Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today should have a new KP DanceBody class on Periscope

This morning I greatly enjoyed a few edits including a routine with Denise Austin and her daughter.
Denise Austin original from youtube:


Also enjoyed the Fitness by Soma routine with new music.
The original Fitness by Soma music was blocked on youtube but I had replaced the audio.

ETA: DanceBody Downloading tips today
(keep in mind this is what my two laptops found but your devices may be different)
Freemake Video Converter (for Windows only) could convert both the MP4 file produced by Firefox DownloadHelper and the ts file downloaded directly by the PeriscopeDown site
by pasting the link for the video
but the Chrome extension was not working for me.
Windows Live Movie Maker worked well with the PeriscopeDown ts file but just did not seem to like the Firefox MP4 file and converted without audio.
Overall, I prefer the ts file from PeriscopeDown because the audio is in better sync than the MP4 file from Firefox Download Helper.

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