 6 weeks, there will be streaming available directly from the KPDancebody Website!)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Christy Sanchez!

This morning I did the some of the cardio of the 3/26 KP DanceBody Periscope recorded class.  I think I enjoyed most of it more than the previous 2 classes.  Most moves are very bouncy and work on the bungees and balls but I do have to modify downwards quite a bit.  Again it would be sad if DanceBody decides not to let these streams be posted publicly because most other dance streams with decent music and moves have the music drowned out by *Whooing*.  Still have not received their decision.  (At least, they did not say *Not to post the periscope recordings*)

Then I did an edited youtube routine which I really enjoyed because the moves were simple enough for me to tweak and make dancier standing or bouncing.  I also had the option of modifying upwards instead of downwards in intensity which I prefer.  I love using an object like a chiball for cross-training and making it more fun.


Christy Sanchez and her Gentle Fitness Studio youtube channel are becoming a real favorite of mine.  Some of her routines are already MUsic only too

Thank You Trump (and Cruz)

Thanks to the two GOP front runners,
our country will become greater than ever.

The loud bigots and bullies will indeed become the smallest minority.
The federal courts already support equal rights so all of these ridiculous discrimination bills will be tossed.  These narrow minded politicians will be tossed along with them.
The next POTUS may actually get something done without so much opposition, including an appointment to the Supreme Court who is probably more liberal than the current nominee.

Way to go teaparty and bigots!
You did well by being so obnoxious.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This morning I did some more bouncing with Tracy Anderson but just did some of this recently edited youtube video as a spark while sitting in a swivel chair with wheels and loved it:

I may actually do some more of it soon because it made me smile.
(Hope it makes someone else smile too)

original video:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

FireFox Download Helper

A new version of the FireFox Download Helper add-on has the option of combining all of the small streaming files into one movie.
Try to find the newest version  (5.50a21 or newer)

Make sure that you have enabled chunked streaming under settings - more and you are good-to-go
(my settings already had the chunk streaming options enabled)

This version may make downloading from Periscope less finicky too when using Firefox though I did have great success with the Chrome PeriscopeDown extension


It looks like Trump is done but now have the homophobic Bible thumpers who want to discriminate based on their distorted interpretations of the Bible to go away LOL
All of the politicians wasting taxpayers money to add discrimination laws need to go.  Most of these laws will be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court so sooner or later the majority in this country who support equal rights will be heard.  Remember, Cruz is one of the Bible thumpers.

Anywho after trying some DanceBody, I decided to try some Tracy Anderson more seriously. I resisted for a long time thinking the style was just for young gals who exercise to look better.   My current focus is still bouncing to music but also want to use my upper body more and Tracy's style is easy to tweak into bouncing AWT.  Many routines use little space, no cuing with decent music and easy to follow moves without complicated choreo and TIFTTing.  I also will be trying more Yin the Zone and Hamelin D'abell.

Since I stopped my PowHow Alchemy of Motion subscription, they have only added possibly 3 new videos (not sure if any are repeats) and raised the price to $9 a video.  Obviously,  their $50 a month subscription price is ridiculous, especially since their visual and audio quality could be much better.  It seems like few if any subscriptions are being sold now. If they had priced their videos and subscriptions more reasonably, it could have thrived.
Hopefully, Dancebody will not overcharge for their future video streaming.

If you do decide to try some TA while bouncing on a bungee or ball, remember to use just light weights or no weights because of the GForce.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nice Spark

I had strung together a few videos with Christy Sanchez from the Gentle Fitness Studio  youtube channel:

These videos pleasantly lubricated the joints while sitting on a chair in front of the laptop screen.

A Bully is a Bully

copied and pasted from aol news:
Melania Trump joined her husband on the stump Monday, pushing back against claims that he is sexist or speaks too harshly about women. Reading from prepared notes, the former model told the crowd in the half-full Milwaukee Theater, "As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal.">>

In other words, he is an immature bully no matter the gender of the person he wants to attack.  Most male bullies were taught not to bully females on the playground.

Presidential behavior?

If Donald Trump has such a thin skin and short fuse, he best keep his day job.

and first wife Ivana had this to say about immigration:
(copied and pasted) <<
But she's not totally anti-immigrant as was noted in what can only be considered the coup d'├ętat of the interview:

"As long as you come here legally and get a proper job ... we need immigrants," she said. "Who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don't like to do that."  >>
The current wife said something similar about landscapers.

It is obvious now that he chose immigrant women to marry who do not understand what America is about.  Would either of these women have married him without his dad's fortune?
I, myself, respect a worker more than a woman who marries for money.
Both women show a real elitist attitude.
Most Americans clean their own homes.
Many immigrants are trained professionals like doctors.
Many Muslim immigrants are doctors.
(Trump will make an exception and generously allow his rich Muslin friends to enter the US)
My belief is he is mentally ill and the only thing allowing his behavior to continue without being in treatment is his dad's fortune.  Those who support him, enable him because of his inheritance.  Both Ivana and a butler have mentioned Trump's mood swings in interviews.  

This morning I tried two different recordings of the 3/19 DanceBody periscope class.  First was a visual done by another gal but with my recorded soundtrack because hers stuttered.   Yes, the moves and music were out of sync a bit but I improvised.  The cardio worked great on the hexagon and the sculpting worked great with the Miracle Miles band.  This file skipped the floor except for the sitting upper body at the end which felt very effective. Then I started my large file and the cardio was slower so felt very different.   It probably would have been more in sync if I had used my den laptop which is hard wired to the router.  I switched to the ball before the band which also seemed to work.  I'l try the second cardio segment tomorrow.  I enjoyed what I did enough to want to revisit these files so it would be a shame if they cannot be shared publicly.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Managing Stress

Yesterday I had some uninvited stress from online folks whom I try to avoid.

However, I was determined to not let their behavior affect me physically and worked on keeping a good attitude. Got a good night's sleep and woke up feeling better than usual so I am learning how to not let Malcontents affect my own feeling of well-being.

This morning I enjoyed an edited Oula routine but more for the music I had added than the moves so I will be stripping the soundtrack to recycle.  For some reason, I really enjoyed the round PROBounce faster bounce today.    Still love the ibounce hexagon slower bounce.
Guess variety is the spice of life even when it comes to bungee tension.

Not only did I strip the music I wanted to recycle but had a youtube video waiting to be edited since the original had some screaming and I do not do screaming, especially *whoo*ing.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Periscope Downloading

Periscope enables a recorded video for 24 hours.
Since Katia Pryce has been offering a Saturday Periscope DanceBody class,  I have been experimenting with mostly Firefox's Download Helper which has been rather finicky and tedious.   Yesterday I tried the PeriscopeDown Chrome Extension which was much simpler and faster.  I believe the results were better too.  Luckily, the Chrome extension downloaded file did not seem to have any audio stuttering like the file from the previous week when another gal used the PeriscopeDown website.

  Only problem is that someone on the KP DanceBody team decided to rotate the camera a few times.  I was able to edit the rotations with Windows Live Movie Maker but it would have been so much better if the whole class had been recorded in landscape view.  It seemed like they thought the upright view would show the moves better but it did not.

Next week I will not bother with the Download Helper attempt if the PeriscopeDown file is ok.  I am just mentioning both methods in case anyone has just one of the browsers and wants to try to download from Periscope.  However, I urge you to just get the Chrome browser and the PeriscopeDown extension.

Also wanted to mention that our cheap den laptop hardwired to our router streamed from Periscope much better than my wireless laptop in my bedroom so the internet connection can be a huge factor too.  If using the Firefox Download Helper and the stream is finicky,  best wait a few hours and try after the stream is getting less hits.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

America is Great

America is great but not quite as great since Trump has claimed otherwise.
Trump has opened the doors to uninformed malcontents with his false facts which are outright lies
He is unfiltered when he speaks and has many personality defects.  Any psychiatrist can have a field day evaluating him.  He is simply unfit for the office.

Unfortunately, America's worldwide reputation is taking a big hit thanks to this unbalanced individual who has no presidential qualities.
He is providing great propaganda to terrorist organizations.
He is creating division between Americans.
Many Americans like myself have been dealing with much more stress thanks to his disturbed personality which has given a voice to other disturbed personalities.  These bullies are making the country become a cesspool.
It is impossible to watch TV or be on social media without lots of stress.
Some like my husband enjoy the carnival for entertainment.
Some like myself feel like our country has silenced people who prefer peace by choosing bullying behavior.   My husband has warned me about saying the wrong thing in public and becoming a victim of verbal or physical violence.  Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric is anti-American.  Heck two of his wives have been immigrants!
Maybe it was easier for him to deal with women who did not speak English well?
He is credited for raising wonderful kids but I believe their mom had more to do with that success.

Trump's fortune was inherited.  He never invested his own money in the casinos and let the stock holders and banks get hit with the financial losses with bankruptcies.  He was devastated by the death of his colleagues in a helicopter crash then blamed the failure of his casinos on these same colleagues when the casinos started to fail.
Mr. Trump only cares about Mr. Trump.

He will be testifying about his Trump University scams scheduled to start on May 6th after having his counter lawsuit thrown out of court.  He wants to keep the jobs in America but his clothing line comes from Mexico.  He started his career with only one million dollars from his dad (his own words on video).   How many Americans have one million dollars to invest now, let alone back then before inflation?   Then he inherited another fortune after his dad died.

Obama has saved us alot of money since taking office, starting with a rebate for replacing our windows, Obamacare covering our younger son's medical insurance, lowering gas prices, etc.
As far as Obamacare, perhaps Clinton's medical insurance plan if not blocked by the GOP would have been a better plan.  Both plans had similarities to the one Mit Romney had supported in Massachusetts when governor.
His focus on equal rights enabled gay marriage which I never expected to see during my lifetime.  The States which are wasting their tax revenue on discrimination bills that will become illegal may see some real political changes after November.  Ironically, the next Supreme Court Justice may be even more liberal than the one Obama has chosen.
(Psst, Do not tell anyone that Trump does not actually care about gay marriage or abortion.  Also do not remind the White Supremacists about his Orthodox Jewish son-on-law and that his daughter is now Jewish by conversion.  This will enable a larger landslide in November).

The worse terrorist act (9/11) and the worse military act (invading Iraq based on poor intelligence) were during a GOP presidential term.   Imagine the damage Trump could do to the country and the world with his personality and IQ!  It is terrifying.

Keep America Great both for Americans and the World.

A wonderful video to awaken the spirit:


Truth can be stranger than fiction.  In this case, hard to tell the difference.